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Atlantic Salmon anglers who have been anxiously awaiting this announcement MUST HAVE BEEN FULLY VACCINATED before entering Canada. So if you are NOT YET fully vaccinated - and one "jab" is inadequate - you know what you have to do if you want to catch your Atlantic Salmon, Trout, Striper etc., at Miramichi Country Haven! Do remember that it takes 14 days from receiving your 2nd "shot" of one of the four COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZenica and Johnson & Johnson) approved for use in Canada to be considered "fully vaccinated"!

Miramichi River Video "FLOW - FABLED WATERS"

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YEAR 2021 River Reports

Explore NB Travel Incentive Program – Summer 2021

The Explore NB Travel Incentive Program (Phase 3) encourages Atlantic Canadian residents to travel and spend in New Brunswick between May 27th – October 31st, 2021.
Country Haven Lodge & Cottages is participating in this program.

This incentive program permits individuals to claim up to $1,000 of eligible expenses for a maximum refund of 20% ($200). Receipts will be considered for eligible accommodations, food and drinks, activities and travel (see the Eligible and Ineligible Expenditures table on the web site link below).

More information is available on the Tourism, Heritage and Culture web site.
-or- call Country Haven at: Toll Free: (877)-Fly-Hook (359-4665)

Once again, we are looking forward to having our returning guests along with first-timers visit us this season. Every year is different as so much depends on conditions and the number of fish returns. Although we saw lower results than past years, we must remember that even with the lower numbers, they are still better returns than many other Atlantic Salmon rivers in Easter Canada and around the world. The Miramichi is considered to be one of the best returning rivers in the world so lower-than-normal counts are a concern. There can be many reason for a lower count including counters being removed each time the river gets a rise of water resulting in debris getting into the counters - this happens a few times each season. We are also seeing more Striped bass in the System than the Miramichi has ever seen in its lifetime and we are also seeing more seals in the ocean - these are just a few of the many reasons that could be having a negative effect on the Wild Atlantic Salmon population on the Miramichi and around the world. Even with the lower numbers reported by DFO last season, here at Country Haven, we ended up with much better results overall than some other locations on river and the world = especially during the Spring season, June and early July. Do take a look at our river reports for a better understanding of what each season has been like. We will be updating reports throughout the season. With so many factors impacting the fishing, it sure helps to have access to 27 private pools throughout the river system, giving anglers the best possible opportunity for catching fish, no matter what Mother Nature gives us. You can always have the best pools, great conditions, lots of fish yet still have no luck - after all, we are fishing for the Wild Atlantic Salmon, who many call the greatest Game fish in the world and this offers a challenge at the best of times. We can't control the weather, the fish returns or even the catches but we can control who works for us and we are so happy and lucky enough to employ 8 of the best guides on the Miramichi River. Their fishing guests keep returning as they know each and every one of them will go above and beyond - making their stay another memorable one for all the right reasons. 2020 was the cycle year for good returns of Salmon and Grilse to the Miramichi and with Greenland now making cutbacks to their Keep quotas, improved weather conditions over last summer would be a plus! So.. all things considered, we are expecting to see much better returns for this season. We will again be offering our Special Father & Son/Daughter packages, Corporate Group rates and our three weeks of Casting clinics throughout the season.

AGAIN for the 2021 Season
- Country Haven will again be offering 27 Private fishing pools accessable by our guests thereby providing
access to one of the greatest variety of private Wild Atlantic Salmon fishing pools in the Province.

Note: We enjoy posting photos on our River Reports as much as possible - especially ones of 'first timers' and 'trophy catches' - but we do respect the wishes of our fishermen so not every fish landed is photographed and the safety of the fish is always a #1 priority - some are never taken from the water due to the condition of both the fish and the water at the time. We would like to thank all the anglers who have sent us photos of their success with us in the past and hope they continue to do so in the future. Only a small percentage of fish landed have photos added to the Reports and we hope everyone enjoys them. We look forward to you seeing your photos in the future.

Here are 3 links for more information and to follow updates throughout the season:
River Reports: miramichiriverreports.com
Accommodations: cottagesnewbrunswick.com
Fishing: fishingatlanticsalmon.com


September 13th

With approximately one month remaining until the end of the 2021 Fishing season on October 15th, the Miramichi should be the 'place to be' for fly fishing enthusiasts for the remainder of the season.

Much of the 2021 season - with the exception of a few weeks in August - has seen good conditions and quite good fishing. Fishermen could always head out to the river with high expectations of seeing, or even hooking, into their dream fish. With another big rise in water levels this weekend throughout all of the system, conditions are shaping up very nicely for the fall runs on the main river and the tributaries. For anglers out there who might of had a favorite lodge - but might not have had good results there over the last few years due to conditions - then this might be the year to return to that lodge to relive or make some more good memories. In some of the past few years, 'location' has played a big part on how successful your fishing trip might have been as so much depended on the conditions and where the fish were holding up! This year however, is starting to look like an old-fashioned fall on the Miramichi, so there is a good chance of your having a successful trip almost anywhere throughout the entire River system. Water levels are high but falling and it is now time for the fall runs to be moving in. With the Canadian border once again open for US visitors, do touch base with your favorite outfitter, guide or fly shop and get back to the Miramichi and the Atlantic Salmon! We were happy to welcome our first returning U.S guests this past week, with all of them having their own version of how great it felt - after so long - to be returning to the Miramichi. The best description of them all was that it felt like "returning home after spending two years at the mother-in-laws house". One thing about Fly Fishermen is that they all have a good sense of humour. With the higher water this week we will now expect to be using more of the traditional fall patterns.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction - see details . This Special offer will be expiring on October 31st this year.

(Father & son) Ivan Toner, N.S.

and son Adam Toner, N.S.

Alex Trenholm Bathurst NB

Andy Dumaine, Worcester MA - 1st Atlantic of the season

Jeremy Inman, nice one from the Cains

Tyler getting it done

September 7th

As we move into the fall fishing season, we have so much to be thankful for. It's Heather's Birthday today, we have good river conditions, the fishing is good and this is the guides' favorite time of the season - It's always a good way to start off the final weeks of the season!

The pools on the lower stretches of the Main river, the Cains and the Renous are all in perfect condition now after the good rain we received. The upper stretches on the Main river could use another bump of water but water temperatures are good and the fall fish will move in any event, so the whole river system should experience some good fall fishing this season. Even though the flies of choice this week were still the summer patterns, yesterday anglers started catching using the traditional fall flies - some tied by Ian Cavanagh and big purple "Marabous" - a "no name" brand of fly but with great success. We are looking foreward to seeing you on the River.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction - see details . This Special offer will be expiring on October 31st this year.

A beauty landed by Ian Cavanagh yesterday

Another beauty landed by Ian

The Wexler family from N.S.

Landed by the Wexler Family

Laurie Gale, from Saint John N.B.

Another beauty landed by Laurie

August 23d

After two full months of very consistent Atlantic Salmon fishing - probably the best since 2011 - it quickly came to a screeching halt when the weather temperature hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit! It did not take long for waders to be replaced by swimming trunks and fishing replaced with canoeing, kayaking and swimming - it became too hot to fish, too hot to work, even too hot to even talk about it. As the Old Timer's called it... "The Dog Days of summer" had arrived. Now the water is low and warm on all stretches of the river system and the forecast is calling for good rain over the next few days. The forecast for the weekend is looking up however it will depend on how much rain we do receive from the storms and the what the temperature levels are. It is again starting to look very promising for the fall, especially for September and October, with normal cooler conditions in the forecast.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction - see details . This Special offer will be expiring on October 31st this year.

Tony Daigle Father & Son

Denis Daigle, Tony's son

Beautiful scenery and sunsets

"Dog Days of summer"

"Dog days of summer" for Diesel

Summer Fun on the water

August 8th

Anglers are still picking up fish throughout the river system but not as many are traveling, preferring to pick the pools with fish in them and take their chances - unlike earlier in the season when fish were moving and the rule of "being in the right place at the right time" applied. The fish are starting to hold up more and fishermen are having the most success using "Peach Carter Bugs" & "Bombers". As with all our guests, it's always great to have them returning - especially the ones that have not been returning to the Miramichi due to travel restrictions - however things are improving and now opening up again! Longtime returning guest Bill Mather was our first "out-of-Atlantic-Canada-Bubble" guest, which makes another "first" for Bill, as he also holds our record for "first fish of the season" in 3 of the past 20 seasons.

Conditions have remained quite consistent here but they are calling for warmer temperatures this coming week so let's hope it will not be too warm and won't last for too long. If you are thinking of making the trip to the Miramichi this fall, this might be a good time to place any orders with our three local fly Shops - "Miramichi Curtis Outfitters" in Blackville, "Doaks" in Doaktown or "Syd Matchett" - Trout Brook, on the Nor'west. If you will be staying at Country Haven and placing a order with any of these fly shops, let us know and we can have it picked up and ready for you when you arrive at the lodge.

Please remember that we also specialize in providing "Father & Son/Daughter" trips and it's always great seeing two or three generations together, having fishing success while enjoying quality time together.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction - see details . This Special offer will be expiring on October 31st this year.

Chad Tucker, Saint John N.B., fishing Orr Pool

Downriver from Dan's Pool

Ken enjoying an evening of fishing with Bill Mather

Jeremy enjoying an evening of fishing with Bill Mather

"Wild Bill" landing a nice one

Bill Mather, Elgin Ont.

July 26th

What a wonderful start to the 2021 summer fishing season with fantastic cool conditions and an abundance of fish throughout system for over two months now. We have received good reports from Juniper, Clearwater, Rocky Brook, Rocky Bend, Boistown, Doaktown, Millerton and everywhere in-between - Little Forks, Square Forks, Cains River and the Renous River. We are not sure if the numbers are that much better than some of the past few years - as they might have been quite similar over the past 11 years if we would of had conditions comparable to this season's good results. Fish swim so they need water and with the lower water over the last few seasons, the majority of fish ended up arriving after the season when the conditions improved. Unfortunately, the late arrivals were not so good for fish count numbers as the counters are always removed after the fishing season. So.. we do expect better overall counts for this season which should show very good return numbers. Although the majority of fish being landed right now are Grilse, there are also some nice big Salmon being hooked, but many are being lost due to the great fighters and the use of barbless hooks is taking a bit of getting used to for those who have never fished barbless. But overall, it’s the way to go and many of our fishermen have been fishing barbless for years! With the amount of rain we have been receiving, the water is on the higher side for the lower stretches of the river for July fishing, but ideal for the Salmon - and that is the most important thing of all! Fishermen have been experiencing better results using Wet flies but also catching a few on Dry flies. Conditions are also ideal for canoeing trips on the Cains River and all of the Main River System. It is still looking like August the 9th will be the date for opening the Canadian border for American fishermen! Although the border has been closed for just over a year, some anglers tell me that it seems like 20 Years! This might be a good time to read the 'Herby Curtis' book once again - “The Americans are Coming“!

Please remember that we also specialize in providing Father & Son/Daughter trips and it's always very nice seeing two or three generations together, having success while enjoying quality time together. As of today, I can't think of many past July's where conditions looked much better to be on the Miramichi than right now.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction - see details . This Special offer will be running out on October 31st.

Another Miramichi river adventure

Jim Horwich, Bedford N.S. - on the Cains River

Jim Horwich again, this time on the Main River

Rob Roy, N.S.

Jim Gourlay ( Saltscapes Magazine) - his 1st Atlantic of 2021

Daniel Hunter, Saint John N.B.

July 19th

It was another decent week on the Miramichi with fishermen catching well throughout the system. The higher water made for great canoeing trips on the Cains as well as some Salmon and Trout fishing included for those that were paddling the lower stretches. With the rise in water levels, some pools fished well because of the rise and others did not produce as well due to the holdup fish moving out, but overall, I think these two past months have been one of the best starts to the summer fishing season in 20 years! There have been lots of fish but the big advantage this year has been the ideal fishing conditions throughout the province - that sure helps. We had a couple of warmer days over weekend which slowed things a bit but the higher water was a buffer to keep conditions OK for now. With the rain we are receiving this morning, along with good reports from our fishermen, it’s starting to look like another good week on the river. Dry fly fishing has also been improving as the time of the season moves on. Spring streamer fishing can be good.. summer Wet fly fishing can be great.. but hooking an Atlantic Salmon on a Dry Fly is simply the best experience of all! As you can see from our notice above, the U.S./Canada border is opening up and early September anglers from other countries will be able to visit us. All this is welcome news and we are looking forward to seeing old fishing friends once again - as well as many new faces who wish to try their luck challenging the feisty Atlantic Salmon or testing some BIG Striped Bass. We hope to see all of you very soon.
We also specialize in providing Father & Son/Daughter trips and it's always so nice seeing two or three generations having success while enjoying quality time together. As of today, I can't think of many past July's where conditions looked much better to be on the Miramichi than right now.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction - see details . This Special offers will be running out soon.

Fly Fishing on the Lower Cains River
Fly Fishing on the Lower Cains River
Canoeing & Fishing trips on the Cains River
Canoeing & Fishing trip on the Cains River

Peter Graham from P.E.I

Cush Thompson, St. George, N.B.
Father and Son/Daughter fishing outings
Father and Son, Evan & Lloyd Henderson, Electric Dartmouth N.S.
a Lower Renous River beauty
Caiden Duffy with a Lower Renous River beauty.

July 13th

Overall, it was another great week on the Miramichi, with some decent fishing most of the week and now improving daily into the weekend. We enjoyed most of our success on the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi but also received great reports of good catches throughout the Main river and tributaries - especially on the Renous. It has been quite tough to receive good rains in the month of July over the past few years, but so far this year, that has not been the case as we received another good rainfall on Sunday, bringing the water levels up by approx. 8 ft. but they seem to drop faster now than in past years. There seems to be an abundance of fish this season as even in the higher and dirty water conditions, Salmon are jumping and rolling everywhere with good hook ups close to shore. With the water now falling again, fishermen are again having luck in the normal high water pools. Flies of choice early in the week were "#8 Wet". Flies of choice now are "#4 Green Machines" and "#4 Sugarman Shrimp".

Each week we try to get a few photos of angler's catches - mostly provided by the anglers themselves. It's always nice seeing the reaction of an angler to their first Atlantic landed! I can’t think of many much better than this one of Beth Bourque from Nova Scotia this week. (see photo below)

We also specialize in providing Father & Son/Daughter trips and it's always so nice seeing two or three generations having success while enjoying quality time together. As of today, I can't think of many past July's where conditions looked much better to be on the Miramichi than right now.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction - see details . This Special offers will be running out soon.

The Bishop Family Saint John N.B., All Had Success

3 Generations of Success - Grandfather Dave Bishop

- and -- Dave's son, Darren Bishop

- and -- Dave's grandson, Andrew Bishop

Father & Son Photos, Father David Avery, Westville N.S.

David's son, Chris Avery Moncton N.B.

Beth Bourque, Three Fathom Harbour N.S.
Her first Atlantic, The Photo says it all

Craig Tutty, Three Fathom Harbour N.S.
Craig's first Atlantic

July 6th

Good news... we finally got a good rainfall in the Month of July however there was some bad news too... the water was high and dirty over the weekend, making for poor fishing... but the best news was that our having access to a lot of private water, we still managed to have some success over weekend. With the water now falling and lots of fish moving up the system, fishermen are now having much better results once again. With the rise in water there are reports of every Miramichi Salmon fishing river now producing well - including good fishing on the Renous and Little Southwest rivers. with good conditions forecast for this week and another rain in forecast for Friday, it's looking like good fishing should continue for a while yet. So far with these conditions we have been fishing mostly with wet flies but did lose our first big Salmon on a dry fly on Sunday Morning. Flies of Choice have been "White Tail Green Machine" and "Undertakers Blue Charm".

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction and also the "Explore NB Travel Incentive Program for Atlantic Canada residents" also offering a (limited) 20% reduction - see details . These Special offers will be running out soon.


MORE Grilse!

STILL more Grilse!

Grilse keep on coming!!

Rick Cunjak, Fredericton NB

Barbie Robart, Bridgewater NS

June 28th

We have had good conditions with lots of fish again this week, with hookups throughout much of the river system. This week we have seen a good mix of both Salmon and Grilse as last week we were seeing many more Salmon then Grilse. The Grilse landed so far are fighters! Althought the fish appear to be taking flies better above Blackville, Anglers in the White & Gray Rapids area were also having luck throughout the week. It is always fun watching the fresh fish as they come in off the tides. There are a good number of fish moving up through the Main river system and there are also fish starting to move up the Renous river, with some nice ones landed on the lower stretches over the last few days. If we get the rain they are calling for then we should see some good-to-great fishing throughout much of the Renous and Main River System. Flies of choice lately are the "Blue Charm", "Green Machine" and "Same Thing Murray #8".

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction and also the "Explore NB Travel Incentive Program for Atlantic Canada residents" also offering a (limited) 20% reduction - see details .

Now THAT’s a June Salmon

Chris Avery, Moncton NB with a beauty yesterday

A nice one netted by Guide Ian Cavanagh

Fresh from the Sea

Paul Haymond, Bridgewater NS - 1st Miramichi Salmon this season

Landed at mouth of the Renous by Stanson Donovan

June 22nd

So far, June results on the Main southwest Miramichi have been quite positive with a good number of Salmon entering the system. Without the number of regular fishermen on the river - due to borders being closed - not as many are fishing but for those that are, they are starting to have good results - especially in the lower stretches of the system - as we are seeing fish moving in off the tides daily. As more fishermen start fishing and these good conditions continue, we expect to see a good number of hookups throughout June and July. As the water has remained consistent on the Cains river, guests are still enjoying the Canoeing and Trout fishing trips on the river which can only be described as a "wonderful wilderness experience". Right now, the conditions for Salmon fishing are perfect for June runs on the Main river but a bit too low for much of the Renous. However, with a bit of rain, the Renous can be the place to be - with "expectations for good things“ in late June and early July.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction and also the "Explore NB Travel Incentive Program for Atlantic Canada residents" also offering a (limited) 20% reduction - see details .

Byron Bridger, Upper Coverdale NB

Byron Bridger, Upper Coverdale NB

Cains River trips

Cains River trips

Mercury Island pool - Blissfield - Looking good

My first Atlantic of 2021


June 7th

The Countdown is on until the June Salmon runs begin on the Miramichi. With good conditions, some positive news on the borders opening, lots of "Daryl Tucker", "Austin Sullivan", and still some "Emerson Underhill Special" flies available for guests, I am not sure who is getting more excited for the start of the Salmon Season this year - the guides or the fishermen. We are in the "In Between" season - too late for spring and too early for summer Salmon - so we have been enjoying lots of canoeing, kayaking and Trout or Bass fishing to pass away the time. On the Main Southwest Miramichi, anglers normally get on the water by mid-June, with a few trying to hook an early-one before that. There have been some reports of a few being seen or lost so far - including Jason and his brother Jeff Curtis, Eddie Colford and Nick Keenan - they almost had fish landed but we are not sure if they were using the "Almost" fly or not = but we do expect to see photos of one of these fellows, or Collin Gilks, to post a picture of success soon! The first Salmon I know of so far that was hooked for the 2021 season was landed by Jeremy Inman while fishing the Nor'west Miramichi on June 1st. We figured it would be Jeremy or Bob Bowser on the Nor'west sticking with tradition. We can sometimes expect to catch an early one on the Nor'west, the Dungarvon or on the lower stretches of the Renous before Main River system results, but when fish do start, it can be great with landing beauties ranging from 17 to 22 lbs being normal in June. June 2019 was excellent for us on the lower stretch of the Main River and last year, July was better until it warmed up. A full Moon on June 24th will not a bad thing. We will always remember long-time Salmon fishermen Jim Leonard from Springfield MA saying to me, "Byz, always set your alarm to go fishing and always be on the Miramichi after a full moon". There are so many great memories of so many wonderful people and friends who will never be visiting the Miramichi again - but memories of them will live on among the Miramichi people and guides. We are all looking forward to things returning to normal soon, so we can welcome back many old and new friends and once again we can experience all that the Miramichi has to offer. Remember... do visit your local fly shop in person or online, including our local shops that we are all so proud of - Doaks in Doaktown, Curtis's in Blackville and for Brook Trout, Syd Matchett on the Nor'west.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com. Also, if you qualify, consider the New Brunswick "Fish & Hunt Promotion for New Brunswick residents" - offering a 20% reduction and also the "Explore NB Travel Incentive Program for Atlantic Canada residents" also offering a (limited) 20% reduction - see details.

Canoeing & Trout fishing Cains River

Canoeing & kayaking Trip, Barnaby River

Nice memories from the Spring season

Jeremy Innman Fishing Nor'west River

First Miramichi Salmon of 2021

The Fly that "did the trick"

May 23d

With the Spring Salmon season now behind us and the Summer Salmon runs still a couple of weeks away, the almost daily canoeing adventures on the Cains River have been going extremely well! Guests have been enjoying trips ranging from one day to a week with some camping while others have enjoyed our luxury accommodations along the way! I just can't think of many places for 'getting away from it all' as being peacefully isolated in a wilderness setting - where you can still enjoy nature 'at its fullest'- than on this beautiful river. www.cottagesnewbrunswick.com

As we wait for the fresh runs of Summer Salmon to arrive, it’s a good time to visit your local Miramichi fly shops where you can learn from 'the best'. The Boys at Doaks, the Ladies at Curtis Fly Shop and the old Master - Syd - on the Nor'west. It is too early to know what conditions may be like for this coming summer but so far it has been a big improvement from last year as we have had some good rain.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com

Carson Curtis with his 5+lb Trout, Quarryville NB

Mark McCutcheon Saint John, NB

Canoeing the Cains River

Canoeing and Kayaking the Cains

Another beautiful Miramichi morning

Cains River Accommodation

May 16th

With the Spring Atlantic Salmon season now winding down after a full month of fantastic fishing - anglers landed Salmon daily from April 15th to May 15th - making it one of the most consistent Spring Salmon seasons we have ever seen on the river. That is great news for the Salmon! The river also has an abundance of Striped Bass this Spring - good news for the fishermen but probably not so good for the Salmon. The DFO might not have any idea about the number of returning Salmon we received last season or how many Striped Bass are in the system this spring - again - probably not good news for the Atlantic Salmon or the River.

