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"One of Canada's 50 best trips"- 'Explore' Magazine, February 2002 edition.


For countless years New Brunswick rivers have attracted anglers from around the world in search of Atlantic Salmon. Often referred to as the King of Gamefish, the magnificient Salmon remains the most sought-after species by non-resident anglers visiting New Brunswick.

The pursuit of the Atlantic salmon with rod and reel dates back to at least the 15th century and carries a rich tradition that is still maintained by most Atlantic Salmon anglers today. On a fishing line, the Atlantic Salmon has few peers. It runs hard and fast, leaping clear of the water - generally offering the angler an unforgettable thrill, one that, if only for one time in a fisherman's lifetime, should not ever be passed up!

Of all the rivers in New Brunswick, some fisherman claim that the Miramichi River is the world's greatest Atlantic Salmon producer. The evidence supports the superlative. No other river sees as many angling days, produces as many Atlantic Salmon, or offers such a length of fishable water!

Other Species

When people think of fishing in New Brunswick, Atlantic Salmon usually comes to mind - but New Brunswick has also achieved International acclaim for its Smallmouth Bass fishing. Salt water and Deep Sea fishing is also available throughout the many miles of New Brunswick’s coastline. Striped Bass fishing is new on the Miramichi and early numbers and sizes are impressive.

The Miramichi River also offers a good run of brook trout. This run peaks between mid May to early July, with fishermen catching fish in excess of 5 pounds each season.

Shad is also another species that the Miramichi has an abundance of. Taken on a fly from late May throughout June using light tackle can provide fishermen some good excitement.

Fishing Season


Spring salmon fishing commences the 15th of April and continues until around the end of May. At this time of year they take aggressively because they are actively feeding. Fisherman can expect plenty of action with anglers sometimes taking 10 salmon and grilse a day.


Summer fishing runs from around mid June until the 15th of October. The first serious summer angling begins around mid June when the start of one of the world’s largest run of salmon begins on the Miramichi. The run continues through to the end of fishing season on October 15th. In late September a new surge of fall arrivals continue to join them. This fall run is usually the largest. Some of these fall beauties run well over 30 pounds.


Each of our guides has unique qualities that set them apart form each other but are all brought together by the Miramichi River and their love of Atlantic Salmon fishing. We are very happy to have such qualified and knowledgeable guides working for us here at Country Haven . It’s a pleasure to know them and we are sure you will feel the same after a day of fishing with them on our beautiful river.

Byron Coughlan
Owner- Country Haven Lodge and Cottages


Ken is a native Miramichier whose family for generations has been guiding fishermen from all over the world for flyfishing for Atlantic Salmon. Because of the love of fishing Ken has never ventured very far from his roots on the Miramichi making a living guiding and spending his days off fishing. Ken knows the lower stretch of the Main Southwest Miramichi and some of its tributaries as good as any guide on the Miramichi with over 30 years of experience guiding for a number of outfitters on the river including 7 years at the Doctor’s Island Salmon Club in Blackville. Ken has been working with us at Country Haven since 1993 and has been head guide for the past 20 seasons. Great at teaching beginners the art of fly fishing sometimes doing it daily throughout the summer and with Ken being one of the best casters on the river he sets a good example to learn from. He also does many of our guided Canoeing and fishing day trips throughout the season.

Although I ‘ve been guided on the Miramichi by Ken Vickers for many years now, it was evident in just the first few hours together what a quality, knowledgeable and friendly guide he would be. 5 stars!

Paul Carlton
Affordable Adventures
Portsmouth, NH


Jeremy is Ken’s younger brother from the guiding family of Vickers. Jeremy also grew up spending his days on the rivers and his evenings listening to his dad Stafford and Uncle Max, well known guides throughout the river system, chatting about the catches of the day. Jeremy has over 21 years guiding experience on the Main River and its tributaries and has been with Country Haven full time for the past 20 years doing many of the guided canoeing and fishing day trips we offer our guests. Jeremy has done over 100 day trips a year during the last 10 seasons, mostly on the Lower stretch of the Miramichi, knowing every ripple and rock. He knows where to fish and where not to, where wildlife should be and the stories of the Miramichi. Jeremy is also great at teaching beginners the art of fly fishing, sometimes for hours, teaching casting to perfection. Jeremy is also proficient at speaking French.