But overall, there have been many very happy fishermen on the river this spring, landing Salmon, Trout and 'Stripers'. With Spring Salmon fishing officially over, anglers will now be spending more time fishing for Bass and Trout in the tidal waters and also, canoeing & Trout fishing trips on the Cains River where you can include overnight cottage accommodations along the way. - www.cottagesnewbrunswick.com

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at www.fishingatlanticsalmon.com

Peter Collins, Wickham NB

Clif Topolinski, Wickham NB

Charlie Leblanc, Shediac NB

Jean Leblanc, Moncton NB

Warren Tompkins, Hampton NB, May 14th

Miramichi today

May 9th

With the spring fishing season now moving into its 4th week, there is still a lot of good fishing remaining. The spring Salmon catches are slowing, even though this week we are still receiving good reports from upriver to Doaktown, along with reports of excellent fishing in Blissfield on Friday. With the cooler water temperatures, fishermen will probably still catch a few for a while yet, as the fish are moving slowly. They are still catching some dark Trout in the White Rapids and Quarryville area. Striped Bass fishing from Quarryville to Redbank via Miramichi City - and everywhere in between - has to be considered the best Striped Bass fishing in the world, a title the Miramichi has always received for the Wild Atlantic Salmon. Many say both species can’t co-exist together for too long but let’s hope they can, as it does not look like the Bass are going anywhere soon and it's looking like the "Stripers" have become THE 'species of choice' for the DFO. So for now, everyone is enjoying the fishing. Salmon, Bass, Trout - the "Miramichi Grand Slam" - are being caught daily! The water is still at a good height for canoeing the tributaries and with the Sea Trout entering the system soon, there will be a lot of interest in canoeing adventures on the Cains River - a canoers 'paradise' in May.

As for flies this week, the "Gray Ghost" has been the fly of choice while fishing for Salmon and Trout but with Bass there is no preference, just use up your old spring fly patterns - they will take just about anything!

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

P.S... while you are here, do check out our All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - at fishingatlanticsalmon.com

Thor Olesen, Quispamsis NB

Jackson Weir from Saint John NB

Ron Marcolin, Quispamsis NB

Larassa with her Salmon

Kurt Allen, Fredericton NB

Miramichi Girls 'just wanna have Fun'


May 1st

Today is opening day of the Trout Season on the Miramichi and by all accounts, there are quite a few around. The Atlantic Salmon fishing has remained very consistent throughout the first two weeks of the season, due to ideal conditions and high numbers of Salmon in the system this spring. Flies of choice this week have been "Christmas Tree", "Black Ghost" and "Magog Smelt" using sinking lines and sinking tips, also, with "#4 & #6 Green Machines" on floating lines. The conditions are now good in the lower stretches of the river for landing Salmon, Trout & Bass on any given day as there are plenty of all three species in the river. May is also a good time for canoeing - especially on the smaller tributaries like the Cains River - where we offer canoe rentals and shuttle service and can also include overnight accommodations in our Wilderness Cains River Cottage #6 - see www.cottagesnewbrunswick.com

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

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Alex Trenholm, Bathurst NB

Michael Hughs, Hampton NB

Warren Tompkins, Hampton NB

Jeremy Inman, Miramichi NB

Robert Lurche Bathurst NB

Kieran Tompkins, Hampton NB

April 23d

I must admit, the largest Salmon landed on the river this week was by Robert Lurche from Bathurst NB, but the ladies really owned the river throughout the week, making for another fantastic week of Atlantic Salmon fishing. Spring is such an ideal time of the season for the entire family to enjoy river fishing. Our guests have been enjoying great success - from above Blackville, to Quarryville - catching lots of Salmon, some Trout and Striped Bass, but by all reports, the entire river system has been fishing very well! We received good reports from Carl Wilson in Boistown and Kyle Price in Doaktown on Wednesday, to fishermen in Miramichi City yesterday and everwhere in between - that’s over 100km of Wild Atlantic Salmon river! As one of our guides described it, "( I might not be the smartest fish in the pond but that is a wack of salmon in the river )". Flies of choice this week were the "Renous River Special", "Christmas Tree" and the "Bill Mather Bunny Strip". There are lots of fish in the river, good conditions for both sinking and sinking tip lines and this week we are expecting that fishermen in some areas will also start catching them using floating lines only.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

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Robert Lurche, Bathurst NB

Jacelyn Tucker, Saint John NB

Dian Cavanagh, Cumberlan Bay NB

Jayda Macdonald, Blackville NB

Susan Mcgillicuddy, McAdam NB

Sophie Perron, Dalhouse NB

Gail Mckinnon, Hampton NB

April 16th

The 2021 Fishing season is now underway.
With the perfect weather and conditions for opening day this year, the number of fish in the system appears to be the best we have seen in years, with very good reports of many hookups from above Boistown to Quarryville and everywhere in between. Springtime is normally the best time of the season to see the most accurate account of returning salmon to the river - moreso now than ever, due to the warm low water conditions we have been experiencing the past few summers. We will see how the spring season works out but if opening day fish numbers are any indication, it's looking like the run of 2020 was a very good one. The water is almost now at a perfect height for good fishing - just a bit on the lower side for this time of season. We will need rain to enjoy good boat fishing later into May. After a long winter, Springtime on the Miramichi River is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and an ideal time for beginners as lots of action playing fish makes good practice for possibly landing your trophy Sea Run salmon later on in the season. For anyone who has not tried flyfishing, there are a large number of good outfitters and guides available throughout the river system. If anyone is interested in fishing, guides, cottage rentals or Private Pool access then call 1-877-359-4665 ( 1-877-FLYHOOK ).

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

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First morning of the 2021 Fishing Season.

First Salmon of 2021, Jeremy Scott, Moncton NB

Largest Salmon of the Day (Our Buddy AX)

Ian Cavanagh, Cumberland Bay NB

1st of two this Morning ffor John McGillcuddy, McAdam NB

2nd of two this Morning for John McGillcuddy, McAdam NB

YEAR 2020 River Reports


October 16th

Once again, we had some fairly good fishing on the river this week - with the exception of a few windy days when fishing was not at it's best - and we also had some days when guests limited out.

The good news was that the longer the season progressed, more pools with fish in them were there to choose from as fresh fish are still arriving as the season closes. There are reports by Striped Bass fishermen in the Miramichi City area that Salmon are still moving up the System, so with the late fall, we expect many more to arrive. We finally received the rain we were hoping for - but just a bit too late to enjoy fishing the Cains this year - but it was much needed and will be great for the Salmon as they move up the system. We also had the pleasure to finish out the season with young Julian Forlana - owner of "Julz Flies" - who fished with us and landed his first Miramichi Salmon - he has caught many in other rivers. For a 16 year old, he is far beyond his years for both fishing and fly tying - what a wicked fly he ties - and the best part is that they sure do work well! Flies of choice this week were the "Shrimp patterns".

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Karl Furlaga having fun at the Orr pool.

Karl's son Julian

Peter Graham from PEI, 1st of the day

Peter Graham with his 2nd of many

Gail Mckinnon from Hampton N.B.

Finally.. Rise of water on the Cains, Oct 15th

Last sunset of the 2020 season on the Miramichi

With the 2020 Fishing season now over for another season, Diesel, Tyler and I and all the staff here at Country Haven would like to say "Thanks" to everyone for their help in making 2020 a much more successful season than we would have ever expected, as the Pandemic ended travel to all guests from outside Atlantic Canada. We endured the longest drought since 1939 along with one of the biggest fires on the Miramichi - in the Cains River area, but thanks to the staff and Atlantic Canadians pulling together and continuing to travel throughout the Maritime Provinces. This allowed a good number of returning guests to come, combined with good returns of fish that arrived when conditions were ready for them to come. We feel sorry for all our "away" guests that could not visit this season - and we miss you all - but we still have so much to be thankful for following the 2020 season after all.

There are a few takeaways from this season that we might or might not have known before the season started! * Never take anything for granted. * That there are a lot of fantastic Fly Fishermen here in Atlantic Canada. * That the weather Man can be wrong in his forecast almost every time but that’s still OK! * That ladies almost always outfish the men, but that is ok. * That there were some very big Salmon in the River this fall and that’s good. * That The River has more Bass now than in any time in modern history - that is not good! And, finally, that the DFO can spend a lifetime accomplishing absolutely nothing of any value to our Industry - and that will probably never change so that is not good! Overall, however, it could still be much worse and everyone is looking forward and hoping for a "more normal" Fishing Season in 2021, starting on April 15th.

From all of us, "Thanks again" to everyone.
Take Care and Stay Safe.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

Diesel, Tyler & I

October 5th

We had another great week of Fishing on the Miramichi, with plenty of fish still holding up in some of the holding pools and more fresh fish still arriving daily into the lower stretches of the river system, giving fishermen a good chance for success every time they were on the water! There was a good mix of Salmon and Grilse in the System including some very BIG salmon. Most of our success this week came from 4 pools fishermen were using throughout the system and some fish hooked in the Quarryville area had Sea Lice. This week we also had the pleasure of hosting Deidre Green & crew - and what a fantastic person and fisherlady she is. Flies of choice this week were the "Shrimp Patterns" but the hottest fly by far was a fly introduced to the Miramichi by Rob Roy, called "The Robster". Following his success on the first couple of days of his trip, this Fly was in high demand by the weekend! With fish in the system, fall foliage happening and a long winter waiting over the horizon, we should all take advantage of the final weeks of the season!

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

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Jeremy with a big one

Deidre Green, Nova Scotia

Rob Roy, Halifax Nova Scotia

Deidre Green, Nova Scotia

Deirdre getting it done.

Miramichi morning

September 28th

First... The Bad news! We did not get the amount of rain expected this week. Even with lots of holding fish, by the weekend, fishing slowed to our lowest number of hookups in three weeks. The water is still too low to be fishing the Cains River in September this year. Lastly, my Birthday is tomorrow, September 29th and our regular Group from The UK will not be here to throw a party for me this year, and sadly, we will all miss Brian Warrington's singing!

Now..., The Good news! Even without much rain, fishermen still managed to have better-than-expected fishing, especially early in the week. We are blessed to now have access to even more of the best private water on the Miramichi this fall - for all conditions! We have been seeing more fresh fish coming into the lower stretches of the River System Saturday and yesterday than we have seen since early July. Guide Gary Colford said he has caught fish on the Cains every year for over 30 years and he will once again this season. Guide Danny Coughlan said there are more fish starting to hold in the lower pools than anytime this Season. Guide Ken Vickers' guests started hooking into some nice fresh fish from the Sea yesterday. We are looking forward to a Full Moon and High Tides On Oct 1st! As the late and great Jim Leonard from MA would say, "What a time to be on the Miramichi, Byz"

The Weather forecast is calling for a good rain by mid-week so Gary might get to the Cains river in October, after all. www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/weather/new-brunswick/blackville.

Diesel is our new 'guide-in-training' so we are expecting big things from him by the end of the season.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

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Nova Scotia Boys playing a big one

Tyler & Craig Brown from Halifax, N.S.

How a NS boy looks when he catches Miramichi Salmon
Collin Macdonald, N.S.

Adam Taylor, Halifax N.S.

It does not get much better than this

Diesel looking after our Guests

Gary Baudoux from Hopewell N.S.

Parker Wong, New Glasgow N.S. getting it out there

September 19th

Low water levels and cool conditions made for some good hookups - using both wet and dry flies - on most days this week. A returning Nova Scotia group of Don MacLean, Robert Skinner, Ira Grant and Chuck Thompson enjoyed the most productive trip they have had over the past 5 seasons! As of today, there are mostly holding fish in the system but we expect that to change very soon as it is time! With the forecast for Tuesday of 40-50 Ml. of rain, if we get it, fishermen should be in for a great fall season, especially on the Cains River where Guides Gary & Tyler look forward to fall guiding all season. So.. with fingers crossed. we are hoping for the rain! Flies of Choice have been #10 Undertakers, Red Butt Bear Hair and Bombers.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

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The Nova Scotia Crew

Gary with a nice one landed by Chuck Thompson, Baddeck N.S.

Jeremy & Ian Grant, Pictou, N.S.

Jeremy Hoffman, Halifax N.S., with Guide Glen Sullivan

September 13th

Right now we have low water levels but better temperatures and on the River, some success stories in the news last week. Rain is needed to have a great fall season throughout the system and the Cains, but even with current low water conditions, there are fish around, with some pools holding hundreds of fish with some big "fish-of-a-lifetime" among them. The cooler weather has been producing a bit of success but we are not seeing any great numbers of fresh fish yet, but there should be lots to come! The Fall runs will come, even with low water, if it is cool as the fish have a job to do and need to get it done! We have had low water conditions into September and October in some past seasons, with great fishing, especially in 2018 when it produced some of the best fall fishing on the main river in years - in the lower river pools - as fish started trickling in daily from Mid-September on, so fishermen are hoping for the same results this fall. The long range forecast is calling for some rain mid-week and everything could sure use it as our fall fishing begins. Flies of Choice have been #10 Undertaker, Bear Hairs - wet & smaller Peach Carter Bugs - dry.

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

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Gail Mackinnon, Saint John NB

Alex Trenholm, Bathurst NB

Moose, Cains River

Jeremy & Wade Hallihan fishing the Gray

August 27th

We have finally had a change in weather conditions with some rain. As the temperatures cool, fishermen are heading back to the river and catching fish. Many were enjoying the runs in July before the warmer weather arrived and are expecting it to continue as conditions improve and the cold water pools have reopened. With the Canadian border closed until at least September the 25th, it is unsure how many - if any - anglers south of the Border will make it to the Miramichi for fall fishing this season. This is not good for foreign guests but it is a good time for Atlantic Canadian fishermen to take advantage of some of the good private fishing that Miramichi lodges might have available this fall, as the regular guests might not be able to return. Over the last few seasons, here at Country Haven, we have always offered our guests a great selection of private fishing opportunities throughout 27 private pools on four of the rivers of the Miramichi River System. Now we have access to even more water available for this season as we have worked out agreements with some U.S. lodge owners to use their Private water if they cannot make it this year and believe-you-me, there is some beautiful fall fishing to be had in their water!

Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

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Good conditions for our Low Water Pools

Bald Eagles have a birds eye view of the river

Ready for Fall Fishing

Your Chair Awaits

Dry Fly Fishing
Diesel watching for the Fall Run

August 15th

This August, everyone in Atlantic Canada appear to have decided to take advantage of the warm weather but in addition to fishing, there are lots of other activities going on - like Kayaking, Canoeing, Wild Life Tours, Swimming, Wilderness photography excursions and just relaxing with a quality Cottage Rental! cottagesnewbrunswick.com.
A nice break for everyone would be to enjoy the outdoors with family & friends so the Miramichi has a lot to offer for every time of the season, even when conditions are not the best for fishing - but that should be changing for the better soon as we head into late summer and the fall with our spectacular colours.

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Water Low in Upper Blackville

Water Low in Black Rapids

Wilderness Tours

Nice weather for Canoeing & Kayaking

Bald Eagle fishing at Country Haven

A few Visitors this Morning

August 1st

During July there were a good number of fish landings until the warmer weather settled in. With only Atlantic Canadian guests on the river so far, there have been more "first - timers" than normal trying Atlantic Salmon fishing and taking advantage of the private pool fishing that in past seasons, might not be available when in use by foreign owners, due to pandemic restrictions. With the warmer weather, we expect to be doing more canoeing, kayaking and vacation cottage renting until the fishing improves. For more on cottage rentals, visit cottagesnewbrunswick.com.

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Danny Hallihan, 1st one of the Season

Playing another One

Father & Daughter Sophie Perron & her Dad fishing the Cains

Fishing over Teds Rock

Father & Son Randal & Ivan Connors Releasing a fresh one

Stan Knowles with a nice one from the Orr Pool

July 14th

Last week we saw a very good run of fish enter the system when many fishermen limited out daily with a good mix of Salmon & Grilse. The Adam Stone Family, from Floranceville NB, enjoyed great fishing and what a wonderful and exciting way to spend a vacation! As for flies, almost any summer pattern was working but the "Yellow Wing Butterfly" has been the fly of choice after anglers landed 9 using it on Sunday. With the cooler weather and the fish now travelling like crazy, we expect the cold water pools to be open very soon. The Main Southwest Miramichi has so many good pools for fishing so whether open or not - especially when the fish are travelling & not holding up - the fishing forecast is looking better into the weekend and we are expecting many more hook ups throughout the system.

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Barrett Stone, Florenceville NB

Adam Stone, Florenceville NB

Colby at it again using a Yellow Wing Butterfly

Double Hookup - same time, both Salmon landed

July 8th

There has been a “ Good run of fresh Atlantic Salmon & Grilse on the Miramichi “ for over a week now! Good numbers of fish are moving in daily, with many hookups throughout the River System. Water levels are low overall but ideal for the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi. Conditions have improved "big time" from a week ago, with our having daily rain or rain showers for a while now. After the warmer weather in June, July has been much more favorable for the the fish. "White Tail Green Machine", "Miramichi Cosseboom" and "Green Butt Bear Hair" are the flies of choice right now. For anyone who has been wanting to give fly fishing a try or has been wanting to get into some fresh Atlantic Salmon, this might be as good of time as any to give it a try. If you are a "local" then there are some Public pools in the area. If you are from "Out-of-Province" or would just like to increase your chances by using knowledgable Professional Guides and fishing some of the better Private pools on the River System, then there is a number of First Class Outfitters on the Miramichi that can offer All-Inclusive packages with Accommodations -or- Day Fishing packages - - including fishingatlanticsalmon.com or Accommodations cottagesnewbrunswick.com

Father & Son David & Chris Avery, New Glasgow, NS

David Avery, New Glasgow NS

Chris Avery, New Glasgow NS

Watching Salmon

June 29th

This year, the Month of June was a busy one for us on the Miramichi. With the warmer weather, we had many more cottage rentals and canoeing trips than fishing, but with conditions now improving and good numbers of fish entering the system over the past few days, if the Salmon returns this year are anything like the Shad and Gasperpau return numbers, the river should be full. We are not sure if it is just a case of good returns or possibly reduced ocean fishing by trawlers but hopefully, it will be the same with the Salmon. Even though the conditions have not been very good so far, the returns have been very positive, especially on the Nor'west where they arrive a bit earlier. The River is low for this time of season but just perfect for some of the low water pools in the lower stretches. As we start increasing fishing now until we get rain, this is where fishermen will be constricting more as the fish arriving now are still June Salmon - they tend to move through the system no matter what the conditions are. The July run tends to start holding up more in the pools so as conditions improve, we should continue to see good runs of both! With these conditions, floating lines with #8 and #10 wet flies - Green Machine, Green Butt and Bear Hair Blue Charm appear to work well in the lower stretches of the river right now and include Bombers above Blackville. A visit to the Miramichi should always include a trip to local fly shops. We are hoping for good conditions, lots of Salmon and many "Tight Lines" for another productive season on the Miramichi. For accommodations, do visit our Cottages site at: cottagerentalsinnewbrunswick.com

Perfect height for Orr Pool

Canoeing Trip on the Cains River

A place to relax after a day of fishing

Ready for fishing

May 28th

This has been another Week of Salmon, Trout and Bass, Bass & more Bass! Fishermen were still catching all three species in the Quarryville area. Striper Bass fishing has been fantastic almost everywhere including around Miramichi City & the Nor'west and for Spring Salmon fishing, good numbers are being seen again this year -it makes one wonder where all the fish come from after the lower DFO numbers recorded last season! After 6 weeks of open river with fishermen enjoying great success daily and thousands being landed, one has to ask 1f the DFO counts are off by that much because of the counters being removed more frequently now than in past years due to fear of debris during high water when fish normally like to travel? Or, do the fish take longer to move out the system now? Or do the fish now arrive later each year after the counters are removed for the season in October due to the warmer weather we have been experiencing over the last few years? or do they just fly up when we are sleeping! We will probably never know but we do know that June 2019 was one of our best months in 20 years and also, we know that to have that many fish leaving the river again this spring, there had to be many more entering the system than the DFO Counts suggest! Each fall local fishermen say we will know the true number in the Spring rather than the DFO summer and fall guessing statistics. There was a sigh of relief again this spring to see that many spring Salmon around! With the managing of the Wild Atlantic Salmon over the years, the Striped Bass population on the Miramichi and the overall track record of the Fisheries, we can understand why locals do not have as much faith in the counting system and the DFO as they once had.

Jayda Macdonald, daughter of Jamie - who is known from his many years of guiding on the Miramichi - enjoys fishing at this time of year. She is a Miramichi jewel with great qualities. There is not a Salmon fly she doesn’t know or a Country Song she can’t sing. She knows what’s important in life! At Country Haven, we are now turning our attention to the Summer run Salmon that should be entering the system any day now, along with the Sea run "Brookies". Conditions are good for these early run fish. Both the Trout and Salmon are on the move in June as the Trout are heading to the far reaches of the Main River and the Cains, the Salmon to Rocky Brook and above on the Main River. It is more a case of "being in the right place at the right time" at this point in the year. With our Lodge's ideal location on the lower stretch of the Main river system - the only exception being the Renous river - every fish has to swim past our door and through our private pools to get to their destinations. This is also a good time of year for Canoeing and Kayaking trips on the River. We also offer packages that include Cottage rentals if required. Do visit our Cottages site at: cottagerentalsinnewbrunswick.com

"Tight lines" from the Miramichi & remember to visit our local fly shops.

Tyler with a nice catch

Joni's Bass

Colby and Erin - great catch

Tyler and Larissa's nice Striper

Jayda MacDonald with her Trout

Jayda MacDonald, nice Salmon

May 21st

This is that time of year that Miramichers call the "Grand Slam" season, as fishermen can catch Spring Salmon, Trout and Striped Bass all in the same day using flies. Everyone has been doing a great job at that this week! We are still catching Salmon from the Blackville area down, Trout at White Rapids and Quarryville, and Stripers in Quarryville. The "Gray Ghost" fly has been working well for all three species. Father & Son Mohammad and Faisal Hossian from Saint John landed the 3 species on every day of their stay and other anglers have been doing the same.

"Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

Mohammad Hossain with a nice salmon

Mohammad's son Faisal with his Trout

Colby with a nice one

Jeremy with a beauty!