We have traveled from Toronto four of the past five years to participate in the canoeing and fishing day trip with Jeremy. The fishing, food and scenery are great and Jeremy is wonderful

Bill & Janice MacDonald,
Toronto, Ontario


Darrell has been a life long resident of the Miramichi River with his father Ralph also being a river guide, guiding for most of his life at Boyd's Fishing Lodge in Gray Rapids and the Dean Barr Fishing Lodge in Blissfield. Darrell grew up learning from some of the best! With 37 years of experience, Darrell has guided for a number of years for Pinkhams’ Fishing Lodge at Quarryville, guiding and making friends with a clientele of fishermen mainly from the State of Maine. Darrell has also been guide and warden for a number of years at the Sevogle Salmon Club on the Sevogle River, a tributary of the Miramichi River system. Most of his life has been spent on the river or in the woods, depending on the season. He is very knowledgeable about nature and the New Brunswick species of wildlife. Darrell has been with us for 11 seasons and is what we call a 'flycasters’ guide' - knowing where, why and how fishermen should present their fly to the wiley Atlantic Salmon, for the best results.

"I fished with many good guides over my many years of fishing the Miramichi but I think Darrel Warren is one of the best darn guides on the Miramichi, 'cause after all, I taught him everything he knows."

Harry Kearney
Maine Guide
Caribou, Maine


Elvis , for the most of his life, has been a life-long resident of the Miramichi, spending a few of his younger years traveling throughout Canada and most of the United States. Over the years Elvis, like his father before him, spent a lot of his life as a seasonal guide or in the lumbering business. Most of his twenty two years of guiding experience has been guiding fishermen on the Miramichi and Renous River for such lodges as the Miramichi Renous Club, Black Rapids and the Gray Rapids Lodge. Elvis has been with Country Haven for the past 17 seasons and is as dependable and productive as any guide on the Miramichi River system. Over the years some fishermen have started calling Elvis "The King”, not for his singing but for his uncanny ability of getting fishermen to hook into fish.

I landed 57 Spring Salmon and grilse over the weekend. The best I have ever done anywhere. Elvis played a big part in my catches
Jerry Dugal
Durham, Maine


Pete was born in Moncton, New Brunswick and started fishing the Miramichi at an early age traveling the hundred miles to the Miramichi for day trips with his father in 1952. Over the years Pete has been adventurous traveling all of Canada a number of times, most of the United States and many parts of Europe. Pete spent 12 years of big City life in Montreal and another eighteen in Toronto, has always enjoyed fishing, whether for Rainbows on Georgian Bay, Atlantics in Newfoundland and Labrador or on the Miramichi. Pete has never been one to back down from a challenge whether coaching a Junior Hockey team to the Ontario League Champions or as recent as in 1998 when he traveled 10,600 km from St. Anthony, NFLD to Squamish, B.C. covering all of Canada by snowmobile in 46 days.
But Pete says with a grin that none of his life challenges has been much greater then some of the 30+ lb Atlantic Salmon he has landed since returning to the place where his fishing all began here on the Miramichi. Over the past 26 years Pete has fished and canoed all of the Miramichi River and its tributaries, guests love him for his stories and smile. A day on the river with Pete is a day worthwhile. Pete is great with beginning and teaching dry fly and Bombers fishing.

To our guide Pete thank you for a great day on the river. Your guidance and instruction was just right for each member of our family

Bill Fisher
Midlothian, Virginia


Randell grew up in the Upper Blackville area of the Miramichi Valley and like many of the river guides is steeped in Miramichi tradition as his mother’s family owned and operated Campbell’s fishing lodge for many years. Randell has become a world traveler living and travelling all of North America and many far away places such as Mexico and Asia. A Jack-of-all-trades and a Master of them all from a paratrooper to carpenter, commercial diver to truck driver but his favorite of all is being a fishing guide. After seven previous years on the West Coast chasing Steelheads and Kings it was time for Atlantics and home on the Miramichi. Randell has been with us at Country Haven for the past five seasons doing much of our up river packages as he knows the up river pools better than anyone growing up fishing them as a kid. He is excellent with beginners and flyfishing instructions and adjusting to the condition with different techniques throughout the season.