Robert with his HUGE Striper

Yvette Richard with her nice Trout

May 14th

With the Spring Atlantic Salmon fishing winding down for another season, the Trout and Striped Bass fishing is picking up daily. Even though there still are some Salmon around - especially in the lower stretches of the river system - anglers are now catching Trout and Bass as well, in the White Rapids and Quarryville area of the River. Some anglers call this the "Grand Slam". Overall, we have to believe - even with the lower count numbers recorded last summer and fall - that there are still lots of fish in the system as everyone who went fishing had success! Here at Country Haven, 2019 was our best Season in the last 20 years with over 1,200 fish landed. With less fishermen this spring, due to travel restrictions, we will never know for sure how good this season might have been as so far, good reports received from throughout the system suggest it should be another successful season for anglers on the Miramichi. Fishermen will now be fishing for Trout and Striped Bass and the majority of fly fishermen on the river are turning their attention to the fresh Sea-Run Salmon that will be arriving in early June. If you are interested in fishing this season, now is a good time to visit your local fly shop in person or online to visit N.B. locals www.wwdoak.com and www.curtismiramichioutfitters.com or Google "Sydney Matchett Fly Shop". In the U.S., we highly recommend Tightlinesflyfishing.com. For those who might be interested in fishing for Atlantic Salmon or other species for the very first time but are not sure if they should invest just to try it, the Miramichi area has a good selection of Outfitters - including Country Haven - that offer a number of packages that can include everything needed to catch the "Big One" - Equipment, Private Fishing Pools, with or without Guides and for Accommodations - CottagesNewBrunswick.com

Throughout the years we have had many anglers who have enjoyed fishing with us on the Cains River - one of the best little Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world! We are so lucky to offer guests access to fishing on six private pools on this secluded little river. For anyone that who interested in the Cains River - whether it's for fishing information or just to enjoy past memories - we highly recommend clicking on link below and reading the books.

A few years ago Brad Burns wrote "Closing the Season" a book about Atlantic Salmon fishing on the Southwest Miramichi and the Cains Rivers. He followed that up with another book called "On the Cains": Atlantic Salmon and Sea-Run Brook Trout on the Miramichi’s Greatest Tributary. "On the Cains" has recently become available and you can read more about it along with viewing a PDF preview of the book at the following page on Brad’s website. You will also see that there is a tab that allows you to get a 50% discount for "Closing the Season" if you buy it along with "On the Cains". www.bradburnsfishing.com/product/on-the-cains

"Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

Miramichi River Guide, Tyler Coughlan

Dr. Brent Howley, Moncton

The Bryenton family at it again.

We have a Jumper!

May 5th

Overall it was another good week on the water with good reports on Atlantic salmon & Trout catches throughout the system. A rise of water over the weekend slowed fishing a bit on Saturday and Sunday but made for ideal conditions for boating up some of the smaller tributaries that are only accessible by canoes or during higher water conditions for much of the season. It's always nice visiting those rivers. With the large number of fish around, fishing should continue for a while yet for Spring Salmon and Trout. As we move into May, there will be more Striped Bass fishing down-river as the Miramichi is now home to one of the larger runs of Striped Bass in the world, making for fantastic fishing between the Spring Salmon fresh-from-the-Sea runs of Wild Atlantic Salmon in June and the Striped Bass. If you are visiting the Miramichi area for Bass Fishing, Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters now offers a full line of Bass fishing Equipment. If you are interested in fishing for Atlantic Salmon, Trout or Bass, Accommodations, Canoeing/Kayaking/Tubing in central NB then the Miramichi area and County Haven is an ideal location for everything outdoors in 2020.

Below is another nice photo of Chase and his dad Timmy, enjoying the spring fishing. Many of our guests over the years have become friends with the Vickers family of guides. Chase loves his fishing and comes from a long line of Guides - Max Vickers was his Great Grandfather and Bentley is his Grandfather - so fishing is in his Blood. The fish he has been catching have been on flies tied by his Uncle Jamie McDonald - another guide and family member - so Chase is now keeping Jamie busy tying and inventing new patterns with Chases' approval. Blue Smelts, Christmas Trees and Renous River Specials have been the flies of choice on the river this week. For information on Striped Bass fishing or Cottage Rentals visit striperbassfishing.com.

"Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

Ian Cavanagh

John Mc Gillicuddy, Fredericton NB (his First Atlantic)

Robert Lerche, Bathurst NB

Chase & Timmy Hallihan with another one. One Happy Boy!!

April 27th

With the great news of low numbers of Corona-19 in the Province of New Brunswick, the Government decided to open the Fishing Season on Friday April 24th. With ideal conditions over the weekend, fishing has been fantastic throughout the river system. After the long winter and people practicing social distancing, more New Brunswicker's than ever before have decided to try fishing - some of them for the first time -and they are loving it! Often people do not realize just how much New Brunswick and the Miramichi have to offer, but people have been really enjoying it this weekend. At Country Haven we offer Atlantic Salmon, Trout and Striped Bass Fishing, with a choice of 6 Private Riverside and Secluded Cottages, Canoes and Kayaks, side-by-side ATV Rentals and Tubing! We are ideally located in Central New Brunswick with lots to do for a wonderful family get-away. With the good Atlantic Salmon fishing right now, most anglers will be fishing into mid-May and reports are also good for Striped Bass fishing in the Miramichi Area as well. Sinking lines with almost any streamer patterns are working well for Salmon fishing. For more information on what Country Haven offers, visit cottagesnewbrunswick.com and vacationnewbrunswick.com.

"Tight lines" from the Miramichi.


Country Haven

Larissa & Copper enjoying their Fishing

Lots of salmon this spring

Chase Hallihan, First catch of the season

Family fishing

April 20th

With the river - and our cottages - now open, conditions are really great for boating. We took a family trip - 15 miles up into the Cains River yesterday. The Cains is one of the nicest little scenic rivers in the world! We always enjoy boating on the Cains in the spring, canoeing and kayaking in the summer or fishing for Trout or Atlantic Salmon. There are not many places where we would rather be!

"Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

Cains River

Another photo of the Cains

Our Camp on the Cains

Tyler, Larissa & Copper enjoying the trip

April 10th

A news release from the N.B. Government has informed us that the fishing Season for all of New Brunswick will now be opening on Friday May 1st instead of April the 15th. With 3 weeks until the opening day for Atlantic Salmon Fishing Season on the Miramich, the ice is starting to break up along the rivers. The ice in the Doaktown and Upper Blackville areas has moved a bit already but in the lower stretches, it is a bit more solid. We are expecting snow and rain in the forecast which will probably improve conditions for opening day or later into the week. As of now fishing season is still a "go" in New Brunswick and so far we are very lucky dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic however, with much of the world shut down, we don’t expect too much activity on the River - at least for a while - as many of the spring fishermen come from around the world. But we do expect many locals to enjoy the start of the season and as conditions improve on both fronts, we expect to see some good summer fishing - especially since much of the ocean Atlantic Salmon fishing has been placed "on hold" for a while. We expect to see better runs in the summer ..

"Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

Ice at Black Rapids

Ice breaking up around Island, Blackville Upriver

Ice at Quarryville

Ice at Country Haven

Another photo from Country Haven

Ice clearing out at Doaktown

April 1st

These photos show the conditions on the Miramichi river System with only two weeks to go until the 2020 fishing season starts on April 15th. The Province announced that the fishing season will open as usual in New Brunswick on April 15th. It's still too early to know if the ice will be gone by then or what conditions will be like, but we will keep you updated on this site so keep checking back.

"Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

Ice at Country Haven

Dr. Island, Upriver from the Bridge

Cains River, Highway 123


Upper Blackville

Blackville, Downriver from the Bridge

YEAR 2019 River Reports

Winners of our 20th year Anniversary Draw.
   What a difference twenty years makes!
· From 22 fishermen the first season to over 400 returning guests annually!
· from 3 private pools to 27 offering the most variety of private water in the province!
· from 3 employees to 12 of the best employees in the business!
· from only knowing a few anglers to becoming friends with thousands of wonderful people worldwide!

It is definitely beneficial to be located on the Miramichi - one of the best Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world, catering to Fly Fishing guests. Beyond a doubt, they are some of the best people anywhere in the world!. We are so thankful to each and every guest and everyone who has contributed, in any way, to our success over the years.

We enjoyed welcoming all of our 2019 guests to the same great fishing, hospitality and experience they have become accustomed to over the years. To show our appreciation, every fishing guest who visited with us in 2019 had an opportunity to win one of 20 great prizes - from Fishing equipment to "All –Inclusive" Fishing Packages!

  • 1 - $100 Gift Certificate from Bass Pro/Cabelas
    - Winner James Knorr, Beaver Dam, NB

  • 2 - $100 Gift Certificate from Doaks Fly Shop Miramichi
    - Winner Jane Monaghan, Elgin, Ontario

  • 3 - $100 Gift Certificate from Curtis Miramichi Fly Shop
    - Winner Lenny Parrnelli, Raleigh, NC

  • 4 - $100 Gift Certificate from Tight Lines Fly Fishing, New Jersey
    - Winner Kenny Ferry, Marlton, NJ

  • 5 - $100 Gift Certificate from LL Bean
    - Winner David Field, Enterprise Ontario

  • 6 - Subscription to ASF Journal
    - Winner Bill Mather, Elgin, Ontario

  • 7 - Membership in the Miramichi Salmon Association
    - Winner Arthur Nevers, Grand Manan, NB

  • 8 - New 8 Wt. Fly Rod & Reel ( Redington )
    - Winner Gordon Valiquette, Espanola, Ontario

  • 9 - New 8 Wt. Fly Rod & Reel ( Sage )
    - Winner David Dow, Newaygo, MI

  • 10 - 20 Miramichi Flies Selection from Curtis Miramichi
    - Winner Paul Carlton, Portsmouth, NH

  • 11 - 20 Miramichi Flies Selection from Doaks Fly Shop
    - Winner Warren Prell, Barrington, RI

  • 12 - 20 Miramichi flies Selection tied by Syd Matchett, Miramichi
    - Winner Rupert Abel, Staffordshire, UK

  • 13 - 20 Miramichi Flies Selection tied by Country Haven fly tier Daryl Tucker
    - Winner Patricia Hicks, South Portland, Maine

  • 14 - "New Brunswick Tourism Special" - 1 Day Guided Atlantic Salmon fishing for two people. vacationnewbrunswick.com
    - Winner Michael Field, Toronto, Ontario

  • 15 - 2 nights cottage Rental for two people cottagesnewbrunswick.com
    - Winner Gary Baudouy, Hopewell, Nova Scotia

  • 16 - 3 nights cottage rental on the Beaver Kill River, N.Y. and a day guided fishing with Andrew Moy tightlinesflyfishing.com/beaverkill-river-lodging.html
    - Winner Stephen Paltz, E.Falmouth, MA

  • 17 - 2 Nights 1 day "Guided fishing package" for two adults in a Self-catering Miramichi Cottage. miramichifish.com
    - Winner Blair Quin, Plymouth, NS

  • 18 - 3 Days 4 nights "All-Inclusive Fishing Package" for two Adults at Country Haven. flyfishingatlanticsalmon.com
    - Winner Jocelyn Ruggiero, Maitland, Florida

  • 19 - 6 days 7 Nights "All- Inclusive Fly Fishing for one Adult" Package at Country Haven. flyfishingatlanticsalmon.com
    - Winner Ira Grant, Pictou, NS

  • 20 - 6 days 7 Nights "All-Inclusive for one adult Choice of (A)"Bone & Tarpon Fishing in Andros Island, Bahamas" or (B)"Trout fishing in (Missouri River) Montana". tightlinesflyfishing.com/trips.html
    - Winner Robert Mosher, Hingham, MA

  • All 20 prizes were drawn on October 15th, 2019 at 12 noon by the guests who were fishing with us that week. All prize winners were notified by e-mail and their names are now posted on this web site. We would like to thank everyone who visited this season and hope your experience was a memorable one. We would also like to congratulate each of the lucky winners and thank everyone who helped out in any way - from prizes to trips - to make our 20th Anniversary season a great one.

    The Fishing Season runs from April 15th through Oct 15th annually. In 2020 we will continue to offer our normal Special packages including the 3 weeks of Spey Clinics.
    You can see our packages at: flyfishingatlanticsalmon.com/packages.html

    We Look forward to having you visit or follow our river reports in 2020 - miramichiriverreports.com

    Tightlines from the Miramichi

    SUMMER/FALL 2019

    October 16th

    The 2019 Fishing season is now in the books. Could we have had better fishing? Yes, we could have! Could we have asked for any better season of guests and anything better in celebrating our 20th Season? Never in a million years!

    All we can say is "thanks" to each and every one of our wonderful guests - especially the hundreds who return each year and enjoy the experience through the good and the poor fishing days over the years. For the success we have enjoyed, it takes 100% effort from everyone and we get it every day throughout the season from the wonderful staff, the best guides anywhere to so many fantastic people we work with for pool leases to booking agents - especially Tightlines Fly Fishing - who help bring it all together each season.

    Overall, fishing was spotty starting with one of our better spring seasons ever. We had our best June in our 20 years, very good results in early July until the warmer weather began playing a big part in the slower fishing at times through late July and August but always be carful what you ask for as September saw three rises of water that we did need but overall probably too much - especially the big deluge from Dorian - so we might have ended up with just a bit too much water for the fall as many of the resident fish moved on and not any great numbers of fresh fish continued to arrive.

    With the counters being removed during the high water we will never know the true numbers of returning fish this year. Spring fishing sometimes gives a better understanding of the true numbers of returning fish for the previous season. For example, in the 2019 Spring season we landed approximately 1,200 Salmon and Grilse - our best spring numbers landed in 20 years - indicating there must have been good numbers of fish that entered the system previous year throughout the season or after the season ended. So with the numbers counted this year - which to date have been lower - and with the counters being out during the high water times and probably about to be removed for the season anytime now, we do not expect the numbers to look great however there are exceptions and we are hoping for a lot more to enter the system after the season's end and after the counters are removed. We will know more during the spring season as to how good or poor the returns were this year.

    With every season there are so many great memories, great catches and just plain wonderful people from every walk of life - from so many different places and countries - who visit, who love the Miramichi and who discover what it all means to each one of them. All have their personal Miramichi Stories to tell. I do enjoy one great story that began years ago and ended last week, about Bill Markowitz and his Dad Erwin, from Massachusetts. Erwin was a legend when it came to fishing the Miramichi, spending time at many great lodges on the river including Wilsons, Ledges, Mountain Channel and with us here at Country Haven on his final visit to the Miramichi while in his 90s. Erwin loved the Miramichi so much and the people like Wesley and Boyd Curtis. While I was guiding him on his last visit I never witnessed anyone with such passion and love for the Miramichi and for the Wild Atlantic Salmon. He instilled this great passion in his son Bill and upon Erwins passing, he told Bill that there is one thing you need to do and that is get to the Miramichi and catch a Wild Atlantic Salmon in your lifetime. We did not want to disappoint Erwin as we knew he was watching so we booked and cancled Bill, a couple of times due to conditions but finally settled on what turned out to be one of the slower weeks of the season - but not for Bill who still managed to land 4 in 4 days, including a beauty on his last cast of his trip using one of Erwin’s flies! Everyone who knew Erwin knows he is laughing at Bill who is now hooked just like he was and will be making many more Miramichi visits over the years to come. The Wild Atlantic Salmon has such a tradition in the fly fishing world with many anglers traveling from around the world year after year - some with lifetime catches, some with none but who always re-book for next season before leaving like 89 year old Jim Leonard from Springfield MA who ended his 60th season on the Miramichi this week -or- 90 year old Charlie Mosher who has been celebrating his birthday with us on the Miramichi for the past 10 seasons, traveling all the way from New Mexico. It's not just the age or the fishing that sets these and so many apart from others - it's the unbelievable passion for life - the little things they enjoy - seeing new birds and animals, flowers, fall foliage or meeting old friends - and some have met many over 60 years. Spending time with any of our anglers is always a pleasure but with people like Erwin, Charlie and Jim, it's always special and I always know I came back from the river a much better person than I was when I left that morning. Just being with them and their knowledge - what a great satisfying feeling that is - with or without fish.

    The Miramichi means so much to so many people centered around the fishing. We all know that fishermen have been practicing hook-and-release with such passion for years, with many supporting every conservation group available to help save this great species of the Wild Atlantic Salmon that so many have come to love. Let's hope that someday in the future our own Government and the DFO will also find a way to help support this great species with even just a fraction of the passion that these great fishermen have shown and enjoyed for years. Thanks again from all of us at Country Haven Miramichi for making 2019 so wonderful and with (God willing) the hope to see you all again next season.

    2020 Opening Day - April 15th

    "Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

    Fresh from the Sea, landed by Andrew Moy, NJ
    Orr Pool, Main River

    Landed by Andrew Done, Switzerland
    Main River

    Karl Arbogast, Plains PA

    Gary Kean, Boulder, Colorado

    Dan with another one

    Cains River Haven

    Michael Silfen, Bronx NY

    Cains River in Fall

    Mr T with one of Chris Lloyd's 3 caught today

    Malcom Brandon UK,
    October 10th 2018

    Malcom Brandon UK,
    October 10th 2019

    Malcom Brandon UK,
    October 11th 2019, a 44 incher

    Erwin Markowitz, Worcester MA
    his final visit to the Miramichi

    Bill Markowitz, MA, last cast of his trip

    90 Year old Charlie Mosher, Albuquerque NM
    Fishing the Cains

    89 Yr. Old Jim Leonard, West Springfield MA
    ending his season on the Miramichi

    Robert Lerch, Last Salmon caught in 2019

    October 3d

    Last week started out on a high note with some nice fish landed but was hampered by the high water for much of the week with fishermen only landing 11 for the week - our slowest last week of September in history. This had more to do with the conditions than anything else. The UK week - as always - was full of fun with many returning guests, all up to their old tricks. It's always so nice to have so many UK Fishermen return each year at this time to help celebrate my birthday - I always feel honoured - especially when Daryl Tucker and Brian Warrington do their Marlyn Monroe version of "Happy Birthday". This week, however, is staring out much better with a number of fish landed throughout the lower system and at a varity of different pools on the Cains - much more like fall fishing should be. Spring, summer, fall - they all can have fish so good fishermen only need the right conditions. This week is the first of the two US Spey Clinic weeks - hosted by www.tightlinesflyfishing.com of NJ, USA., with some fantastic casting demonstrations put on by Andrew Moy who is something else when it comes to casting and catching. The guides say he could catch Salmon in a mud puddle. However... the Ladies are up for a good challenge and will give all the male fishermen in camp a good run this week. Compared to last week - when only a few pools were producing - it's good to know this weeks anglers have a better chance at catching fish in different stretches of water. Conditions are now ideal for both the Main River System and Cains, but a bit on the lower side for the Renous. Flies of Choice this week were all fall patterns being used with some success.

    "Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

    Lisa Weiner, New Preston Connecticut

    Martin Wilshire, Salisbury England - First Miramichi Atlantic Salmon

    Nancy Moy, Montville NJ October 2nd 2018

    Nancy Moy, Montville NJ October 2nd 2019

    Cains River in the fall

    Bill Wilbur from Gradner MA.
    Playing a nice one on the Cains

    September 25th

    This past week we started picking up a few more fish each day on the lower stretches of the Main River system but no great numbers to speak of as it seems like the fall runs are just starting - much like last year around this time - except more summer fish are holding. We received a good rain yesterday - approximately a 2 ft rise on the Main river below the Cains and approximately a 5-6 ft. rise on the Cains. Quite a few fish have been seen moving throughout the system this morning, with some good ones landed including three this morning by Stephen Cuthbert from Manchester England. As the water peaks - probably overnight - fishing should continue to improve. We are looking forward to a good fall on the Main River and the tributaries as this should be just what’s needed to finish off the season. This is the UK Spey week with the majority of our guests being from the UK with some fantastic casting demonstrations being given by Brian Warrington and Bryan Martin from the UK. With the rise in water levels, the guides are now stocking up with their favorite fall patterns, G P, Ally's Shrimp, Cascades, Copper Killer, Red Francis and the Kinermony Killer.

    "Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

    Brian Warrington, Manchester England
    On the Main Southwest Miramichi

    Richard Lloyd, British Colombia
    On the Main Southwest Miramichi

    Steve Cuthbert, Manchester, England

    Rupert Abel, Uttoxeter, England

    Peter Cherry, Ann Arbor, MI

    Peter Cherry, Ann Arbor, MI

    September 20th

    With the rise in water levels last week and the majority of the holding fish moving on, it has been more of a "right place - right time" week - More like June fishing than September as we wait each day to see how many fresh Salmon arrive off the tides. As the water falls, fishermen are starting to have better results. Even though most are still moving with these ideal conditions, more fish are being caught in the traditional fall pools each day with almost all fish that have been landed this week on the lower stretches of the river were fresh with Sea Lice. Yesterday was our best day so far this fall on the Main River, hooking into 7 large Salmon last evening. The conditions are better for fishing this fall now than at this time last year when we enjoyed a great last week of September and quite good October overall - as over 80% of the river's returns last season entered the system from mid-September through the end of the season. Although we had a much better June and early July this season than last, we are still hoping for a repeat of good returning numbers - with the same results this fall as last - to finish off the season. Flies of choice this week were traditional fall patterns along with #6 Red Butt Bear Hair and Undertakers.

    "Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

    Guide Garry Colford & Carroll Cherry,
    Ann Arbour, Michigan - on the Cains

    Rob Thompson, Baddeck Nova Scotia trying for his
    3rd fresh one this trip at Orr Pool, Main River

    Joe Herzog September 17th, 2015 - Main South Miramichi

    Joe Herzog September 17th 2019 - Cains River

    September 11th

    We got our water approximately a 3 ft. rise on the Main River above the mouth of the Cains and approximately a 5 ft. rise below the mouth of the Cains as the Cains River received more of the rain from the storm. Not much was happening on our stretch of river over the weekend - only rain and wind - except on Saturday when the water was starting it's rise and the holding fish started moving. The upper stretches of the Main River enjoyed some decent fishing on Monday and yesterday as the fish that were holding during the low water decided to run in places like Black Brook, Mill Brook and Big Hole. As for us, we did not fish for a few days as we did not expect much success until the water fell and started clearing up again and the fresh runs started entering the system again. The rain we received should freshen the entire system up for the fall. As the water falls we expect to enjoy our best fishing for a few days on the Cains and possibly the Renous as they both tend to rise and fall quicker than the Main River System. As of today, we landed our first fish since Friday on the Cains - one of many more to come we hope! With these conditions the traditional fall patterns will be the norm for a few days. A positive note for the week is that we got the rain we were hopeing for without any damage from the storm and this will help the Salmon finish their journey upriver. The Negative side is that the DFO removes counters during high water so there is just no way of knowing the true numbers of returning fish each season.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing" from the Miramichi.

    We got our rain!

    First salmon after the Storm

    September 4th

    As we kick off the last 6 weeks of the fishing season, it's always good to see so many familiar faces as 90% of our fishing guests who return each year during the fall have been here before. The final 6 weeks of the season normally see so many changes as the conditions change to cooler weather so the most productive pools might change daily, depending on water height. The guides and the anglers adapt the best they can with the conditions - from fly patterns to fishing locations throughout the system & tributaries. With a rise in water height from summer to the end of the season, fishermen might have the opportunity to fish in 27 Private Pools on 4 different rivers as the tributaries can fish so well in the fall. The guides enjoy fishing all the locations but would all have to say the Cains River pools are their favorites in the fall - especially Gary Colford. Daryl Tucker has a lot of good memories and large fish stories of the Renous, so it's quite easy to send him off in that direction under right conditions and he will return with happy fishermen. With the forecast predicting rain from the hurricane as it heads North, it is still too early to know how much rain we will receive - hopefully not too much - but a good soaking might be ideal to keep the Salmon, fishermen and guides all happy for the remainder of the season. Flies of Choice this week are still Bombers and Carter Bugs but 5 Salmon were landed on a #6 Mickey Finn. The majority of the fish landed this week have been around for a while but a few more fresh ones are being spotted moving through and Jason Curtis had some good luck with guests over the past few days at Dr. Island, landing some that were fresh from the sea. As the water rises and the fall colours appear, we can expect to start having good luck using many of the traditional fall patterns like the Copper Killer, GP and Shrimp patterns.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing" from the Miramichi.

    Makato Kuchino, Toyko, Japan

    Enjoying the moment on the Cains

    Duncan Craig, London Ont, September 2nd 2017

    Duncan Craig, London Ont, September 2nd 2019

    August 29th

    Fall is in the air and with the rain we are having we should see more fresh fish moving in every day. Overall, we have had some decent fishing over the past week. Nigel Blackley and his group from England enjoyed good fishing and activities - including Nigel landing 3 on Saturday - all within a hour - using an Orange Bomber. Rose Gueulich from Pulaski NY had the best success of the lady fishermen this week, landing three - all on bombers. So many guests return on the same dates each year and it is often funny how it works out when they catch Salmon approximatelt the same size in the same pool on the same days - a year or two apart. Overall we have a good number of lady fishermen each season - many husband and wife couples or ladies retreats - band also, like our special father/son packages, our mother/daughter packages have become increasingly popular over the last couple of seasons. Its always great to see quality time spent together by families on the river.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing" from the Miramichi.

    Rose Greulich, Pulaski NY - August 26 2017

    Rose Greulich, Pulaski NY - August 26 2019

    Madeleine Légère, Moncton NB - 1st Atlantic, taken on a Bomber

    Madeleine's Mother Jackie, Moncton NB

    Andrée Losier, St. Bruno Quebec

    Marie Landry, Andrée's Mother, St. Bruno Quebec

    August 23d

    Cooler Conditions and a bit of rain overnight on Tuesday improved the fishing yesterday. With a bit of a water level rise on a couple of the tributaries and a lesser rise on the lower Main river system last night combined with the coolest overnight temperatures since June forecast over the next week, we are looking forward to some decent fishing - hopefully for the remainder of the season. A 2 foot rise of water would be great to push fish up through the system and improve fishing everywhere but with these cooler temperatures, fall fish will still enter the system and hold up in the lower stretches of the river as some of these areas are at a good height for these fall runs. The Majority of the Fish landed on the River this week have been taken on Dry flies - most on "Peach Carter bugs".

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing" from the Miramichi.

    Madeleine Légère, Moncton NB playing a nice one

    Madeline - 1st Atlantic, taken on a Bomber

    Kathy Stickney, Indianapolis Indiana, 1st Atlantic taken on a Bomber

    Lennaert Peek, Ottawa Ontario, taken on a Dry fly

    August 13th

    With cooler temperatures and a bit of rain over the weekend, fishing has improved over the last few days and we are starting to catch fish again but with Sea lice which is always a good sign. The Smith family from Foster VA started off their fishing with a bang on Sunday, with all family members landing Atlantics on their first ever morning fly fishing. Their beginners success continued yesterday as they hooked and landed many more nice ones. We were not seeing a lot of fish during the recent warm spell but are now starting to see more and more fish beginning to hold in the traditional August fishing pools. We are still having success on wet flies but Bombers are by far the fly of choice now. With the conditions over the past couple of July's having their warm days, it is hard to get a good read on the fish counts as to what they normally would have been at the end of July if the good conditions had continued being closer to the same July conditions we saw over the last couple of seasons. Here are the comparitive DFO Counts as at July 31st.

    Main Southwest Miramichi at Millerton
    2018 Salmon 91 At approx.10% Total = 910
    2018 Grilse 189 at approx.10% Total = 1,890
    Total approx. 2,800 Salmon & Grilse at July 31st 2018

    2019 Salmon 85 At approx. 10% Total = 850
    2019 Grilse 366 at approx. 10% Total = 3,660
    Total approx 4,510 Salmon & Grilse at July 31st 2019
    2019 Increase of approx. 1,710 fish over the same time period in 2018

    Nor'west Miramichi at Castles
    2018 Salmon 37 at approx. 10% Total = 370
    2018 Grilse 172 at approx. 10% Total = 1,720
    Total approx. 2,090 Salmon & Grilse at July 31st 2018

    2019 Salmon 38 at approx. 10% Total = 380
    2019 Grilse 206 at approx. 10% Total = 2,060
    Total approx. 2,440 Salmon & Grilse at July 31st 2019
    2019 Increase of approx. 350 fish over the same time period in 2018

    Although we enjoyed some great fishing in June and early July, the warmer conditions did slow fresh fish from moving in for a while but with the improved cooler conditions we now expect to see more fresh fish arriving. The River system as a whole is now low and a good rain is needed. The lower stretch of the Main River System is at a good water height for the low water pools. Traditionally, when we have a warm spell in the summer, the majority of the fish will arrive in the latter part of the season so, with two months remaining in the season, we are expecting some great days on the water.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing" from the Miramichi.

    The Smith family, Foster VA - all family members landed Atlantics

    August 7th

    We have had the Crazy, Lazy, Hazy days of summer this week on the River - Ideal for canoeing, kayaking swimming and tubing but too warm for good fishing so most people - including Camp Mascot Diesel - soaked up the sun as we took the week off for fishing guests. With cooler weather and rain in the forecast and with conditions improving daily, we are now back at it again this morning on the lower stretches of the Main River System with guests from Ottawa, Scotland and Quebec giving it a try. With the cooler temperatures and rain coming, fishing should be picking up again on the Main River however a good rain is needed for most of the system and all of the tributaries before expecting great fishing again. Most of the activity on the river this past week was hosting some of the 2019 ASCSN Fly Fishing Trip groups with students from Scotland's Tay River, East Machias Maine and the Miramichi - all getting together to know each other and gain international appreciation for the wild Atlantic Salmon. What a great idea, wonderful experience for the students and such a fantastic job done by organizers ans volunteers.

    As for the remainder of the season, hopefully most of the warm weather is now behind us and cooler weather will prevail. With improved conditions we should soon see some of those big August Salmon start moving in and holding in the lower stretches of the system. Anglers should never leave for the river now without Beach Carter Bugs, Green White Bombers, and Brown Bombers. There are seven weeks left until the October 15th season closing so probably some of the best fishing has yet to come.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing" from the Miramichi.

    Diesel too lazy to play Ball

    Great canoeing weather

    2019 ASCSN Students at the Orr Pool Miramichi

    2019 ASCSN Students fishing the Miramichi

    July 25th

    We had a couple of warm days over the weekend that made conditions better for canoeing and swimming than fishing, but still cool enough to keep the fish moving, as they continue to enter the system daily. As this week improved each day, the cold water pools were reopened again yesterday, making for some very happy fishermen along the river - especially those who depend more on their cold water fishing spots. Fishermen were picking up some fish yesterday at different locations on the Main River, Cains and Renous. All our anglers landed fish yesterday and at Black Brook they hooked 20 in the morning. The Upper stretch of the Main River and the Renous could use a good rain to freshen things up but the Cains is still in good shape due to the 40 ML of rain it received last week when other rivers received very little, if any. The pools on the Lower stretches of the Main River from Quarryville to the mouth of the Cains are still a bit high for holding fish as most fish are still moving with the good conditions this week. As August arrives and the water falls, we expect some of our better fishing will be in locations in the lower stretches of the river.

    There is not a lot of rain in the forecast until after another warm weekend but it is looking like we will need rain by then. Conditions have always played a big part of Salmon fishing but over the past few years - with water rising and falling so quickly - due mostly to poor forestry practices - it seems conditions have become even more important than ever in how the fishing will be - so rain is never a bad thing when it comes to summer fishing.

    Guests from around the world visit us almost daily from April 15th to Oct 15th and each season we meet so many interesting people from all walks of life. They tell different stories, different paths taken and different reasons as to why they have traveled from around the world to fish for what the great baseball player Ted Williams called "The Greatest Game fish of them All - the Wild Atlantic Salmon". After 20 years in business and 40 years working with traveling fishermen, it never ceases to amaze us how important the Atlantic Salmon and the Miramichi River are to some people. Whether it’s the 50 year returning fishing veterans of the river who stand looking at the river upon returning each time - as if it’s their first visit - some being 70, 80 and 90 year olds' whose eyes have never lost that excitement to finally be back on the Miramichi once again. No matter where they are from in the world, many say it’s like coming back home, or for first timers who may have traveled by train, plane or automobile to reach us - like recent guests Eugenia and her granddaughter Analiese Walker from Memphis, TN and Jackson, Mississippi - did this week. Eugenia said growing up in Memphis she was told - at a young age - that Elvis was the King of Rock & Roll and the Miramichi River was famous for the King of the Game Fish, the Wild Atlantic Salmon. Although Eugenia did not catch a salmon on her first visit, she witnessed her granddaughter who is a hunter and an angler with a southern drawl that most southerners would die for, with more determination than most seasoned fishermen can only wish for - at the early age of 10, catch her first Atlantic Salmon on her very first day on the River. Someone once said "dreams are fulfilled and memories are made on the Miramichi".

    With conditions now quite good again and fishermen enjoying catches let’s hope the weekend’s warmer weather forecast doesn’t hang around too long. The flies of choice this Week were the Peach Carter Bug Dry and #8 Undertaker, White Tail Green Machine on the Upper river pools and on the Lower River pools , #6 and #8 Green Butt Bear Hair.

    In this coming week we are happy to be working with the MVHS Fly Fishing Club - along with others - in hosting the ASCSN 2019 Fishing trip with 21 students from Canada, the USA and Scotland participating, to enjoy the Miramichi and all it has to offer. We hope they have a great time fishing our waters and visiting the Miramichi.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing".

    Eugena Walker, Memphis TN and
    Grand Daughter Ann Walker Jackson Miss.

    Eugena Walker, Memphis TN and
    Grand Daughter Ann Walker Jackson Miss.

    2019 ASCSN Fly Fishing Trip

    Jason Andalo, West Roxbury MA
    his first Atlantic of this season

    Guide Dan Showing how it is done

    Fresh as they come

    July 17th

    Grilse, Grilse and more Grilse was the story for most of the weekend and into this week with our guests hooking over 60, many with Sea lice. There are still some nice Salmon in the system but Grilse have taken much better than Salmon this week. The counters are showing very good numbers of Grilse - as much as three times more than last year at this time. With Salmon numbers around the same, it is great to see such a good run of Grilse - fantastic for the river. A nice rise in water from a big rain - mostly on the Cains - dirtied the water and slowed fishing over the last couple of days but we are still seeing good numbers of fresh fish moving through the system. With the Full Moon and high tides, we should continue to see fresh fish entering the system.

    Sadly, the DFO is not doing much in the way of protecting the Atlantic Salmon from predators such as striped bass and poachers - having only a skeleton crew of conservation officers working the rivers (compared to the past when the Wild Atlantic Salmon species mattered to government). The long range forecast is calling for warmer weather over the weekend and it only needs to be warm a couple of days now until they close down the cold water pools as they do every year - possibly to appear looking like they are doing something - so they could probably decide to do it anytime. Although the cold water pools do not effect much of the fishing on the entire river system and closures effect only two of the 27 Private pools we have access to - cutting our number of fishable pools down to 25 from 27 during the closures - so we can still have good fishing throughout the closures, especially in the lower stretches of the river when fish are arriving fresh from the ocean off the tides.

    With so many obstacles in the way of survival of the Wild Atlantic Salmon, if the closing of some cold water pools to fly fishing is the best that DFO can do in protecting this great fish then we are all for it. We Also recommend using barbless hooks and fishing with dry flies as much as possible in warmer water so if the Salmon take a dry fly from the surface, they want it - this reduces the chance of foul hooking fish. This has been the practice of many locals for years when they fish holding pools full of Salmon. If weather conditions do not cooperate and it does warm up, let’s hope it doesn’t last too long as this is not good for the fishing or the fish. Conditions are such a big part of both fishing and fish health.

    We get many returning guests each year and love them all but a day on the Miramichi can be rewarding or disappointing - but never dull - especially when "Wild Bill" and Peter Pat are around. We do not know If Stomping Tom Connors ever fished with these two, if so he might have written another hit for his song collection and Daryl Tucker could have sang it daily - that could sound much better than the only song he knows “Give me 40 Acres”.

    With three full months remaining in the 2019 season, we are looking forward to lots more great fishing. Flies of choice: Undertaker, Cossaboom, White Tail Green Machine - Wet flies, Peach Carter bug, Green White Bombers - Dry .

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing".

    Adam Comeau, Moncton NB

    Landing a nice one.

    Malcolm Little, Fredericton NB

    Wade Flowers, Fredericton NB

    Simon Croft UK

    Wild Bill Mather, Ont & Peter Pat Graham, PEI

    July 11th

    With a couple of very warm days over the weekend that slowed fishing and held Country Haven fishless on Saturday for the first time in three weeks, it was a great relief that the warmer weather only lasted a short time. As conditions improved, so did the fishing, as fishermen continued right where they left off before the warmer weather with many of them limiting out before and after the warm spell. From early June into July the majority of fish landed were Salmon but so far this week, we have landed 30 Grilse - most taken on a #8 Cossaboom. Overall, conditions have been ideal for traveling fish with the exception of only a few warm days.

    This year - more than any year that we can recall - the fish are moving but we seldom see any jumping. On some days in the pools we have hooked into as many as a dozen and you would not think a fish was in the river until hooked. So this year, don’t get discouraged if you are not seeing fish - they are there and in good numbers as anglers who are patient are having good results. So far this summer, with the good results we have been experiencing on the Main Southwest Miramichi, we have not been spending much time on the tributaries, even though we have access to private water on most. We did decide to try one of our favorite pools on the Cains this morning with Bill Mather from Elgin Ontario landing our first Atlantic from the Cains this season and we are sure it won’t be our last as the Cains is starting to look perfect for July. Bill also kicked off our spring fishing season with the first Atlantic Salmon landed in April. Originally from Scotland but living in Ontario Canada for years, using the best of both countries' techniques for fishing. ”There's never a dull moment when Wild Bill comes to town". As we look out on the river there is a steady run of fish moving up the system. With a full moon and higher tides next week, the pools that normally fish well in July are taking shape so the fish should start holding up more. We expect to be doing much more dry fly fishing along with wet fly soon. No matter how good or how poor the fishing is, a trip to the Miramichi should always include a visit to our local fly shops and the Miramichi Atlantic Salmon Museum.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing".

    Guide MR. T doing what he does best.

    Guide Ken Vickers with another fresh one.

    Father & Son Trip - Paul Leblanc, First Atlantic

    Nigel landing one of his 22 on this trip

    Nigel Croft, Devon England

    July 3d

    With June fishing now in the books we would have to say it has been one of the best in recent years with ideal conditions for the fish. We have had some of the nicest fish landed and some of largest Salmon that fishermen ever hooked that got away - we all know that the ones lost are always the biggest (LOL) - there were some very big ones that did get lost this June! With such good conditions for moving fish that’s just what they are doing - it looks like Rocky Brook pool should soon be full if this continues.

    July has started out being fantastic as all our fishermen have landed fish on July 1st and July 2nd with high rod being Nigel Croft from England who hooked into 10 and landed 7 over his first two days - the majority being Salmon. From our location on the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi, as the water falls and during calm conditions we can see many of the fish as they travel up past the lodge. The good news as we enter July is that yesterday was one of those days! Guide Wesley Curtis from Mountain Channel also saw the most moving fish he had seen in a while. With the June fish moving up through the system and the July fish starting to hold more it should make for good fishing for both Wet and Dry fly use. Almost all of the success so far has been on wet flies #8 Undertaker, Bear Hair, snd Green Machine. A lady named Jackie - who knows who she is HA HA - also had success using a Blue Charm. It just might be the only fly she has in her tackle box but it works. On the Main River, Nor'west, Little South West and NFLD, it is all she uses - and she usually out fishes most other guests - so why change now! Everyone is quite optimistic about this season's fishing but so much will depend on the conditions of course. With the Greenland agreement signed for a lesser catch quota, this being a cycle year for good returns and with many of the older locals and Guides on the River being excited for this season - including Wesley Curtis, Pete Randal and Garry Colford (with over 100 years of guiding experience between them ) - well, that’s good enough for me! For those who were unfortunate not to get the opportunity to get on the river for the June run then you probably should think about sometime this season. If you are interested in lodging or good Guide Services, there are a number of great outfitters throughout the system that we work closely with and are happy to recommend if we cannot accommodate your dates for 2019.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing".

    Eric Paradis, St. Basile Quebec

    ASF Trip Winner Jim Knorr, Fredericton NB

    Ann Goody, Hawaii - Her First Atlantic Salmon

    Norm Goody, Hawaii - His First Atlantic Salmon

    June 27th

    After almost a month of the summer Salmon season behind us, we would have to saythat overall it’s been a good start so far. With catches reported throughout the system, most fish landed have been nice sized Salmon and Grilse runs have also started in good numbers over the past week. From what we have seen some Salmon started showing up early in June and have increased in numbers over time. Even though most of June conditions have been perfect with good numbers of fish around, it’s still never a guarantee with Atlantic Salmon catching anytime - especially in June - as most of these fish are heading for the upper stretches of the River System. So it’s usually being in the right place at the right time as they move through. When these June fish move they move even when hooked, unlike other months, where salmon will drop downriver and fight after being hooked. These June fish will sometimes take you into your backing upriver - especially when hooked in the lower stretches of the river system. Baseball great Ted Williams once said "pound for pound, there is no better fighting game fish in the world than a June Atlantic Salmon" and he would know as he fished them all. We have started to see a few more fish now holding up in traditional holding pools. All our fish hooked so far have been caught on wet flies - mostly #6 and #8 Glitter Bear, Blue Charm and Green Machine. Local fisherman Danny Steward landed two beauties in the Blackville area last evening using Bombers - a good sign the fish are starting to hold more.

    Conditions are looking good for long-range fishing. With good reports from downriver counters and with our anglers hooking into more than 20 Salmon and Grilse over the last 3 days in this section of river, good fishing should continue throughout the system as the moving fish continue heading to lodges upriver and the new ones we have been seeing continue to arrive daily. So far it's looking like a better start to the season than some of the past few years. If the weather conditions and fish continue to cooperate then we are looking forward and hoping for a fantastic July, August, September and October.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing".

    Josh Pyrik's first time Atlantic Salmon Fishing

    Brittany Smoot, Rodanthe North Carolina ( Honeymoon )

    5 year old Ivan Connors
    playing his first Atlantic

    James Messel, Ottawa. He Hooked 5.
    This was his first Salmon landed. They are fighters.

    June 15th

    The 2019 Atlantic Salmon summer season has now started on the Miramichi with the first summer Atlantic known to be landed was on May 31st in the Doaktown area. A few have been trickling in since then with some landed along the river but for us here at Country Haven, our first summer salmon was landed yesterday by John Frost from Sonderborg Denmark with his landing three on a Green Butt Bear Hair and yesterday was also the first day for seeing any really good numbers of salmon showing in the lower stretches of the River System. June Salmon are traveling and can cover many miles daily so it’s a case of being in the right place at the right time for fishermen. Conditions are perfect for June fishing. So far We are receiving good reports on numbers from down river and with improvements to the commercial fishery off Greenland, anglers are hoping for good conditions as this plays such a big part in having a successful Atlantic Salmon Season.

    "Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

    Salmon landed by John Frost, Sonderborg Denmark

    Another Salmon landed by John Frost, Sonderborg Denmark

    A nice kickoff to our 2019 summer fishing season

    May 21st

    The spring Atlantic Salmon season should normally be winding down now on the Miramichi but the Salmon are not going along with it this spring as they just keep coming and anglers continue to have some of the better results of the spring on the lower river system - landing many 40+ inch Salmon almost daily with the majority being males. There are also some nice Trout and Striped Bass in the system that some anglers are now fishing for but they are still landing more Salmon - even when targeting the other species - and there are no complaints to see so many Salmon and Grilse overall this spring! Now let's hope we get a bit more rain than the last couple of seasons so we might get to see more of these good returns throughout the summer & fall without having to wait until spring to see the true number of returnees each season. Flies of Choice are Gray Ghost for Salmon and Trout with Smelt patterns for Striped Bass.

    Througout the season we get fishermen from around the world, including many Father and Son/Daughter visits where we offer special packages. There is always a bit of competition among fishermen - especially the Father/Sons but overall - in the end - the son normally wins! It just might be that the son tries harder or the father goes easier on him or both but in the end, the son is happy, the father is happy, MOM and the wife are happy so everyone is happy! So... accolades to the Sons outfishing their Dads everytime - no matter the age! It also makes for great quality time spent together - especially for those who only get together on occasions due to distance. For more information on Father and Son/Daughter packages visit flyfishingatlanticsalmon.com/packages.html

    Anglers will continue to fish for Trout and Striped bass into June and probably continue catching some Spring Salmon but the majority of Atlantic Salmon fishermen will now start getting ready for the first runs of the Wild Summer Salmon - fresh from the sea - that should start arriving soon.