Randell is a wonderful fishing guide, knew the river like the back of his hand.

Dennis Musgrave
North Pole, Alaska


Danny Coughlan has been a life long resident of the Miramichi River area, fishing much of the lower stretches of the Miramichi throughout the years. Danny has worked as a carpenter, lumberjack and fishing guide. This is Danny's 13th year as a guide here at Country Haven and what a great addition he has turned out to be. With his good natured personality, time does not matter when it comes to teaching beginners the art of fly fishing. Dan knows our water well and is always up for the challenge of catching Atlantic Salmon.

"Dan is a wonderful guide. The days spent with him on the River are our fondest memories of our Canada trip."
John and Lynn McKinney
Manchester England


Gary Colford has been guiding on the Miramichi river and its tributaries for 50+ years at a number of lodges including 30 years at Wades throughout the years and has guided over 1,000 anglers including some world class instructors such as Scott McKenzie, Garry Scott and everyones' favourite, Joan Wulff! From professional to novice, spring, summer or fall, Gary's top priority is always the anglers success. Gary has been with us now for most of the time since 2007 and has been a great addition to our guiding staff. Gary is also known as "Mr. Cains river" because of his in-depth knowledge of the Cains. Gary has done a great job guiding our guests on the Upper Main river and the Cains over the past few seasons. NB Tourism Video Gary Colford - The Ultimate Guide

"Garry Colford was my guide when I fished at Wades - he is one of the best guides on the river. If you ever have the opportunity to add him to your excellent guiding staff he would be good fit."
Harry Ptasynski
Casper, Wyoming


Keith has always been know to be a great spring guide on the river, guiding for a number of lodges over the years including Black Rapids and Miramichi Adventure Inn. Keith knows the pools on the lower stretches of the Main River and the Renous very well for summer and fall fishing and knows every trick and fly in the trade when it comes to spring fishing. This will be Keith's tenth full season with Country Haven after a very successful season guiding for us last year.

My son Tim and I had a fantastic weekend on the Miramichi Keith is a Terrific Spring Guide.
Mark Wells
Chelsea, MA


Steve Mountain was born in Kitchener, Ontario and moved to the Miramichi in 1977.
Behind every successful operation there is always a number of dedicated individuals working together daily for the best interest of the business. There is no better example of this than Steve. A carpenter by trade, he always gives 100% daily whether he is building, mowing, repairing boats or motors, rods or reels, transporting guest canoes, lunches or guiding. Steve is a "jack-of-all-trades" and master of them all! Every outfitter should have a "Steve" around! This will be Steve's 13th year with Country haven.


Tyler grew up on the river banks of the Miramichi, with much of his time spent at Country Haven, fishing before school in the mornings until sunset in the evenings. He has met many famous and great anglers over the years, learning to tie flies and cast a fly rod by some of the very best. At an early age he would accompany guides and guests to learn the pools and how to fish them. Tyler enjoys guiding but over the past seven years has shared much of his time as a Miramichi River guide and also worked at the Miramichi Salmon Association. Between these two occupations there is not much of the Miramichi River he has not canoed or fished. Tyler is a knowledgeable guide with a great passion for the Wild Atlantic Salmon.

There are few guides that put as big a smile on my face as the Country Haven guides do! Tyler is, by far, at the top of my list!
April Vokey, BC


Daryl Tucker grew up on the Miramichi, fishing from a very early age for the Sea Runs of trout in White Rapids to the challenge of The Wild Atlantic salmon as he grew older. Daryl has guided for much of his adult life with a number of Lodges throughout the Miramichi including Dr Island and guided for a number of years for the late Great Tommy Williams - learning much from one of the better, older and knowledgeable guides on the River. Daryl specializes in guiding trout and salmon fishing anglers and loves the Renous River. He is also a well known fly tyer, having tied thousands of flies. For hundreds of fly fishermen each season, Daryl has been "The Country Haven Fly Tyer", has guided periodically for the past 16 years and has been full-time now for the past 4 seasons. There is not a single pool he does not know, a fly he can’t tie, or a song he can’t Sing.