    Now is a good time to check and change over equipment for summer fishing. If planning to visit us this summer or fall, we have a good selection of equipment and flies for your use while here if you are interested in having your own or upgrading. The Miramichi area has a great selection of shops that can help with all your needs. With the good exchange rate on foreign currency, you might be surprised at the deals you can get while visiting Canada. We also work closely with and offer special discounts through dealers from around the world who know our business and what is required to land the Wild Atlantic Salmon, so feel free to contact us about dealers in your area that we might be working with. Local Miramichi area dealers who are a "must" to visit while on the Miramichi are Curtis Miramichi Outfitters (1-506-843-2481), W. W. Doak (1-506-365-7828) or Trout Brook Fly Shop (1-506-622-0676).

    "Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

    Art Mesher, Waterloo Ont

    Lenny Parrnelli, Raleigh NC

    Tony Spratt, Chelsea UK

    Mike Legere. New Durham NH

    Howard Brown, Reno Navada

    Scott Trefny, Lititz PA

    Nathan & Sarah - her first Atlantic - Waterloo Ont

    Father & Son Paul & Darren Carlton,NH & Florida

    May 11th

    After another week of spring fishing we are starting to think that we might be catching spring Salmon into June as during the first couple of weeks the the majority of fish landed were ones that were holding in the lower stretches on the Main river and the Cains. With so much snow melt running down from the woods, the water temperatures never rose above 48F and this season - no matter when the ice went out or how warm the weather gets - the water temperatures need to be over 50F before the fish start travelling. It may be hard to believe but since opening day until yesterday, May 10th was the first day we started to see any good numbers of jumping or rolling Salmon which suggests that they are finally moving. Our lodge landed over 100 Salmon and Grilse on some days and so far, this spring, have landed over 1,000. This is the latest ever in the season before we started seeing many moving Salmon in this location of the river. Salmon and Grilse are still being caught far up into the river System with the best fishing close to shore.

    This past week started out slow over the weekend with fishermen only landing an average of 1-3 per day but things improved as the week progressed - especially for the casters - and the better the caster, the better the results as casting seemed, by far, to be the best method for hooking fish this week. Jim Zein from CT managed to land 23 casting in his 6 day stay with us and Tony Spratt from London has been on fire since arriving, he started fishing Wednesday and hooked close to 20 casting using a Small Black Ghost. We would have to say that the star of the week would have to be Bill Robbing from Bidderford Maine - not because of the amount of fish he landed (he did manage to land 6 beauties and lost many more in 4 days by Fishing long line) but as an 86 year old, driving himself from Maine with a positive attitude that some younger anglers will never be blessed with even if they live to be 100. Bill lit up the Salmon, the River and the Lodge for 4 days even though he was a "first timer" finally fulfilling his dream! His only regret is that he did not visit earlier in life but his new dream is hoping to return for another 10 years.

    A spring season would never be the same without long-time returnee Burt Williams - a classy older gentleman from Bristol NH who normally out-fishes the younger fellows - always saving his best for the last afternoon each year. We love having each and every guest but these older gentlemen are in a league of their own when it comes to determination, respect and appreciation of life and everything that comes with it.

    Although we do not expect too many more days of anglers limiting out at 10 daily this spring, with the good number of fish still throughout the system, we do expect to have some more good days of Salmon, Trout and Striped Bass fishing for the remainder of the Spring fishing season.

    "Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

    Lobster time for Affordable Adventures Group

    Jim Zien, West Suffield CT

    Nathan Mesher, Waterloo Ont

    Darren Carlton, Valrico Florida

    Warren Prell, Barrington RI

    Burt Williams, Bristol NH

    May 4th

    Another great week on the Miramichi for fishing and the weather as many of our guess limited out daily - good reports were being received throughout the entire river system. The majority of fish landed have been large Salmon with many in the 40"+ range. The Trout season started on May 1st with fishermen also landing some nice trout. As for flies, it seems like all types have been working but the Bunny Fly, Christmas Tree and Blue Smelt have been the flies Of choice.

    Although much can change from day-to-day with spring fishing - like rises in water, fresh smelts travelling high up into the river system or just too much hot and sunny weather however, with much luck and help from Mother Nature and the fish Gods, we are hoping for a long and productive spring season. As of now, the water height is ideal, the snowpack in the woods is good and reports from up the river are good.

    "Tight lines" from the Miramichi.

    A Nice Salmon landed by
    Bob Watermen, Sabattus Maine

    Mike Price, Weston, MA

    Glen Scott, Auburn Maine
    First ever Atlantic Salmon

    Peter Cherry, Ann Arbor Michigan

    Bill Benton, Chicago Illinois
    First ever Atlantic Salmon

    Heading back after a great day.

    Throughout every season we entertain guests from around the world, with close to 90% returning annually. Not too many spring guests fish in the summer and fall - and vice versa. The spring fishing season - like the birds - also brings hundreds of long-time-returning anglers to the Miramichi every spring - some from around the world but the majority from the New England states of the USA. Spring Fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi has been a tradition for generation after generation and continues annually. Mike Price from Weston Mass. made his first visit in 1962 - to Tom Boys fishing lodge! He was hooked and has returned every year since, - spending many years at Tom Boys then at Black Rapids Lodge and over the past 15 Years, with us here at Country Haven. Mike is just one of hundreds who have called the Miramichi River "home" in the spring for as long as they can remember. Mike has seen good times and some less than good but is very happy with his fishing results this season which is great news coming from a fellow with 55 years experience spring fishing on the Miramichi.

    April 27th

    After a slow opening of the spring season due to slow ice out, high water levels and cold weather, we finally got on the water mid-week and have enjoyed some fantastic fishing over the past 3 days. Good news is the high number of fish being landed throughout the entire Main Southwest Miramichi, as fishermen have been limiting out at 10 each per day from above Boiestown to Quarryville and everywhere in between a 40 mile stretch of the river. We never know exactly what the true numbers of returning fish each season are until spring fishing season as the previous summer runs may hold out due to warm weather and sometimes move through without being counted when counters are removed due to high water or other conditions - this is what many old timers on the river believe. When conditions are not good during the summer and fall, many fish will come into the river later, even after the counters are removed in October so in most of the 20 years of our operation on the river there have been over 1,000 Salmon and Grilse landed on some days throughout the spring season for the river system which gives fishermen a better understanding as to how many Salmon and Grilse actually entered the system . It is still too early to know for sure but so far it is looking like 2018 had a much better return than 2017 did according to the counters. The majority of fish landed have been Salmon but there also have been a good number of Grilse so far - something that makes anglers happy to see after not many grilse being reported in the 2018 season. The long-range weather forecast is now looking good and this should make for much more enjoyable conditions and fishing. Fishermen should enjoy some good salmon fishing late into May this season.
    The Trout and Striped bass fishing opens on May 1st. Flies of choice this week have been Christmas Trees and Bunny Strips.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing".

    Bill Mather, Elgin Ontario
    (First Atlantic Salmon Landed in 2019)

    Ken Roberts, Chesterfield NH
    (Ken's First Atlantic of many for the 2019 season)

    Roger Rubeor, Dover NH
    (His first Atlantic of the 2019 Season)

    Boats at Shore
    (Start of the 2019 fishing season)

    April 15th

    The 2019 Atlantic Salmon Fishing season is now open. Our Staff are ready, the food is ready, the flies are tied and the river is open but it will take another few days for it to clean up from moving ice and to get the Spring season underway. Most fishermen will be waiting for the coming weekend when the fishing and conditions should improve. With the water levels rising early, this should make for better conditions from ice and debris for later on in the spring.

    Our location on the Main Southwest Miramichi below Blackville is a great location for spring fishing as we get the opportunity to not only fish for the salmon that travel up the Main River, but also the tributaries of the Cains and Bartholemew Rivers - close to the White Rapids, Renous and Tidal Waters - good locations for Trout and Striped Bass fishing as well as holding Spring salmon extending the season longer in this location. Spring fishing is a great time to get out after a long winter and travel the River using different methods of fly fishing with the chance of landing Salmon up to 50 inches or a Trout up to 7lb and an unlimited number of striped bass every single day. We are looking forward to another great year and hope you get the opportunity to fish the Miramichi - especially for the Wild Atlantic Salmon - and get to visit us for our 20th Anniversary or follow our Reports throughout the Season.

    "Tight lines" and "Happy Fishing".

    downriver at Blackville

    Upriver Blackville, Dr. Island

    Our Team - all ready for your arrival!

    Flies all tied and awaiting your arrival!

    A photo is worth a 1,000 words...MMMM...!

    YEAR 2018 River Reports

    October 16th

    This final week was an "up and down" week starting out with decent fishing on both the Main and the Cains rivers but by mid-week we finally got the long awaited rain that we were hoping for most of the summer, making for poor conditions for two out of the last three days of the season. On the final day however, things picked up with some nice salmon landed. These past two seasons - with the rise in water - it would have probably been good to have extended seasons as it looks like better fishing conditions are now finally perfect with good numbers of fish moving in but what is to be will be - at least for the salmon - with lots of water to travel and getting up the rivers to spawn. This was another good week as large Salmon were taken on both the Main and Cains rivers and we had another great week of casting clinics. Andrew and Nancy Moy are simply the best - always helpful with everything to do with casting or equipment - helping out in every way. For anyone interested in lessons or going on any of their guided fly fishing trips around the world, visit their Fly Shop at tightlinesflyfishing.com.

    Flies of choice this week were Ally’s Shrimp, General Practitioner and Copper Killer .

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    Art Arosenstock, Pound Ridge NY
    (Fishing the Cains River)

    Paul Reithmeire, Ridgewood RI
    (Fishing the Cains River)

    U.S. Spey week group #2

    Malcom Brandon, Lillington England
    (Fishing the Main River)

    When fishing the Cains River, it is interesting to occasionally see a different look of the Cains River Salmon. Many of the Salmon have what we call the "Cains River Look" to them as some can be very dark whether they have been in the river a long time or not. Some may still have sea lice meaning they came in from salt water within a few days even though they do not look like it.

    Here are photos of two Cains Salmon, landed in the same pool on the same day - One male the other female - but what a difference in colour! Both proved to be great fighters for these first-time Atlantic Salmon fishermen from New York city.

    Michale SIlfen, Bronx NY

    Robert Glass, White Planes NY

    A few more photos from the last couple of weeks of the season

    Ashley Hallihan Canoeing trip on the Cains river

    Richard Ostrowski

    Duncan Graigie, London Ont
    Last Salmon landed in the 2018 season.

    Our Most productive pool overall this fall.

    Our most productive Dry Fly pool this fall.

    Guide Tyler with a real fall beauty

    After this season, all we can say is "Thanks"! "Thanks" to so many returning and new Guests! "Thanks" to our wonderful Guides and Staff and "Thanks" to everyone who helped out in any way in making this season as successful as it could be considering the conditions we had to contend with for much of the season. In the last 18 years this was, by far, our most challenging season with such unpredictable weather conditions starting in Spring with late ice out, then receiving our entire season's rain in April and May which resulted in higher-than-normal water conditions all spring. The guides who are, by far, 2nd-to-none on the river, did everything possible to provide guests with a successful trip, even if conditions were not in their favour so overall we ended up with a much better-than-expected spring season with good fish numbers landed.
    June started out with a "bang" with good conditions and some nice Salmon landed on the River early. Some people compared the start to the great season of 2011 but by mid-July, we started having our hottest weather on record which continued for much of the summer, breaking records for Eastern Canada and the State of Maine. It was not until later into August that we started enjoying cooler weather and improved fishing - but never any amount of rain to speak of until the very last week of the season. With the hot weather, many of the July and August runs just did not come in as they normally do and when conditions did improve a bit in September, they arrived fast and in good numbers, making for some decent fishing in September and October, with fresh fish still arriving on the closing day of the season. Many people believe - especially in this year’s conditions - that Salmon continue to arrive into the river long after the season is finished when the counters are removed. On a positive note, there was a good run of large salmon this season - good for the fishermen but unfortunately lower catches of Grilse and Parr may not be so good in the long term for the river. Even though the season could have been so much better with improved conditions it actually turned out much better than we expected it might have way back in August. We feel we have some of the best water for every condition on the system. We have some of the best guides and staff anywhere, but still would not be successful without so many wonderful guests each season. From all of us here at Country Haven, "Thanks" again for another successful season on the Miramichi we so look forward to seeing you all again in 2019.

    October 7th

    This Week was the first of our two USA "Spey Weeks" hosted by tightlinesflyfishing.com. This annual event is always a great time with the fishing, friends and daily clinics. Over this past week, the better fishing was still in the lower stretches of the Main River but with a small bump in water levels, we started catching Salmon again in the Upper Blackville area. It was good to see the fish moving up again which should make for better fishing further up the river and much better for us to now have more fishable water throughout the system. With the bump in water we also enjoyed seeing and having better results further up the Cains - making for wilderness experiences as well as daily wildlife sightings. With only one week remaining in the current season we are looking forward to another good fall week on the water. Flies of choice varied a bit more this week as everyone was trying the Kinner Mony Killer, with good results along with slightly larger traditional summer and fall flies. Fish were landed on a number of different flies.

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    Scott Noyes, New Vernon NJ
    ( Upper Blackville )

    Doc Baker, Outer Banks NC
    Sharing pool with a Moose

    Nancy Moy, Towaco NJ

    Andrew Moy, Towaco NJ
    Fishing the Orr Pool

    Paul Reithmeire, Ringwood NJ
    Fishing the Upper Blackville pool
    Diane Baker, Outer Banks NC
    Catching grilse on the Cains

    October 1st

    This was another week of having only a select number of our pools producing due to the lower water but if fishing the Miramichi means using these locations, we are by far located in the better stretchs of the system to pick up some fish as they tend to keep holding up in the lower stretchs of the system. As the days go by, more and more fish are starting to hold with better daily count numbers going through the Millerton counters. Some very big fish are in the system this season but again, this week is not looking like there are many grilse in the system. .This week we saw some real beauties landed in the Orr Pool, Gray Rapids, Black Rapids and White Rapids stretch of the river but everyone would love to have a bump in water levels to finish off the season. We have access to a good selection of fishing water upriver, on the Renous and especially the Cains River and the Guides are watching the weather daily and trying all there favourite fall patterns like the Mickey Finn, General Practitioner, Ally's Shrimp and Copper Killer. Even with the good luck they are having on the lower stretches of the river system, it is still disappointing to know that they would probably double their fish catches if they had better water conditions on the tributaries. For people booking October trips to upriver lodges, the fish are coming in daily now. Most are holding but some are still moving through the off tides and during the nights so all we need is a bit more water rise and the upriver lodges could enjoy some of the best fishing this season - especially as many of the larger salmon will probably be on the move upriver. We continue to still have the best luck using the traditional summer flies most of the time but Steven Cuthbert from England landed 10 salmon and 1 grilse on his Kinner Mony Killer a UK fly. This past week our fishing guests enjoyed some great casting instructions by Certified Casting Instructors Bryan Martin and Brian Warrington . devonflyfishing.co.uk

    Every week seems a little different and always fun and with so many returning guests, always some great Celebrations for events like "Employee of the year voting" and "Guest Birthdays". This week, Charlie Rawlings from the UK and Charlie Mosher celebrated their birthday fishing. When Charlie Mosher, from New Mexico, visited with us for the first time to celebrate his 80th birthday, he landed his first Atlantic and has since returned for 9 consecutive seasons to celebrate - always trying to catch a bigger one each season of course. Charlie, we look forward to your 90th next season..

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    Garth Jones, UK

    Bryan Warrington, Hyde, England

    Casting Instructor Bryan Martin, Devon, UK

    Robin Buck, Stamford, UK
    First Atlantic Salmon

    UK Spey week Group

    Charlie Mosher, Albuquerque NM
    and Charlie Rawlings, UK

    September 24th

    Love the fall fly fishing and the number of returning guests to the river each season. With the cooler weather and a bit of a bump in water levels, fishing for this coming week should improve. Once again this past week we saw the best fishing on the lower stretches of the Main River System with some nice Salmon in the estuary. At Country Haven we offer a number of activities that all guests can enjoy but with the abundance of Private water, we specialize in Fly Fishing for Wild Atlantic Salmon and offer a number of packages ranging from "single fishermen self-catering cottages" to "All-Inclusive Corporate events including flights and airport Shuttle service". This past week we enjoyed a great week of music & fishing as we welcomed the USA "Fishing Musicians" - what a great bunch with so much travel from different locations every year. We are just so lucky to have so much musical talent on the Miramichi. Flies of choice this week were #8 Undertakers, and Bear Hairs - wet, Peach Carter Bugs, and White & Green Bombers - dry. This coming Week we will be hosting our annual UK Spey week with the majority of the anglers from the UK including many returnee’s - always a good time had by all. .

    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    USA Fishing Musicians

    Cains River fishing

    Andrew Done, Leysin Switzerland

    Roger Lailey, Newburg England

    September 16th

    September is a month when we can normally expect some good runs of Atlantic salmon but with the conditions we have been experiencing much of the summer, they are arriving but not in large numbers as normal and they are only holding up in the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi River system, so I guess we are lucky to have some good holding pools in this stretch of river. As the fall arrives, conditions should improve along with the fishing. Flies of Choice are still the small summer patterns such as Undertakers, Bear Hairs and, as always, Bombers.

    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    Doug Schlink, Anglers Adventures

    Tranquil moments fishing..

    Ian Cavanagh, NS

    John Clark, NJ

    Bomber on the Cains

    Photo of the River, Orr Pool

    September 9th

    We had another tough spell for fishing with not many fresh fish moving in due to warmer water temperatures once again. The pools that were full of fish produced very well after the last rain but slowed again daily until now. With the cooler weather we started receiving this week, fishing has now turned on "big time" as the holding fish are taking again so more and more of the fall runs are now arriving every day. The water is now cool and is still at a good height on the lower stretches of the Main River system and the forecast saying that rain will be coming for Tuesday should make conditions ideal for the rest of the river system and the tributaries like the Cains, for the remainder of the fishing season. Flies of choice are still Bombers for dry and #10 Bumble Bee for wet fishing. If the forecast remains as predicted, there will be a lot of happy guides and anglers on the river.

    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    Kyle Brown, Bedford NS
    with guide Tyler

    Chris Blanes, France

    Salmon Fresh from the Sea

    Chris Purcell, Middleton NJ

    Robert Hay, St. Catharines Ont.
    with Gary Colford on the Cains

    Bill Mather, Elgin Ont. on the Cains
    with Guide "Mr. T" and fish

    August 26th

    With a bump in water levels along with cooler temperatures, all of our guests landed fish this week with some of them limiting out. Some very nice fish were landed and most of them were holding fish that started moving after the cooler temperatures. There were a few fresh fish with sea lice landed on the river so we should see many more arrivals with the full moon approaching and resulting high tides. It’s always special to have beginners land Salmon on their first try. Honeymooners Christian & Cailey Desforges from Ottawa landed 2 each on their very first morning. They say Salmon fishing trips just might become Anniversary gifts to each other in coming years. Although anglers hooked over 50 Salmon and Grilse this past week, almost all were landed on wet flies until yesterday. With the water again falling and warming a bit, Brown & White Bombers and Peach Carter bugs were the flies of choice yesterday.

    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    Cailey Desforges, Ottawa
    First Atlantic Salmon

    Christian Desforges, Ottawa
    First Altantic Salmon

    John Mccarthy
    Springfield Mass

    Scott Trefny Lititz, PA
    First Atlantic Salmon

    August 19th

    Wow! What a great morning to be on the Miramichi! Lots of water, great water temperatures and lots of moving fish that were holding in the cold water pools. With these conditions we should also start seeing some fresh new arrivals over the next few days - these are the best looking conditions since June!

    Some of the cold water holding pools were holding thousands of fish and we expect some are heading for the upper stretches on the Main River and many of the Black Brook fish are probably heading for the Cains so we should expect the best fishing upriver over the next few days before seeing any great numbers of fresh arrivals - probably by mid to late next week - if improved conditions continue.

    Each season we enjoy receiving many guests from around the world, some with and some without Fly Fishing experience, but with the world-class guide service we provide our guests, those without experience will always feel they have received the best instruction and experience possible during their stay with us. We take pride in teaching beginners - what with our large facilities and abundance of private fishing waters - however we also accommodate large Corporate events as well. Our guides still enjoy the thrill of every fish landed as if it was their very first, especially with kids. I can tell the difference on the guides' faces when returning from the river whether they have had success or not. We feel so blessed to have so many fine guides working for us, along with so many wonderful guests who return to the Miramichi each season - generation after generation - and there is nothing nicer to see than Fathers, Sons and Grandfathers enjoying each other's experience - together! The conditions are improving and hopefully will result in a busy and successful remainder of the season for everyone who visits the Miramichi area. Talking about tradition... a trip to visit us by automobile through the State of Maine should always include a stop at L.L. Bean's in Freeport, also a stop in Doaktown at the famous Doaks Fly Shop. In Blackville you can visit Curtis Miramichi Outfitters where you can have a chat with two of the sweetest Ladies on the River, Norma & Cathy. Cathy ties some of the best Bombers on the River and can also arrange for a private casting lesson with Certified Instructor, Brock. A trip to the Miramichi should always include a visit to Syd's Matchett Fly Shop in Trout Brook for a good tackle selection and great stories.

    Finally - Great News - DFO has decided that with these ideal conditions they will open up the cold water places they had closed earlier during the warm water time so now all of the Miramichi River System is back to normal for fishing through the rest of the season until closing on October 15th.

    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    Father, Son & Grandson - 3 generations
    Doug, Paul & Sam Eisner

    Daryll Southwick, Colorado
    Daryll's First Atlantic

    Cains river up 2 ft. high & rising

    Cains River Cottage

    August 12th

    Heat Wave... Heat Wave... Heat Wave!!! That makes it so nice for swimming, tubing or canoeing/Kayaking but has not been good enough for fishing over the last few weeks. We live in Canada and normally experience only a few overly hot days each year so three weeks of it has been enough! Overall, with the warm conditions, the fish have all seemed to be mamanaging quite well by holding up in cold places. Throughout the heatwave, we managed to get some showers on many days - which kept things better than they could have been for that long period of 90F weather. The rain we received over the weekend has freshened things up with approximately a two foot rise in water levels on all the rivers. With the higher water and cooler temperatures, the rivers are really starting to look fishable again. The D.F.O. opened up full day fishing throughout the system again and will probably be opening up the cold water places soon as conditions continue to improve. It is looking like another couple of warm days early in the week but the good news is that the future looks brighter starting Wednesday, with cooler temperatures and a bit more rain so... hopefully the rest of the July Salmon that did not enter the system yet due to warm weather should be arriving soon. We should also see many "Big August Beauties" that just love hitting those nice "Cathy Colford tied Bombers" and "Daryl Tucker special Peach Carter Bugs". We normally would have enjoyed a full season of continuous runs of fresh Salmon every day but the weather needs to cooperate better than it has been doing. One thing we do know for sure is that our best fishing this season is probably yet to come! Cooler August nights, Dry Flies, Fall runs, Fall foliage and the Cains River! Finally, after three weeks of very hot weather, listening to Daryl Tucker saying "..he can’t wait until fall fishing in White Rapids and the Renous", Gary Colford talking daily about "..the thousands of fish his guests landed over the years on the Cains" along with Ken and Jeremy Vickers debating over "which one of the new pools we picked up this season will be fishing the best in the fall", we are finally starting to get excited about the remainder of the 2018 season.