“I’ve fished with Darryl Tucker for close to 20 years now. Besides being a great guide, a good friend and a fine companion on the river, I find I learn something new about salmon fishing every time I fish with him - which is generally what happens with the best guides, If you listen to them.

Doug Slink, Anglers Adventures, Old Lyme CT


Glen was born and has lived along the Miramichi for his entire life, fishing and guiding since an early age. Glen has guided for a number of lodges throughout the Miramichi including Black Rapids Lodge, Dr. Island and Hallihan's. Glen has been one of Country Haven's spring guides for many seasons and a full time guide now for the past three years. Glen has the East Coast Sense of Humour and is always great to spend time with as well as good experience in guiding on the Main Southwest Renous and Cains rivers.

“I Have been a guest at Country Haven for a number of years and all my visits were great but after my first morning out with Glen Sullivan and his his fly suggestions, I landed my largest salmon ever. Glenn is the Man!"

Tom Hughes London England

The Quality of guides can make or break a fishing trip. We are fortunate to have some of the best guides on the Miramichi. Our guides are New Brunswick #1 Certified Professionals with many years experience and fully trained in first aid and CPR. Our guides know our waters and will help you choose the right fly and equipment to suit the water and weather conditions.

Melinda, Jeanie, Terri & Bev
To everyone at Country Haven, thanks for hosting our group for the great weekend!
Particular thanks to the gang in the kitchen. Their cooking was a feast 'fit for a king'
and their good humor and laughter brightened the lodge.
- Dean Kesel, Washington, DC

Country Haven Crew
Just to echo my verbal thanks to you and all your great staff,
may I thank everyone for a super 13 days at Country Haven Lodge.
You should enter for Canada's Premier Holiday Facility.
They all showed a team led by great leadership on your behalf.
- Ronald Jones, Berkshire England.


New for the 2021 Season
- Country Haven will continue using 27 Private fishing pools available to our guests
thereby offering access to a greater variety of private Wild Atlantic Salmon fishing pools in the Province.

When fishing for Wild Atlantic Salmon there are so many factors needed to ensure the best trip possible - from proper conditions, quality guides and fish numbers, but none more important than the best access to private fishing water throughout the river system - regardless of conditions.

The Miramichi is only one of a few rivers in the world where fishing rights are still privately owned. We are priviliged to be located on the lower stretch of the Main Southwest Miramichi, just below Blackville - the "Salmon Capital of the Miramichi" known as the most productive stretch of the entire river system, which ensures you will be fishing for the freshest fish as they make their journey upriver. The Main Southwest Miramichi has the majority of the private water on the System so this is where many of the pools are located. We are blessed to have access to private water on rivers throughout the entire river system so, depending on conditions, we fish these rivers as well, giving us access to a number of productive private pools throughout the River System.

Here are some of the private water pools you might be fishing while staying at Country Haven Miramichi.

Geoffrey L'allenant from France landing a salmon
Pool # 1 - This pool is located just minutes from the lodge and can be fished anytime from June through October. It is good with high water as the fish travel close to shore. It is also a very good low water pool especially in September and October as the fish tend to start holding up there in the fall. It also has a cold-water brook running into it that makes it even more attractive for a stopover on their way up river. Fishermen have landed many 30lb+ salmon out of this pool over the years.

Cameron MacDonald, Toronto Ontario
Pool # 2 - This pool is located down river from the lodge and has been family owned for generations and is where I spent my days fishing as a kid. It always gives me pleasure when fishermen land fish from this pool. It is a low water pool that can be fished any time of year when the water is low but is best in August, September and October when the fish start holding. It also has a cold-water brook running into the lower part of it to keep them around when the water in the river might be a bit too warm. This pool is only one of a few pools on the Miramichi where the water can never get too low for it to be fished as the lower the water gets, the better this pool gets.

Pool 3
Pool # 3 - Located ˝ mile down river from the above pool and has been in the family for generations. It can be fished anytime throughout the season. In high water it can be fished from shore when the fish are moving through but is a much better low water pool as a narrow funnel develops when the water lowers and the fish travel through the funnel. Great for the early run of summer fish and a very good holding pool for the fall fish. It has been very successful over the years for novices and children as they can have good luck with a very short line. For two of the past five years this pool has been our most productive pool on the Miramichi River System.

Geoffrey L'allenant from France landing a salmon
Pool # 4 - This pool is called the Orr Pool and at one time was owned by the baseball great Ted Williams. It is located directly across the river from our #3 pool giving us access for fishing over every fish traveling upriver though this highly productive stretch of water. With our #3 pool being such a great low water pool and this pool being both a good low water and high water pool, we should have some great fishing in this stretch of river.

Great salmon fishing water
Pool # 5 - This pool is a good low water pool with a cold water stream running into it. It produces well in lower water conditions at any time of the year and is good for both wet & dry fly use.

Taking the hook...
Pool # 6 - This Pool is a low water pool that has a cold water stream running into it and produces at it's best as the water levels drop. It produces well from July until the end of the season with right conditions as it continues to hold fish late into the fall. It is a great pool for both wet and dry fly fishing. It has been in the Family for years, is easy to wade which can be great for novices as and fish are close to shore.

Main river pool 5 Km above Blackville
Pool #7 - This pool is a very good low water pool and can hold fish from early summer until the end of the season. It is located below the junction of The Main River and the Bartholemew river. Fish wait here for conditions they like for moving up the river and is good for both wet and dry fly fishing.

Main river - upriver from the mouth of the Cains
Pool #8 - This pool is a good low water pool and produces best when fresh fish are arriving in the river from tides as it is influenced by the tides. It is good all season but best with low water conditions and can be fished using both wet and dry flies.

Valerie bringing 'er in!
Pool # 9 - This is the last private pool downriver before the junction of the Main and Renous rivers. This pool is a low water pool that produces at it's best when fresh fish are entering the river. It is influenced by tides and we can sometimes catch fish here when conditions are not good anywhere else as the fresh fish tend to take a fly better if conditions are not great. This pool produces best with wet fly fishing.

Renous River pool
Pool # 10 - This pool was formaly owned by Campbells Fishing Lodge and is located 3km above the mouth of the Cains on the Main river. It is an excellent location for anglers when the fish that have been holding below the mouth of the Cains due to low water, decide the conditions are right for moving on up the Main river. This pool is best when some of the low water pools are too high for good fishing. One of the reason it fishes so well is even though it's on the Main river, the river narrows here, making it easy to cast over almost all the fish moving through. It is not as easy to access as some of the pools but easy wading and easy to cast over the fish - great for Novices. It produces well using both wet and dry flies.

Randall Pool
Pool #11 - This pool is located in the Upper Blackville area and is one of the easiest wading pools of all the pools on the river. It can be productive anytime throughout the season when fish are on the move. It's one of the first pools on the main river system that becomes fishable after a big rise in water levels. It produces best using wet flies but can also produce with dry flies when fishing the lower stretch of the pool.

Pool on the Cains River
Pool #12 - This pool is located in Upper Blackville and is one of the most consistent pools for good results, especially when the fish are travelling. Compared to the pools below Blackville, this would be considered a high water pool but it still fishes well for different water heights. It offers easy access with very easy wading - good for novices. It is one of the most "friendly-to-fish" pools on the river and produces well with both wet and dry fly use.

Blissfield Pool
Pool #13 - This Pool is located in the Blissfield area holds fish in warm weather and is best after a rise in water levels and when fish are on the move. It produces well with both wet and dry fly fishing but has better results in higher water conditions using wet flies.

Doaktown pool
Pool #14 - This pool is located in the Doaktown area and is a good pool when the water is higher on the lower stretches of the Main river and when the fish are on the move. It is easily accessable with easy wading.