    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    Back on the water..

    Back on the water again...

    Enjoying the warm weather

    Gary on the Cains

    Gary on the Cains

    Cold water pools holding
    Thousands of Salmon

    July 19th

    There are lots of fish in the System with both Grilse & Salmon and so far, some of the largest Salmon we have seen in years moving through the system!

    When conditions are good we have had some good fishing. When conditions have been poor we have had some poor fishing. So far, we have had too much warm weather for July. The rain we received yesterday is bringing the water up a bit and has improved fishing conditions today and already this morning we have had good results reported. The next couple of days are expected to be warm ones with a much better forecast for next week - starting on Sunday - so we are hoping to finish off July with a bang! Traditionally, August has been the warmer month for New Brunswick, resulting in slower fishing at times however, within the past 10 or so seasons, that trend has been changing, as August conditions have been the better of the two months and with our ideal location on the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi, we have experienced some of the better fishing of the season during August. Many of the June and July runs head for the upper stretches of the river and sometimes move through more quickly. The August, September and October fish tend to hold up in the pools much longer - especially in the lower stretches of the System when we are experiencing low water conditions. August is also a a favoured time to be on the water for dry fly fishermen.

    With better-than-expected fishing over the past week, during less-than-the-best of conditions, anglers had success on a a wide variety of flies - from #12 Undertakers to #4 Rusty Rats. When river conditions are good, fish will take anything. When conditions are not, there isn’t anything that works well! With half of our Atlantic Salmon fishing season now over, it was better than we could have expected with the conditions we received from opening day until now. With another 3 month of fishing remaining, everyone is hoping for improving conditions as that will go a long way in helping fishermen’s success rates. If the runs are anything like what we have seen so far in June and July, combined with improved river conditions, we hope to enjoy good-to-great Atlantic Salmon Fishing for the remainder of the season.

    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    Brock Curtis, Owner of Curtis Miramichi River
    Outfitters, landing a nice one.

    Makoto Kushino, Tokyo Japan
    1st Atlantic Salmon of his 11 landed

    Guide Tyler watching for fresh Atlantics.

    Emily Rodger, Fredericton NB
    Emily's 1st Atlantic Salmon.

    July 11th

    What a difference a couple of days can make one way or another when it comes to Atlantic Salmon fishing. After a good June it only took 3 days in a heatwave with 100F temperatures to put the salmon into hiding and the D.F.O. to shut down some cold water places throughout the system. These cold water closures only effect about 10% of the fishing locations on the river and only effect one of the 27 private pools we have access to. So when conditions change for the better and the fish start moving again, luck can change quickly. This week was the best example of that we have ever seen. Without seeing almost no fish for three days, to having our best summer fishing to-date over the past five days - hooking into 40 in one pool. A bit of rain or a few degrees difference in water temperatures can sure make a big difference with Atlantics. It’s looking like the hottest weather is behind us for now as the temperatures are much better and the rain we did receive has done wonders to the fishing conditions. There is also the possibility of a good rain by Thursday due to the tropical storm heading up the coast. We do not need the storm but would like some of the rain. Traditionally, from the 2nd week on, in July is a great time to be on the Miramichi for summer fishing, as there should always be a run of fresh fish arriving and the number of fish we have seen over the past few days sure looks promising. On a positive note, we are not sure if all this has anything to do with the closure of the Greenland fisheries or not but we are seeing more huge Salmon in the system this season than we have seen in quite a while.

    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    Mr. T guiding in his favourite pool.

    Roland Lee, Memphis Tenn. with a nice one.

    Ken Vickers netting a nice one
    for guest Peter Holland, Montreal

    Guide Randal with a nice fresh one

    July 1st

    With June 2018 Salmon fishing now over, it will be described as a good one - as all June's might be, depending who you talk to. It is usually a case of being in the right place at the right time as on some days, one fisherman might limit out in a specific pool and his friend sees nothing in a different location, but when they switch locations the very next day, the lucky angler limits out once again while his friend still sees nothing - that’s June fishing! We have had large numbers of Big Salmon landed throughout the system, with a good splash of Grilse appearing later in the month. Even though June anglers landed some real beauties, they certainly would have loved to land half of the ones that they lost. There were probably more fish lost in June than any other month as they are surprisingly aggressive when you think you have them played out and ready to land. Then they are gone again - stripping line backing and whatever they can take with them! Sometimes fishermen that have landed other species - or even Atlantics at other times of the season - might not be ready for the fight of a fresh-run June Atlantic, resulting in losses. One of our older Guides - Pete Randal - would always tell the older fishermen "brace your feet, this June Salmon will play you out first and make you look like a fool as he swims away". "Pound for pound, the Atlantic Salmon is the best fighting game fish in the world" - famous words of Baseball great Ted Williams - a long-time Miramichi Fishermen.

    Each month is different and July - even though there should be good numbers of big Salmon in the system - is normally a month when we receive our largest Grilse runs. With good conditions, we normally have many more hookups than in June as Grilse can sometimes be much more aggressive than the Salmon. July is also a month where the fish start holding up more in pools instead of just travelling, like June fish do, making for much better results using Dry Flies and Bomber patterns. The 2011 fishing season was one of the best seasons on the river for a number of reasons - primarily lots of fish and great conditions. This June has started out in a similar way with fish arriving early and daily but the conditions for July on will do a lot in determining how the overall season will be unless we are unfortunate enough to have a record-breaking drought condition like 2017. “Fish need water“ so we are hoping for much better results in every way. With good conditions we can look forward to a normal season or maybe even a repeat of the banner season we had in 2011. Conditions are now perfect following the couple of feet rise in water over the weekend. We have good temperatures and good water levels. The long- range forecast is calling for a couple of hot days mid-week so let’s hope it passes quickly with lots of good July fishing to come. "Flies of Choice" have been Blue Charm, White Tail Green Machine. Undertakers, Bear Hair, Green and White, Peach and Bombers.

    This week we had the pleasure of having "Rollie the Goalie" fish with us. We all know he can stop hockey pucks and now we just need to teach him how to stop Salmon as effectively!

    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    Salmon under water

    Big Salmon - Tim Vickers

    Tyler releasing a Grilse

    Bruce Bangio, Conn (Playing a Salmon)

    "Rollie-the- Goalie" Melanson

    June 26th

    After a couple of weeks where only Big Rocky Brook Salmon moved through the system, we landed our first Grilse on Thursday with many more following since then. Although the majority of fish moving through the system are still Salmon, it appears that our normal July Grilse run might have arrived. The June Salmon are just moving through and do not show much until they are hooked but the Grilse tend to be a bit more acrobatic so we are now seeing more fish in the rivers. In June, anglers normally see better results using #6 summer patterns but over the weekend, fishermen had great results in the Upper Blackville area using the #12 Bear Hair Red Butt - a smaller-than-normal pattern for June but it caught on quickly among our guests after word got out. June fishing can change so much from day-to-day with all the running fish but over the past few days - especially with fish throughout the Main Southwest system - and with the full moon on Thursday which will generate higher tides, all this should result in even more fresh Salmon and Grilse entering the system. It's now starting to look like it will be a good-to-great June on the River. Each year The Miramichi enjoys thousands of fly fishermen from around the world - many who have returned annually for over 50 years! At Country Haven we are happy to have a number of these great older guests. We love their visits and stories - much like "fine wine improving with age". There are none much better than two fishing friends, Hal Howard and Tom Campbell from NY who started fishing the Miramichi many years ago with the late, great, guide and Jack-of-all-Trades, Amy Jardine. We have been so blessed to have had them as guests and friends for so many years.

    It was wonderful for the Miramichi to host the Atlantic Salmon Fly International (“ASFI”) event over the weekend with so many great fly tiers from around the world participating and even better, to have so many of them fish with us at Country Haven - with great success. The conditions are now ideal and with both Salmon and Grilse now in the system, everyone is looking forward to some great Fishing into July.
    "Tight Lines" from the Miramichi.

    Gary Bates, Little Meadows PA

    Peter Graham, PEI

    Nigel Croft, England

    Nigel Croft, England

    It’s time to go fishing...

    Hal Howard and Tom Campbell, NY

    June 19th

    This past week, many of the Lodges on the Miramichi opened up for the Summer runs of Wild Atlantic Salmon. June fishing can have it's struggles and it's rewards as it is so different in many ways from every other month of the season - unlike most months of the summer and fall fishing season when Salmon and Grilse hold up in pools. Most of the June runs travel up through the system, sometimes 20 Km or more in a day. Instead of fishing pools with holding fish it becomes more of "being in the right place at the right time". Anglers often need to put in more time to be rewarded than in any other month - but many fishermen say the reward is certainly worth the effort as these June fish are fighters and some of the nicest Salmon of any season and sure are "things of beauty". This season, summer Salmon started entering the system in early June and although we have not had great numbers of hook ups so far, it’s good to see them arriving early with some very nice Salmon being landed throughout many of the rivers in the System. June fishing depends so much on how many fish arrive each day and it can take a lot of guessing on a daily basis - even by the best guides. Every year is different and in some years we have experienced great June fishing (such as in 2011) which started around June 7th or 8th and continued daily through to the end of the season on Oct 15th, and in other years (such as June 2006) when the first Salmon landed was on June 21st.

    We started our summer fishing on Tuesday this year and landed our first fish just a few minutes into the season. Lawrence Howard from Sand Lane NY opened the season with a bang! With some of our anglers doing a 5 day canoeing trip in our 28 ft. canoes, they managed to see many big Salmon on every day of their journey throughout the lower stretches of the Main River system. Conditions are now perfect for June so we are hoping for many more hook ups and another great season of Salmon fishing. Flies of choice this past week have been #6 White Tail Green Machine, Blue Charm and Butterfly patterns. We are so happy to have access to 27 Private fishing pools throughout the system for our fishing guests this season. We are also looking forward to using our new Private Wilderness Cottage on the Cains River throughout the season, ideally located for fishing canoe trips or just an opportunity to relax in a wilderness paradise. www.cottagesnewbrunswick.com.

    For anyone who has not yet visited the Miramichi area, 2018 could be a very good season for fishing. Canada has some of the best fishing in the world and if that was not enough to make you visit us, the great currency exchange rates we are now enjoying makes Canada even more attractive for world travelers. At Country Haven we are proud of the our operation, guiding staff and abundance of access to private fishing water. It is well accepted that the hospitality of the Miramichi River Valley, in fact all of New Brunswick, is "2nd-to-none". Although The Miramichi is famous for it's fishing, there are lots of other things to see and do in this area. For anglers, a trip to the Miramichi should always include a visit to our local top-of-the-line fly Shops such as "Curtis Miramichi River Outfitters" in Blackville, "Doaks" in Doaktown and "Trout Brook Fly Shop" in Nor'West Miramichi.
    Tight Lines and "Welcome" to another Summer Fishing Season on the Miramichi.

    Hal Howard Canoe fishing at Dr. Island, Blackville

    Todd Adams, Nor'West Salmon

    Lawrence Howard, Sand Lane NY with fish

    Wilderness Cabin on the Cains River ( Guests Welcome)

    May 21st

    We survived Spring Fishing!
    With over twice as much rain received than a normal spring, conditions were some of the worst in history for much of the spring season. However, with some of the best guides in the world, great staff and so many wonderful annually-returning guests, it turned out so much better than anyone would have ever expected. We received so many returning guests who appreciate how good fishing can be in the spring and almost all of our first-time guests landed some Salmon. Even though the conditions made for a disappointing spring season and resulted in the first time in 17 years where the lodge landed less than 1,000 spring salmon and overall catch numbers were down, some returning guests still had "personal best" days and "personal best" largest Salmon and Trout landings. With the five big rises in water levels and some non-fishing days, this will be the first season we will not have much of an idea how many fish actually moved through the system. On a positive note for anglers, many of the fish landed were Salmon including some big ones. On the negative side, not many grilse were in the system this spring and some were smaller than usual.

    For the number of fish landed each year only a small percentage of photos are taken of guests with their fish as guides and fishermen always like to get the fish back in the water as soon as possible. However, in special situations such as "biggest fish" they have landed or especially "first Atlantic landed" it’s always nice to have that special photo online.

    Adam Toner Bedford, NS
    (First Atlantic Salmon)

    Adam Toner Bedford, NS
    (Nice Brookie)

    Ivan Toner Bedford, NS
    (First Atlantic Salmon)

    Darren Carlton, Valrico, Florida
    (First Atlantic Salmon)

    Paul Koulouris, E. Sandwich, Mass
    (First Atlantic salmon)

    Mike Kelleher, Duxbury, Mass
    (First Atlantic Salmon)

    Robert Beckerich, Rio Ranco, New Mexico
    (First Atlantic Salmon)

    With the spring Salmon season now over for another year we will now be fishing for Trout and Striped Bass only until early June when the summer runs of Wild Atlantic Salmon arrive. With the later-than-normal spring conditions, the best Striped bass fishing of the season is probably going to occur over the next few weeks as estimates suggest over a million Stripers are in the system. Those who enjoy catching Stripers on a fly will find it's a great time to be here. Although nothing compares to hooking Atlantic Salmon, there is still action using a fly rod! Many Lodges, including Country Haven, offer guided Striped Bass fishing Packages.

    Miramichi Motto "Keep a Striper, Save a Smolt“!

    When the first runs of summer Wild Atlantic Salmon do enter the system, you will discover what great fighters these fish are, with many being approximately between 17-22 Lbs. The late great basball player Ted Williams always said, "pound-for-pound, it’s the best fighting game fish in the world". With his spending over 30 years on the Miramichi and fishing many other destinations throughout the world as well, we suggest he knew a bit about fishing as well as baseball. Summer fishing season is approaching quickly and Country Haven takes pride in offering guests some of the best private water available anywhere. With access to 27 private pools for the 2018 season this is the largest quantity of private water we have ever offered with many of these waters noted for being high production pools and we have some of the best guides in the business to show our guests around. Throughout the entire season, Country Haven offers Special events and packages, including our most popular "Father and Son" package.
    For more information, visit
    cottagesnewbrunswick.com or

    Tight lines from the Miramichi .

    Father and Son Adam & Ivan Toner
    with "guest greeter" Diesel

    Nathan Mesher, Waterloo Ontario
    (nice Striped Bass)

    May 10th

    With high water continuing into May, conditions were tough early on but finally started improving as the water fell - so did the fishing! So far this spring, much of the fishing has been using sinking lines only as so far, the water has remained cold during May. Anglers are hoping that as the water falls and warms up more, they will have better luck casting using sinking tips and floating lines only. The most productive flies being used are still the larger streamers Christmas Tree, Blue Smelt and Magog Smelt. As of today, there are still not a lot of fish moving as the colder water has keep them holding close to shore throughout the entire system. With warmer weather in the forecast we are all hoping for a bit more normal conditions to finish off the Spring Season.

    Erwin (Doc) Baker, Avon NC

    11 Year old Cameron Stewart, Fairfield ME
    Cameron's First Atlantic Salmon

    Shimonae Barton, Toronto Ont
    Shimonae's First Atlantic Salmon

    Bob Weed, Portsmouth NH

    Art Mesher, Waterloo Ontario

    Mike Legere, New Durham NH

    April 29th

    Wow! ..but not for the right reasons. We had a late "ice out" with the most shore ice we have ever seen for the start of the season. During the first few days we had low and clear water with some decent fishing but throughout the river system, we have not yet had good conditions for getting boats in and out of the river due to so much ice along the shores - probably the most piled-up-ice ever experienced for the season opener. We did however get a much-needed rise of water this week which cleaned the shores off and pushed the remaining ice out of the system. So far the better fishing and least shore ice has been in the Doaktown Area. Over the past three seasons, for one reason or another, our best Spring fishing has been in May. It's now looking like it might be the same for this year. With the higher water and less than perfect conditions we are now experiencing, the heavier sink lines and bigger/brighter Streamers are producing the best. As the water falls we should expect better fishing - probably into late May this season.

    Gino DeBurra, Poland Maine

    Bill Mather, Elgin Ontario

    Reggie Pratt, Minot Maine

    Nesting Bald Eagles

    April 22nd

    Finally, after a later start than most years, we managed to get on the water Thursday with John Hoffman from Kitchner Ontario landing our first salmon of the 2018 Season. Art Mesher from Waterloo Ontario has landed the largest so far and Bill Mather managed to land 8 yesterday using a Bunny Strip fly. Overall, in the mornings, conditions have not been too bad with low water and not as dirty as expected in the afternoons with more run off.

    With beautiful weather like we are having today predicted for most of the week, the water should rise and hopefully clear out the remaining upriver ice. Although we are only getting fully started now, due to the slow ice out conditions, some fishermen in the Doaktown area have managed to get on the River since opening day and have experienced good fishing overall. We are looking forward to a good long spring season lasting late into May this year.

    Art Mesher, Waterloo Ontario
    landed the largest so far!

    John Hoffman, Kitchner Ontario
    our first Salmon of the 2018 Season

    April 1st

    With the fishing season on the Miramichi starting two weeks from today - on April the 15th - It's still too early to know what river conditions will be like for opening day. There is a lot of snow around which makes for a good runoff and there is not too much ice in the river however we will still need warmer weather or some rain to improve conditions for the season opener.

    Blackville downriver



    Upper Blackville

    YEAR 2017 River Reports

    The 2017 Atlantic Salmon season opened on April 15th and the Trout and Striped bass season opened on May 1st and the season is now over. With the high number of Large Salmon in the system and the good returns of Trout and Striped bass, we are hoping for another successful season next year! This year was another good season on the Miramichi River system.

    November 30th 2017

    Here are the final counts of Atlantic Salmon and Grilse returning to the Miramichi over the past 4 seasons. The counters represent approximately 5 to 10% of the actual number of returning fish entering the system over the years. Using the lower number of 10% to calculate, here are the estimated numbers they come up with.

    Main Southwest Miramichi
    2014 Grilse ( small salmon )   7,460
    ( large Salmon ) 5,920
    Total 13,380
    2015 Grilse ( small salmon ) 13,560
    ( large Salmon ) 5,440
    Total 18,960
    2016 Grilse ( small salmon ) 10,300
    ( large Salmon ) 7,760
    Total 18,060
    2017 Grilse ( small salmon )   9,890
    ( large Salmon ) 5,910
    Total 15,800

    Nor'west Miramichi
    2014 Grilse ( small salmon )   1,170
    ( large Salmon )   940
    Total   2,110
    2015 Grilse ( small salmon ) 13,820
    ( large Salmon ) 3,390
    Total 17,210
    2016 Grilse ( small salmon )   5,820
    ( large Salmon ) 5,900
    Total 11,180
    2017 Grilse ( small salmon )   9,400
    ( large Salmon ) 6,910
    Total 16,310

    Total Returning Numbers of Grilse & Atlantic salmon
    for the Miramichi River System

    Note: The above numbers are based on approximately 10% of the returning numbers provided by D.F.O. and can vary from year to year depening on high water and low water conditions. There have been times, over the years, when counters have been removed for periods of time due to water conditions or other factors so results can never be 100% accurate from year to year. With the conditions experienced throughout 2017, the final returns until counter removal at the end of October were better than expected. It has always been assumed among locals that new arrivals continue long after the counters are removed in most seasons and a good case for this theory is how good the spring fishing can be the following season after a low count the prior season. A good example of this was in 2014 when the D.F.O counts were one of the lowest returing counts in modern times however the spring fishing for 2015 was one of the better ones on the river. This indicated that a good number missed being counted in 2014 or else arrived into the rivers after the counters were removed in the fall. In any event, this is the system used for providing an estimated count for Salmon and Grilse to the Miramichi each year. Although not not an exacting system, it does help in knowing approximately how many fish are returning to the Miramichi each season.

    Country Haven is open yearly with fishing from April 15th to October 15th and offers guests a choice of All-Inclusive or Self-Catering packages with Private fishing throughout four rivers on the Miramichi river system. In 2018 we will again be offering Special packages and our non-expiry Gift Certificates that can be used towards anything Country Haven offers. Also new for 2018, along with our regular accommodations, we will be offering Self-Catering packages or cottage rentals in our NEW Private Wilderness Cottage (photo below) located on the river bank of the beautiful Cains river - one of the best little Trout and Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world. For more information on Gift Certificates or Cottage rentals, visit Cottages New Brunswick

    October 16th 2017

    Thomas Habib, NY

    Cameron Betts, Strong, Maine

    "Tight Lines" group

    Jeremy Vickers with a nice one..

    Roger Lailey, Newburg, England

    Andrew & Nancy Moy with Doug Slink
    from "Anglers' Adventures"

    Scott Noyes, NJ

    Art Arosenstock, Pound Ridge, NY

    Sherry Ott, Boulder, Colorado

    Mike Panio, Orleans, MA

    Paul Bazzoni, Little Compton, RI

    End of the season

    2017 will probably go down in the History books as one of the driest summers and falls on record as we experienced a drought from late June into mid-October. Even though it might not have been one of the better seasons due to these conditions, Atlantic salmon tended to stay longer in the ocean or in the lower stretches of the river, waiting for improved conditions before travelling up the rivers and tributaries. Although we have experienced much better fishing in past seasons during normal conditions, we are lucky to be located on the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi River where we have access to some excellent private low-water fishing pools and it did turn out to be the most productive stretchs of the entire river system during the 2017 season. Even though fishing could have been better, with the help of the great staff guides, pool lease owners and most of all, so many great guests, the overall success rate at Country Haven could not have been better - having over 80% of returning guests from 21 countries - all drawn to the Miramichi by the elusive Atlantic Salmon. There is so much more involved in fishing than just having great fishing each day to make for a successful fishing trip and as each year passes, we can never say enough about just how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many great people who helped to make our 18th season another successful one. When people ask what I have learned most over the years, there are always two things that come to mind; The first is that "There is not such a thing as a bad fly fishermen as they are the most wonderful people in the world"! The second thing is that no matter where you have fished in the past, how many fish you have landed or how much you know about fishing "you should always listen to the local guides".

    This past week could be considered from good-to-bad depending on who you talk to and who was lucky enough to be fishing at the time the rise in water levels moved a lot of the holding fish upriver, which made for a few good days of fishing up the river systems - including the middle Cains - but not so good for fishing until the final two days on the lower stretches of the system when new fish started moving in once again. With the conditions w had this season, we expect that much of the fall run will continue to enter the system long after the season is over.

    After each season I usually take time to reflect back on the 6 month season and so many guests with stories to tell, including too many good ones to even try to think about or to mention. For this season I would like to talk about two brothers, Bill and Zane Blanchard, from England, who have a Miramichi connection that started back in the early 1940's when their father - like many young men from the Miramichi area - went to England to fight in World war 2. Although he survived and fell in love, he never got the opportunity to return to the Miramichi area however his stories throughout the years about home and the beautiful Miramichi had such an influence on his family that his son Bill, who owns a narrow canal boat, decided to name his boat "Miramichi" even before actually visiting the area. Bill and Zane have now returned a couple of times over the years to fish and visit the place of their father's roots. Canadians spending time near the canals in England just might have an opportunity to see an unexpected familiar sight - the Miramichi City logo on a 55ft. Narrow Boat cruising the waterways in England - a great experience for everyone, especially New Brunswick'ers who might even enjoy a sail "on the Miramichi" so many miles away from home. For more information and Photos - visit This page.

    We would like to say "Thank You" once again to everyone who have helped in any way to make this another successful fishing season for us here on the Miramichi.

    October 9th 2017

    Ken Ferry, Morlten NJ

    Plenty of fishing stories...

    Andrew Moy, Towaco NJ

    Nancy Moy, Towaco NJ, - fresh from the Sea

    Canada's Picture Province

    'Fresh Fish Only' Section of the River

    With the arrival of October came some very good fishing as the beginning of the week saw our best fall fishing to date, as the rain over the weekend freshened up the holding fish along with a good number of fresh fish entering the system daily, making for a good start to the October season on the river. With Salmon in the river, rain in the forecast, beautiful fall foliage, daily casting lessons given by one of the best - Andrew Moy - and a lodge full of friendly and familiar faces, we can't think of a better way to finish off the season. Flies of choice this week were Red Francis, LT Special, Munroe Killer and still the Bear Hair Patterns.

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    October 2nd 2017

    Stephen Mulholland, Calgary Alberta
    (First Atlantic Salmon)

    Casting Instructor Bryan Martin, Devon UK

    Andrew Done, Leysin, Switzerland

    Wow! What a tough week this has been for the last week of September. Normally this would be a prime time to be on the Miramichi but with no rain to speak of for much of the season, conditions remained low for most of the river system. Anglers that were having the most success were on the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi river system or fishing in deep holding pools throughout the rest of the system. Throughout most of the week our anglers fished over holding fish with the better results on bombers between Blackville and Quarryville - closest to tidal waters as possable for fresh fish on wet flies. This week was our U.K. Spey Clinic week and was our less productive week for fish landed however all of our 16 guests hooked, fished and almost all landed fish along with receiving the great casting instuctions put on daily by Bryan Martin and Brian Warrington from the UK and this also provided some fine entertainment to celebrate my 60th Birthday! It was another very enjoyable week on the Miramichi.

    With much needed rain over the weekend, this resulted in a foot or so rise in water height and gave us our best fall fishing so far yesterday and this morning. Let's hope this continues until the season close on October 15th. . The Last week of September was our 10th season of hosting our annual U.K. Spey Week and the next 2 weeks will be our 12th season for hosting our U.S. Spey Clinics with Andrew Moy from Tightlines N.J. - they sure make casting look easy. Bombers and #8 and #10 Bear Hair are still the most productive flies.

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    September 23d 2017

    Simon Sylvestre, Montreal Quebec landing his Salmon

    Simon Sylvestre, Montreal Quebec

    David Tremblay, Montreal Quebec

    Guide Keith showing off his carving skills

    Water conditions remain low as we enter the last three weeks of the season but there still is a chance of some rain mid-week. There are quite a few fish holding in the lower stretches of the Main river system as they wait for some fresh water. If and when we do get rain, we Should expect our best fishing of the season as it will be the first major rise in water levels since early summer and this should make for great fishing on the tributaries. But until then we will count our blessings and be happy to be located on the lower stretch of the system, fishing close to the tidal water. On a positive note, in the fall, fish will move through the system anyway, even with low water conditions, as they have places to go and things to do - unlike some of the summer run fish - with some of them just entering the system now that might have entered the system in July or August if the water had been higher. Again, this week, conditions are best for smaller wet flies and Bombers with Undertakers and Bear Hair patterns still working the best.

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    September 15th 2017

    David Martin, Denver Colorado

    Nigel Blackley

    Jurgen Kritzinger, South Africa

    A Miramichi morning

    There is still one month to go in the 2017 fishing season on the Miramichi. We are all hoping it goes "out with a bang"! There are quite a few fish still showing in the lower stretches of the river with some decent fishing following the 16 inch rise in water levels earlier in the week. They say "beggars can't be choosers" and we would like to have received more of a rise in water levels but after this summer, we will take anything we get! We are still using small summer patterns - #10 Undertakers, Bear Hair and Bombers.

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    September 1st 2017

    Bomber paradise

    Duncan Craig London Ontario

    Rose Greulich, Pulaski NY

    Another successful dry fly fishermen

    There are many fish around in the lower stretches of the Main river system, with a few new arrivals entering the system on the higher tide days. With the low water conditions, the fish are holding in the deeper water pools - ideal conditions for the lower stretches of the Main river below Blackville - especially for dry fly anglers - but not as good for much of the upper river system except for the deep holding pools where fish have been holding up, such as Black Brook, Big Hole and a few others throughout the system. Every season can be different with either too much low water or too much high water - sometimes this makes it not so great for good fishing and makes it almost impossible to have good producing pools for every possible condition. However, we have worked hard at this over the years - sometimes leasing pools for years and waiting for just the right conditions for them to be successful. With the higher water conditions over the last 10 or so seasons, we often wonder if some of our low water pools would ever work out as well as they did in the '90s and early 2000's when low water conditions were the norm for quite a few seasons. Downriver Outfitters such as Black Rapids Lodge, Gray Rapids Lodge and Camp Thomas thrived on low water conditions. We have not had great fishing over the past few weeks by any means, but despite these conditions, we still managed to have access to pools with fish around and were lucky enough to consistantly catch fish throughout the entire season by making it worthwhile to continue having access to as many private pools as possible for almost every condition - good or bad.

    This coming week's forecast looks like we will be receiving a good rainfall and this is really needed for the entire river system and the tributaries. If we receive as much as forecast, it will be perfect timing to get our fall fishing season underway on the main river and it's tributaries. With the lower water we have experienced throughout the summer there should be a great splash of fresh fish entering the system when the fresh water arrives. Every guide has their favourite pools and favourite rivers to fish each season. The weather forecast for this week is sure to make the guides happy - especially Gary Colford for the Cains and Darryl Tucker for the Renous. Flies of Choice this past week were the Peach Carter Bug, Green White Bomber, #10 Undertaker and Bear Hair.

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    August 20th 2017

    Salmon at the end of the Rainbow

    Taken on a Peach Carter Bug

    Edmond Neuberger, London England, landing a big one

    James Neuberger's 1st Atlantic Salmon

    Another "On again - off again" couple of weeks of warm water bomber fishing - lots of rolls but not many hook ups and cool weather but also cool water with some nice hook ups, making every day different - depending on conditions. However... Good news: There are good numbers of holding fish including some very big salmon in the lower stretches of the river, making things interesting for the anglers. Bad News: Although we received 15 Ml. of rain over the last couple of days, much more is needed to improve fall conditions for the entire river system and tributries - such as the Cains and Renous - traditionaly great fall Salmon rivers.
    Flies of Choice have been #8 All Black Butterfly (Wet) and Peach Carter Bugs also Brown Bombers (Dry).

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    August 7th 2017

    Fishing Coughlan pool at Gray Rapids

    Cool weather again

    David Tuberfield, Ridgewood CT.

    River at Country Haven

    It has been an "On again - Off again" summer so far this season with ever-changing conditions. Many of the pools in the lower stretch of the Main river system have a good number of fish holding due to the lower water, however each day depends on conditions as to how active they will be. With the warm water conditions last week, DFO closed 21 cold water areas throughout the Miramichi water system until such time as the water cools again. This is the 2nd time this season when these areas have been closed then reopened. These closures impact only one of the 22 private pools we have access to, leaving a lot of fishing throughout the system, especially on the cool days when the fish are moving throughout the lower stretches of the river. It is now looking like this heat wave is finally behind us and conditions are improving daily. With 40 ml of rain overnight in the upper stretches of the system at Clearwater and with fall-like conditions in the long range forecast, along with a full moon and high tides tomorrow, all this should bring in another splash of fresh fish this week.

    On a more positive note... it has been years since we have had such warm low-water conditions with so many fish holding in the bay waiting for conditions to improve. We have always enjoyed some of our better fall fishing when the holding July and August fish decide to move in along with the September and October fall runs and they all enter the system at the same time. Flies of choice have been #8, #10 and #12 Summer Patterns (wet) and Peach Carter Bug (dry).

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    July 31st

    Thomas Carmody, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Tony Spratt, London, England

    Jason Andalo, West Roxbury, MA

    "Old timers" Guide Gary Colford and
    Bill Mather, Elgin, Ontario, with Camp dog"Diesel".

    The high tides this week brought in a good number of fresh fish into the system, making for quite good fishing in the lower stretch of the Main river System, especially between the Blackville and Quarryville area where they tend to hold up more with low water conditions than they do with higher water levels. As for river conditions, the Lower stretch of the river is now ideal for some of the low water pools - some of these pools get better as the water gets lower and never get too low unless it gets too warm. With the cool weather over the past week, D.F.O. reopened the cold water places and fresh fish have been moving in daily, many with Sea Lice. Some of these lower river pools can never get too low for good conditions.. pools such as the Orr pool, Mom's pool, Kelly pool, both Coughlan pools, the Funnel pool in White Rapids and the White Birch and Mountain Channel Home pools. With these water heights and if the water conditions remain on the cooler side - as it has been for the most of the past week - fishermen should expect to see a lot of fish and enjoy some success on both wet & dry flies for a while to come. A downside to these good expectations is that the water is very clear so Salmon may spook easily. With most of my fishing as a youngster being in this section of the river during low water conditions, I might be a little bit biased towards low water conditions but overall for the river system, a good rain is needed to make the fish more active and keep them moving through the upper stretches of the system and the tributaries such as the Cains.

    Every week we get anglers of all ages from around the world trying to catch Atlantic Salmon including youngsters - some having success, - some more interested in playing than fishing in the water but every now and then a special child angler will arrive who just amazes us and the adult guests in our lodge. This past week we enjoyed our youngest fly fishermen ever, fully equipped in L.L. Bean equipment. At the young age of 5, Thomas Carmody from Cedar Rapids Iowa is obviously a boy wonder when it comes to fishing. His grown-up attitude, his casting and love for fly fishing (although he will need to catch his first Atlantic on a return visit) and his excitement of landing smaller species and the fishing stories told on returning to the lodge may never be matched by any older angler. It is simply great to see kids this young with so much enthusiasm and passion for fly fishing.

    Flies of choice this week: Peach Carter Bug and Bombers (dry), #10 Brown bugs, Blue Charm and Christmas trees (wet).

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    July 15th

    Wild Canadian Moose crossing the river

    Enjoying their guided tour

    Off on a canoeing adventure

    Green Bomber

    July started out very promising, with good numbers of both Salmon and Grilse entering the system and even better numbers arriving over the weekend of the 8-9th. However, along with the fish came the first major heat wave of 2017, warming the water and making it one of the rivers' less productive July weeks in a while. With Atlantic Salmon fishing you need Salmon, good water temperatures and a lot of luck. So far, this July, there has not been an overabundance of these three.

    Having the selection of pools throughout the river system and it's tributaries that we offer to our guests, we are always confident that we can at least find a few pools producing at the same time, but the past week has turned out to be a much better week for canoeing, side by side, Bear, Moose and Whale watching tours than fishing but, as is always the case, with a bit of rain or change in conditions all this can sometimes change overnight. The water height is becoming a bit low for upriver and the tributaries but just starting to shape up well for all our lower water pools on the lower stretch of the river below the mouth of the Cain's down to tidal waters. In this stretch of river we never complain about low water, only warm water. We are looking forward to cooler temperatures to finish off July. Flies of choice this week: Green/Brown/White Tail Bombers, Peach Carter Bugs, dry and #10 Blue Charms, wet.

    With today being July 15th it is exactly half way through the fishing season. The past three months could have been better but overall we would have to say it was a good first half of the season with so many large Salmon, Striped Bass and Brookies landed in the spring and some good-to-average days over the past 6 weeks of summer but fishing every day on the water along with many wonderful guests from around the world is always a success. Normally, mid-July into early September, is prime time for dry fly fishing on the Miramichi and the guides' favorite season - fall fishing - is just around the corner, so we are looking forward to a great last half to the 2017 fishing season.

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    July 1st

    Taurus Group, Boston MA
    arriving to fish the Miramichi

    Hal Thompson, Calgary Alberta
    a long way from his Bow River now

    Adan Johnson, Boston MA
    first Atlantic Salmon

    Heather McQuay, Boulder Colorado
    Perfect Location

    Another June is in the history books! It was not as good as some but better than others as a good number of Salmon and even a few Grilse entered the system. June is known more for Salmon runs and July - even though it also has some nice Salmon - normally has many more returning Grilse than in June. The water level is at a great height for the Main river system and a bit on the low side for some of the tributaries however, with good water temperatures, fish will travel up the tributaries in any event, especially the early rivers like the Dungarvon and the Renous. With the full moon and high tides occurring over the coming weekend of July 9th this season, we should expect good fishing after that. So much depends on conditions but if they are decent then there should be a good splash of fresh fish entering the system at that time. We have been disappointed during July in some past years when we had a a river full of fish, but poor conditions turned them off so we are hoping for the best this season. Flies of Choice lately have been the #8 Blue charm, Green Butt bear Hair and the Cosseboom.

    Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    June 15th

    Canoeing the Miramichi

    Bob Bowser, Nor'west Miramichi Salmon

    Wendy Smith, Australia
    (First morning on the Miramichi)

    Main Sou'west Miramichi Salmon

    It's Official! Our 2017 Summer season is underway on the Miramichi after approximately three weeks since the spring Salmon season ended. After fishing for Striped bass and Trout along with some canoeing trips, it is nice to see the summer runs entering the system and anglers starting to hook up again. Although there are still not too many fishermen on the water, the ones that have been fishing started picking up a few Salmon earlier last week on The Nor'west and this week on the Main River and Renous. Although no great numbers are being recorded yet, these salmon - pound for pound - are some of the freshest and best fighters of the season. June is a month to be in the "right place at the right time" as the fish are travelling - sometimes up to 20 miles a day - the tides play a big part in this of course.

    In the pools, the guides decide where to fish each day, sometimes moving from pool-to-pool upriver as the runs move through and sometimes fishing over the same Salmon off the morning tide in Quarryville or White Rapids to Upper Blackville or Blissfield in the evening. One thing about Atlantic Salmon is that no one ever said catching them would be easy, so it is great to have our fishermen guided by some of the best guides on the river who are always ready for the challenge of doing "whatever it takes" to catch Atlantic Salmon. Flies of choice have been the #6 Blue Charm, White Tail Green Machine and the Cosseboom. With perfect conditions now here for the June runs we should expect some good fishing throughout June and July but, once again, it always depends on the conditions and a lot of co-operation from the Salmon.

    Tight Lines and all the best of luck to everyone who fishes somewhere this season - especially for the wild Atlantic Salmon.

    May 22nd

    Priscilla Ellis, Alberton PEI

    Celia McDermont, Moncton NB,

    Landed by Dana

    Landed by Art Mesher, Waterloo Ont

    The spring Atlantic Salmon season is now over for another year and now anglers will turn all their attention to Trout or Striped Bass fishing until the early runs of Bright's start arriving in early June. The 2017 spring season was quite different from what we have experienced in recent years - not because of a lack of fish, as fishermen landed some of the largest spring Salmon ever throughout the season and a good number overall - but the weather and water conditions were the worst in 17 years. The most consistent fishing was in May as the water fell and cleared up. On some days, anglers fished for, - and landed - Salmon, Trout and Striped bass all in a single 3 day period. The overall numbers landed were a ratio of 10 Salmon to every Grilse - a contrast to the exact opposite (1 Salmon to 10 Grilse) only five springs ago. We are not sure what this means for the river but with bigger fish landed, it was good for the fishermen. Overall, there were not as many fish landed for the spring as in most years, the grilse are more aggressive and take a fly easier, so numbers were down overall.

    This has been the first spring Salmon season in 17 years where we did not land over 1,000 Salmon and Grilse but it was still quite a successful season considering the conditions for much of the time. The most successful fly was the Christmas Tree. The most successful angler for the spring was Art Mesher. Them most successful shortest trip was Carl Soderland's with 23 Salmon and 1 Grilse over three days. Largest spring Salmon? Kevin Holmes beautiful 48 inch'er.
    With the Salmon fishing over for a couple of weeks, the Trout and Striped Bass fishing is now at it's best and this should continue for a while, with both dark Trout moving out of the rivers and fresh Sea run coming in. With close to 1 million Stripers in the lower stretches of the System there is still some good fly fishing to be had even if it's not for Salmon.

    Gino DeBurra, Auburn Maine

    Gino DeBurra, Auburn Maine

    Bob Weed, Portsmouth NH

    Tyler Coughlan

    Fishing Guide Steve Burnett, Mystic CT

    Peter Cherry, Ann Abour MI

    Striped Bass

    Ralph Sorley, Orleans MA, landing a nice one

    Dave Geetter, Hartford CT
    After the end of each season, we reflect back on the year past and think of some of the experiences and the people who visit us each year. With the break between the spring and summer seasons, we sometimes do the same - there are always too many good times and great people to talk about. This is a photo of one of our most passionate fishermen, Dave Geetter from Hartford CT., who returs annually and has been returning for spring Atlantic Salmon each year for 50 years. His first visit to the Miramichi was in 1967 with his friend Mike Price at Tom Boyd's Camps in Gray Rapids. After that camp closed they continued for a number of springs at Black Rapids with George and Jean Curtis and has since been returning to Country Haven for the past 14 seasons - a total of 50 years dedicated to fishing for spring Salmon on the Miramichi. Many returning guests have tried fishing in the spring, summer and fall seasons and they all have their own preferences, with many returning annually for their favoured week of choice. Dave says he has tried many times but the first week of May is his "Miramichi week" and he's hoping that will continue for many more years to come.

    Thanks to all who visited with us this spring and we hope your visit was a memorable one. We look forward to seeing you all again next Spring. For all those who are coming to visit with us this summer and fall, we look forward to seeing you and enjoying some great times and fishing.

    Tight lines from the Miramichi.

    May 11th

    Carl Soderland, Ipswich MA

    Craig Williams, NH

    Nancy Mesher, Waterloo ON

    Nancy Mesher, Waterloo ON

    Paul Carlton, Portsmouth NH

    To date It has been a very unstable spring, weather wise. Wth quite a bit of rain, the fishing has been good-to-great on days when the water fell and poor-to-poorer on days when the water rose, and we have had a lot of both conditions so far this spring! Much of last week was quite consistent, however with all our fishing guests landing Salmon almost daily, the better fishing occurred 0n Thursday and Friday. Again, last week, many of the fish landed were Salmon as opposed to Grilse. Carl Soderland from Ipswich MA. landed 23 Salmon and 1 Grilse in 3 days of fishing - all hooked on a cast. But as luck would have it, a major rainfall arrived on Saturday so the water rose - the 4th rise this spring - making the Upper stretch of the river unfishable on Sunday & Monday. On the brighter side, with the tidal waters of the Miramichi area not being effected as much during high water conditions, some of our anglers opted for Striped Bass fishing. Even though these fishermen from the Maine and New Hampshire area were lifelong Bass fishermen, they say they had never experienced better Striper fishing in their lives. (These fellows know Stripers and the negative effects they can have on other species. Their Miramichi Striper fishing experience left them shaking their heads as to why there was not a commercial fishery where there was such an obvious abundance of Striped Bass. Fishermen - especially from the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. - all say the same thing - Stripers may be OK to fish but the Wild Atlantic Salmon is the real reason why they return annually to the Miramichi. When and if there is ever a time where no more wild Atlantic Salmon remain in Canada, which is the case in the US today, they will travel to Russia, Norway or wherever necessary to fish for them. The Atlantic Salmon is called the "King of Game Fish" for a very good reason and they would like to see our D.F.O. get "on board" to protect them more from predatory fish such as the Striped Bass}.

    By Yesterday, the water was back to a good height for Atlantic Salmon fishing so it was a successful day on the water with 11 of our 12 fishermen landing Salmon. Without any major rain in the forecast and no snow remaining in the woods, there should not be any more significant rises to speak of for the remainder of the spring season. Much of the conditions so far have helped to hold the salmon in the system, so it looks like there should be some good - even great - spring Salmon fishing remaining for quite a while yet. Even though there are different ways for catching spring Salmon, the most popular - and fun - way, is by casting from boats towards the shore using sinking tips or even sinking lines, however as the water falls and the May salmon start rising to surface more over the next couple of weeks, we will see good results using floating lines and sometimes even summer fly patterns like #4 and #6 White Tail Green Machines. When there are good numbers of fish around in lower and clear water and the weather is nice, there simply isn't a much better time to be on the River than mid-to- late May which is normally an opportunity to land the biggest Salmon of the spring or a chance at landing a record Brookie or some world class Striped Bass - all on Flies. Flies of choice this week were Magog Smelts, Salmon, Gray Ghost, Trout and Blue Smelts for the Bass.

    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    May 1st

    Glen Johnson, Dillon Colorado

    Graham Macdonald, Newmarket Ont.

    Jayson Dool, Moncton NB

    Bill Mather, Elgin Ont.