Cains pool
Pool #15 - This pool is located on the lower stretch of the Cains river and is one of the first pools on the Cains to start holding fish. This pool can be good from early July until the end of the season if conditions are right. It is a great pool for both wet and dry fly Fishing.

Cains River Valentines
Pool #16 - This Pool is located on the lower stretches of the Cains and is one of the better holding pools in the fall. Once it starts holding fish, they will stay here until the end end of the season. It is best in September and October but has produced as early as July with right conditions. It produces well for both Wet and dry fly fishing and has good wading - a great pool for novices.

Tylers pool
Pool #17 - This pool is located on the Middle Cains river - good for both high and low water height fishing. In High water it is one of the first pools fishable after a big rise in water levels and is best after a rise of water when the holding fish from pools in the lower section of river decide to move upriver. This pool with its faster water is best for wet fly fishing.

Middle Cains pool
Pool #18 - This pool is located on the Middle Cains with easy access and wading and is one of the better fall pools on the Cains as fish continue to hold throughout September and October but can be productive much earlier in the season with proper conditions. This pool is good for both wet and dry fly fishing and has easy access and is great for novice anglers.

Upper stretch of the Middle Cains river
Pool #19 - This pool is located on the upper stretch of the Middle Cains river where the Cains and the Muzzorell rivers meet. It is a good fall pool for holding fish before they make their move on up the Cains or the Muzoral. This pool is best for wet fly fishing and allows easy access and is good for wading.

Upper stretch of the Middle Cains river
Pool #20 - This pool is located on the lower stretch of the Renous river. It is a medium to low water pool, close enough to the tidal waters to be influenced by the tides. It is also a good holding pool and we have landed our largest salmon of the fall season from this pool on two occasions. It is a better wet fly pool but has also been productive in summer and early fall with dry fly fishing. It offers easy access and easy wading.

Upper stretch of the Middle Cains river
Pool #21 - This pool is located on the lower stretch of the Renous River and is best in medium to low water conditions. It offers easy access and easy wading. It is close enough to tidal water that to be influenced by the tides and can be good for catching fresh fish throughout the season with right conditions. It produces best using a wet fly.

Upper stretch of the Middle Cains river
Pool #22 - This pool is located on the Nor'west Miramichi. It is a great holding pool as it has deep water at the bottom of the pool, and a colder water stream above keeps fish in this pool most of the time throughout the year. It is also on the Lower stretch of the Nor'west so is quite productive for fresh fish after high tides. It has easy access and quite good wading and produces well using both wet and dry flies..

Photo of canoe fishing
- Photo of Canoe fishing. Although much of our summer & fall fishing is done by wading these pools, for those who prefer canoe fishing we can provide canoes for one or two fishermen per guide in many of these private fishing pools.

Catching the wild Atlantic Salmon can sometimes be challenging so we try to ensure that while fishing with us you will be given the very best possible opportunity to make your fishing trip a truly memorable one.

While staying at Country Haven we also offer day adventures, along with salt water and deep sea fishing on the Bays of Fundy and Chaleur, and smallmouth bass fishing in Southern New Brunswick. You can "do it all"!
- offering some of the best vacation packages available!

Country Haven where you come as strangers and leave as friends


The package can be for as many days and nights as you may choose but the most popular are our 3 day/4 night and 6 day/7 night packages.



Enjoy our full week all-inclusive Outdoor package:

- 7 nights accommodations in a 4 star log lodge or private cottage
- Day 1 fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi River
- Day 2 Whale Watching on the Bay of Fundy where you see more whales more often then anywhere else
- Day 3 A day of relaxing and enjoying the culture and nature of the Miramichi River Valley
- Day 4 Deep sea fishing on the Bay of Chaleur
- Day 5 Canoeing trip on the Miramichi River
- Day 6 Tour to Hopewell Rocks to see the highest tides in the world
(These day excursions can be substituted for any of our other day tours)
- All Meals
- All Necessary equipment if needed
- Fishing license, permits, admission fees
- New Brunswick # 1 certified Professional Guides
- Transportation to/from Airports
(can also include airfare if needed)

we accept Debit Cards (Interac, Cirrus etc..)

Country Haven
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Gray Rapids, NB, Canada
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