    Slow and steady was a daily challenge for good fishing with the unsettled weather so far this spring. With the colder water, the Salmon are holding steady and staying close to shore so casters were having the best results so far, unlike last spring when the water just fell slowly over a period of weeks, making for great fishing every day. This spring has been more of a challenge with good fishing on days when the water was falling and not so good on days when the water was rising, but so far, almost all of our fishermen have had good success. The ratio of Salmon-to-Grilse landed this week has been 90% Salmon with the majority being between 30 - 48 inches in length. For example, Bill Mather landed 19 Salmon and only one Grilse over his 3 day trip. This is great for fishermen who were landing big Salmon but it would be better to see more Grilse in the river system. Blue Smelt, Bunny Strip and Renous River Specials have been the most productive flies so far this spring. With these conditions our best Salmon fishing should once again be in May with the Trout season opening today and the lower stretches of the river seeing Striped Bass. A day of fishing in May might consist of a 40+ inch Atlantic Salmon, 5+ Lb. Bookie and a 20 + lb. Striper. Although Atlantic Salmon are, by far, still the most sought after species, a change in techniques and species is always fun.

    April 23d

    Young Brothers Graham & Scott MacDonald from New Market Ontario
    first Atlantic Salmon fishing trip

    Spring jumper

    Reggie Pratt, Minot Maine

    Bernard Pelech, Portsmouth NH

    April 4th

            With a very cold March, the Ice conditions were not looking great for opening day however, with warmer weather since Sunday, rain in the forecast and much warmer weather expected by mid-week, there is now more of a chance that the Ice will be gone and we will see good conditions by season opening day on April 15th. Of course, much will depend on how much rain we do get.

    It's always good to get back on the water after a long winter. We are hoping for the best!!

    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    YEAR 2016 River Reports

    The following counter numbers account for approximately 5-10% of the actual numbers of fish returning to
    the System each year so overall they show a good return of large Salmon for 2016, up to October 15th.

    Returning counts for the Main Southwest and Northwest Miramichi
    CLICK on image for larger view

    Fall 2016

    October 17th

    "Wow!" is the only way I can properly describe the wonderful fishing season we enjoyed on the Miramichi this season. From start-to-finish it was our best in every way - from having our most consistent spring season in 17 years - to more good days than bad in both June and July - to one of our best Augusts ever - and topped off by a fantastic fall with some of the largest Salmon landed in years throughout the system. The returns of big salmon to both the Main Sou'west and the Nor'west were higher than any year since 2010. Negatives to these high returns have been the lower returns of Grilse in both rivers and the high number of returning Striped Bass to the river system.

    Overall, as a lodge, we enjoyed our best fishing in 17 seasons. We are not sure if this is entirely because of the good returns or because of having more access to better fishing now than in previous years. The rate of returning guests remained steady at close to 90%. Many of our returning guests are getting on in years - with some of them having returned annually to the Miramichi since before I was born - it's always great to see each and every one of them! Throughout the season there are always so many special moments to remember where sometimes the entire lodge gets involved, such as annual Birthday celebrations for guests, to first-time Salmon landed, to the largest fish of the season etc! For me, personally, there are always too many good times to remember however a couple of my favorites this season were having 9 Year old Haley Dow from Massachusetts catch her first Atlantic Salmon during the poorest conditions of the summer and having the pleasure of guiding 93 year old Erwin Markowitz from Massachussets, with us for 3 days in October. He arrived on the Miramichi the first time in 1950 and has been returning to different lodges ever since. We are very happy he chose us for this visit - a lifetime of Miramichi Memories told to me in three days! What a great way to remember and end the Season.

    With the 2016 season now behind us, we would like to thank everyone who visited - young or old, long time returning guests and beginners - we hope your stay with us was a memorable one and you will have an opportunity to return in the future. We might be a bit biased thinking we live on the best Atlantic Salmon river in the world, as probably other guides and lodge owners from around the world might think the same. We do know, however, that we are truly blessed to have such great guides and staff and we are told daily by our guests from around the world, just how special they really are.

    Thanks again to the returning Salmon, Guests and Staff for making 2016 our best fishing Season in 17 years.

    Here are a few of my favorites photos of my favorite people from this season;

    Doug Slink, from Anglers Adventures
    A lifelong friend of the Guides
    and the river

    Tom Campbell, from Chatham NY
    a lifelong guest of the River

    93 Year old Erwin Markowitz, Worcester MA
    a lifelong guest of the River

    Tyler's first full season
    What a great addition to the Guiding staff

    Guides Gary Colford & Wesley Curtis inducted into the Guides Hall Of Fame

    October 16th

    Serge Collin, NB

    Patrick Walsh

    Mike Panieo, Orleans MA

    Chris Lloyd, England

    David Turberfield, Ct

    Ken Brenner, Maryland

    With a bump in water levels over the weekend, anglers enjoyed some very good catching right through until closing day in a number of different pools. Some of the more traditional pools on the upper Cains river started producing well and the Renous river continued to produce daily along with a number of pools on the Main River. Even though water levels were still on the low side, the Fall Salmon are going to come and move up these smaller rivers in any event. They were really moving this week on both the Cains and Renous rivers as fishermen landed fish with Sea Lice every single day far upriver. This was another week of Salmon-to-Grilse ratios in the 10-3 range, including some very large Salmon. Of all the fall weeks we have had so far, this week was more like a traditional fall week with colourful foliage, crisp mornings, lots of fish in the system and fall flies like the Allie Shrimp, GP,LT Special and Copper Killer working well. Overall, we have had a very productive fall on the River and a productive and enjoyable final week of the 2016 Season.

    Thanks again from all of us at Country Haven Miramichi

    October 9th

    Paul Bazzoni, Little Compton RI
    Cains River

    Nancy Moy, Towaco NJ
    Main River

    Andrew Moy, NJ
    Renous River

    Bob Mosher, Hingham MA
    Cains River

    Rob Widgren, Albuquerque New Mexico
    Renous River

    Jim Mclaren, Chicago Illinois
    Main River

    "You should have been here last week" is a famous saying by fishing guides around the world and it was probably said a number of times this week on the Miramichi as each day of the week, fishing became slower. With clear sunny days and low clear water, anglers landed 11 Salmon on Monday but only averaged between 3 to 6 daily for the remainder of the week, even though there were great numbers of fish in the system. On the positive side however, everyone was seeing lots of fish! We had another 30 Lb'er landed and almost all our fishermen did manage to hook into fish this week. The conditions this week saw fishermen who used the smaller fly patterns enjoy the most success - some landing salmon on #10 and #12 Undertakers. It has been another week of mainly Salmon being landed with apparently not many Grilse in the system. With the rain we are now receiving it is almost certain the season will end on a high note.

    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    October 2nd

    Landed by Gary Berenson, Wayland MA
    Main River

    Andrew Done, Leysin Switzerland
    Main River

    Brian Warrington, Manchester England
    Main River

    Doc Baker, North Carolina
    Cains River

    This year's UK Spey Clinic week was a great one with good casting lessons and a lot of nice salmon landed. Throughout the week, anglers hooked 111 and landed 70 with the majority of them being Salmon, including three 30+ Lb. fish. This week was another good week of catches in a number of different pools from all the rivers we fish. The major run of fresh fish this week was in the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi river system. Early in the week the fish were still traveling throughout the Main river system, as the water was still at a good height for running fish. Now they are starting to hold up more, with the traditional fall pools that normally hold fall fish, starting to hold more daily. Even though some nice Salmon were landed on the Cains and Renous rivers - with lots of fish in both rivers - a bump in water levels would improve catches. Andrew Done from Switzerland enjoyed his 2nd best week out of his 7 visits, landing 10 with 9 of them being Salmon. Also, Jim Long from Chicago fished 6 different pools in 3 days and landed fish in all of them. Luck or Skill or just good at taking fish? - we are not quite sure, but Jim thinks it's skill so maybe it was!

    Fish were landed on a number of flies this week with the better results being with Undertakers - anywhere from #4 through #10, depending on the pools. With two weeks remaining until the end of the season, beautiful fall foliage and pools filling up with big fall Salmon - it is looking very good for October fishing.
    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    September 26th

    Michael Wadden Kentville NS
    Renous River Salmon

    Bruce Palmer Kentville NS
    Cains River Salmon

    John Ruckno, Wilkes Barre PA
    Nor'west River Salmon

    Nick Choremi, Brooklyn NY
    Renous River Salmon

    Cains River Morning

    Dennis Landreville, Ottawa ON

    With a 3 foot rise in water levels on the Main river and a couple of feet rise on the Cains and Renous rivers, it was just what the doctor ordered to get more fresh Salmon moving into the system. Anglers started seeing more fresh fish by mid week on the Renous and the Nor'west, even though the Nor'west never received much of a rise compared to the other rivers.

    By Friday. the Main river started seeing a good number of fresh fall Salmon entering the system and over the weekend, fishermen were rewarded on all the rivers. With the rise of water in the Cains river, fishermen started having success in the upper stretches of that river as well, unlike the past couple of weeks when fishermen were only having success in a few locations. With the current conditions, people should expect some good fishing throughout much of the river systems. Throughout the season we fish the 4 major rivers almost daily and often have success in most but when anglers start catching fresh fish on the same days in all these 4 rivers, it's usually a good indication that there is a good run occurring. We tried it two days in a row over the weekend. With the rice in water levels and fall conditions, fishermen finally got the chance to have the best results so far this fall using the traditional fall patterns such as Ally's Shrimp, Mickey Finn, Tippet Shrimp and the GP. With three weeks remaining until the end of the season it's looking good for some great fall fishing.

    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    Summer 2016

    September 19th

    Roger Lailey, Newburg, England
    Nor'west Miramichi Salmon

    Alex Krotinger, Boston Ma
    Main Southwest Miramichi

    Jens Lund Adamsen, Fredericia Denmark
    Cains River Salmon

    Peter Engelhardt, Summit NJ
    Cains River Salmon

    Some warmer and dryer-than-normal weather for this time of the season has resulted in one of our less productive fall weeks on the river but anglers did manage to land fish most days throughout the system. With our having access to 22 private pools, there are times when many are producing at the same time and other times when only a few pools on different rivers are fishing well. That was how it was this week as the majority of the fish landed were from the same pools on different rivers. It's always good to have the variety of water and top guides to provide guests with the best chance possible to land Salmon. All Atlantic rivers are unique in their own way - some are famous for big Salmon, even though they might be few-and-far between, and some are famous for their big runs, even though these rivers offer a very short season. The Miramichi has a 6 month season with a chance of catching Salmon almost every day throughout the season, including the chance to catch the "fish of a lifetime" - especially on a Dry Fly. Even though there are many great Atlantic Salmon rivers throughout the world, we are told by fishermen from around the globe that it's pretty hard to beat the Eastern Canadian rivers - especially the Miramichi - when it comes to landing the "Big one" on a dry fly. This week it Was Jens Adamsen from Denmark. Even though he has landed hundreds of Atlantics throughout the Atlantic Salmon world, he always knew his best chance for landing his lifelong dream Salmon using a Bomber was on the Miramichi and he was not disappointed! Sometimes it's quantity, sometimes it's quality and sometimes it is just learning how to flyfish. Guests come and go and they all echo the same thing - "fish the Miramichi on a daily basis"! Flies of choice this week are still summer patterns of Orange or Red Butt Bear Hair, Undertakers and The Almost has been working well in evenings with holding fish using #8 and #10 Peach Carter Bugs Dry.

    Even though the water is at a good height on the lower stretches of the Main River System and the fall runs should increase daily until the end of the season, a good rain will be needed to get fishing until the end of the season on the upper stretches of the Cains & Renous rivers as it should be.

    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    September 8th

    Daniel MacDonald, Monique, PEI

    Erik Van Den Berg, Rosmalen, Netherlands

    Rene Van Bergen, Netherlands

    Waiting for a Bomber

    It was another interesting week on the Miramichi as fishing remained quite consistent over the weekend and early into the week. Over the past couple of days, however, warmer weather has been moving in and will probably slow fishing a bit until there is a cooling trend. The weather prediction is calling for 30 ml. of rain over this weekend and that should be just about the perfect amount of precipitation - if it happens. The long range forecast is looking good and a full moon on the 17th is occurring at an ideal time to start bringing in the big runs of fall Salmon. Flies of Choice this week have been #10 Undertakers, Orange Butt Bear Hair and wet flies, Peach Carter Bug and Brown White With Orange Hackle Bombers.

    The best news on the River this week has been that the new Minister of Fisheries, Dominic LeBlanc, is making changes for the improvement of the Striped Bass season. Everyone is hoping for more positive decisions by the start of the 2017 Season. The Miramichi, one of the best Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world, is seeing returning Striped Bass outnumbering returning Atlantic Salmon by a 10 to 1 ratio. These numbers suggest that it should not be a big decision to relax the restrictions on fishing for Striped Bass. Fly fishermen have been doing their part for Atlantic Salmon Conservation in every way possible. Everyone knows that the Atlantic Salmon has many predators so let's hope these improvements will be only one of many steps in the right direction as to whom should be the leader in making decisions for the protection of all fish species, including the wild Atlantic Salmon - an important segment of the East Coast economy - valued at approximately $255 million annually.

    On October 1st there will be a ceremony at the Atlantic Salmon Museum www.atlanticsalmonmuseum.com to induct long-time river guides Marty Stewart, Wesley Curtis and our very own Country Haven Guide Gary Colford, into the Guides Hall of Fame. I do not know Marty personally but being friends and neighbors with Wesley for over 30 years and having had the pleasure of Gary being on our guiding staff for the past 9 seasons, I cannot think of anyone more deserving to be in the Guides Hall of Fame, than these fellows.
    - Good Luck and Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    September 1st

    David Paciobio, Ottawa ON

    Pam Paciobio, Ottawa ON

    Emily Champagne, Markham ON

    Michael Kovacevic, Georgetown ON

    With August in the books for another season, one wishes some of the fishing in June and July could have been as good as most of August has been. With Atlantic Salmon fishing, so much depends on conditions and the majority of the time - if there are fish in the system and the conditions are good - fishermen can be rewarded every month of the fishing season. Over the years, some of our best fishing has come in the month of August and this August was no exception as there was a good mix of both holding and fresh fish throughout the system.

    As of now, conditions remain steady as we head into fall when we can expect some fresh runs of those big hookbill salmon - from now through the end of the season on Oct the 15th. Right now conditions are great for much of the main river system and should be remain that way until the end of the season if we don't receive much rain. The tributaries of the Renous and Cains rivers are good for a while yet but will need at least one good rise in water levels to ensure the traditionally good fall fishing these tributaries are famous for.

    Up until now, anglers have been having better results on traditional summer fly patterns like the Bomber, Green Machine, Bear Hair and Undertaker, and that will continue into September but, after the next rise in water levels, the traditional fall patterns such as the Shrimp, GP, LT Special and Copper Killer, to name a few, will be in high demand until the end of the season.

    Throughout most weeks of the season we catch some big fish, some small fish, sometimes they get photos, sometimes they don't, but for the guides, the best reward of all is seeing the faces of those who catch their very first Atlantic Salmon on a fly rod. The 4 photos above are all of first timers on their first morning fishing for Atlantic Salmon.

    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    August 26th

    Cains River Salmon

    Another Cains River Salmon

    Main River Salmon,
    Shya Kane, Milford NJ

    Main River Salmon,
    Shya Kane, Milford NJ

    This has been another good week of August fishing as fishing has been quite consistent throughout the entire river system over the past couple of weeks. The Renous can be a very productive river under the right conditions, especially in July, September and October but has been very good since the rise in water levels which happened in early August. With the good water height in the smaller tributaries, not only has the fishing been good in the lower stretches of the Cains - as it usually is in August - but anglers have started catching and seeing Salmon in greater numbers much further upriver this year. So... if good conditions continue and the fish continue to arrive as they are doing then we could expect some good fall fishing throughout much of the river system for the remainder of the season. Flies of Choice this week have been (wet flies) the White Tail Green Machine and (dry flies) Brown Orange Bombers and Peach Carter Bugs.
    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    August 17th

    Patric Thebeu, Moncton NB
    First Atlantic

    Early Morning Miramichi

    One of our favorite fishermen

    We like it when they're rolling

    With two months remaining until the end of the 2016 fishing season, it is really exciting to be part of the family of fly fishermen challenging the wild Atlantic Salmon. In the time remaining, a lot of good and bad can happen but, to date, everyone should be happy with the season and returns so far! This Spring season was the most consistent in 17 years and June and July had some of the better numbers of fish returning to the river in quite a while! The annual "bump in the road" we seem to get, where warm water conditions occur, is behind us, hopefully for another season! With a 3 foot rise in water levels and all the cold water brooks reopened, fish are now moving throughout the system - what more could a Miramichi River Guide ask for! With this rise in water levels, the majority of the holding fish started moving on Sunday evening, making for some very good fishing on the Lower Cains and the Main river Systems. Normally, with these rises in water after a period of hot dry weather, fishing can be fantastic as these fish move through the system . There is normally a lull of a couple of days between the holding fish moving out and the fresh runs moving into the system so anglers in the upper stretches of the river should expect some good fishing heading into the weekend and fishermen should start to see more fresh August fish entering the lower stretches of the system by the weekend as well. One thing we do know is that the Miramichi River is only one of a few river systems in the world that receive such an abundance of fish in a fall salmon run and it's always good to be part of it! Every day throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons we are reminded that we are blessed to have such a group of quality guides giving a 100% effort at catching fish as they travel throughout the river system. We do know that our guides enjoy guiding in the fall season best of all. It also helps to have access to 22 private pools throughout the system, including five on the Cains river which is, beyond a doubt, the best little Atlantic Salmon River in the world for fall fishing.

    We are often asked how the fish counter systems actually work. It can be quite confusing if not explained well as the counters only tally a percentage of the actual number of fish entering the river systems. Below is a report by fly fishermen Brad Burns from his Blog, on how they come up with the returning number of fish, with the returns this season - up until July 15th on the Main Southwest Miramichi river.

    The 2016 season so far and the coming fall run - by Brad Burns

    One of the best measures that we have is the Millerton trap net which we have discussed on this blog before. The government website can be found at this link. I won't bore you with a long tutorial because many of you understand how the trap works already, but for those that don't but who are interested, just go on the site and spend some time changing the dates, clicking salmon or grilse and looking at the results. Compare the current period with earlier years that are also listed. There is no other way to learn it.

    On July 15, the trap reported 397 salmon for the season to date. This compares to 213 avg. for the same period from 1998 through 2002, and 349 from 2003 through 2007. It is also well ahead of either 2013, 2014, or 2015. So far so good, but it is less than the 494 from 2008 to 2012. The 397 represents just the Main Southwest branch, and the trap catches about 5% of returning salmon. That means that so far in 2016 we have had about 8,000 salmon enter the Main Southwest Miramichi. This isn't bad, especially compared to just about any other salmon river in North America. The grilse count was 536 which, times the 10% efficiency for grilse, puts the run so far at about 5,000. This is about half of the normal grilse returning by July 31 for all but the most recent years - which have generally been lower than 2016. Like the Main Southwest Miramichi, the Northwest Miramichi branch is having quite a good year for Salmon, but not great for Grilse.

    So what does all this mean for the fall run? Jason Curtis always says that you can judge the whole season to come by the early fishing. He reasons that the early fish are a certain part of the total run, and if that early component is bigger then the whole run will also be larger. It's like the old bell-shaped curve. If the outer edges of the bell are wider and thicker the bell is likely to be larger. Certainly that is the way it was with the 2011 run, which came in hot and heavy early and continued that way until the end of the season. One day in mid-June 2016 I came in off the river and sat on the bench next to Jason. I had just had a half hour of rolling and touching salmon, but not getting a solid hookup. You have to be feeling pretty good about the number of fish we saw in the tail of the pool tonight, he said. There were plenty of Atlantic salmon coming in to the Miramichi until that first heat wave at the end of June.

    - Brad Burns

    Last week, with the warm water, it was better for canoe sightseeing and beaches here at Country Haven, than for fishing, but the few fishermen that were on the water still managed to land fish and enjoy seeing lots of holding fish, even when there were no takers. But, with these improved conditions, there have been many fishermen limiting out the past few days and we have had some of the best fishing of the season which could possibly continue over the next couple of weeks. #6 and #8 White Tail Green Machine have been the flies of choice since Sunday. With the lower Canadian dollar compared to many other foreign currencies it is a good time to visit the Miramichi for a fishing trip and we are also finding that anglers are taking advantage of the currency exchange to buy from our local Miramichi fly shops - who carry all the top brands in the business - from Doak & Sons in Doaktown, Curtis Outfitters in Blackville, Trout Brook Fly Shop on the Nor'west and Miramichi Hunting & Fishing Supplies in Miramichi city. With Atlantic Salmon fishing there is never a guarantee, even when the river is full of fish, but we can guarantee some of the best quality service & prices that these local fly shops offer. So... Get ready for the fall season as we are expecting a good one!

    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    August 2nd

    Haley Dow, Paxton MA

    Stephane Jansen, Rawdon QUE

    Rosemarie Greulich, Pulaski NY

    Andy Greulich, Pluaski NY

    Overall it has been a positive June and July with very good numbers of returning fish reported to date at the counters - some of the better numbers in a while. With the warmer water, fishing has slowed a bit for the number of fish in the system. As always, we have seen better results using dry flies when the water is warmer so this past week was a week for Bombers with some very good results. Throughout each season we enjoy an 85% of returning angler guests who fish with us but it's always a great thrill when first-time Atlantic Salmon anglers have good luck. This week the photos above are of first-timers with their Atlantics. Every photo has a good story but we love the one about 9 year old Haley Dow from Massachusetts who not only had the Country Haven cooks and staff fall in love with her, it seemed like the Salmon did as well, as phey played with her Bomber almost every time she cast. Other fishermen could only watch and wish as they listened to her excitement with every roll and hookup throughout her visit. All fish taken this week were on Dry Fly Peach Bombers and Whiskers.

    The water is getting low for most of the tributaries and upper stretches of the main river system but is at an ideal height for the lower stretches, especially from Blackville to Quarryville. Some of these pools are better as the water gets lower. Even with good water height in these pools, rain is needed to cool the water down and bring more of those big August Salmon that tend to hold up in the lower stretches of the river.
    - Good Luck and Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    July 26th

    Guide Gary Colford

    Tony Spratt, London England

    Guide Danny Coughlan

    Jason Andalo, West Roxbury MA

    Overall, it was a very good week for fish numbers throughout most of the river system with much better catches than the previous week where the lower water conditions were perfect in the lower stretches of the Main river for much of the week. Although many of the fish landed this week were Grilse, there was a good mixture of big Salmon in the system. By the weekend, a couple of rain storms brought the river up approximately a foot, making for good water levels on the Renous and as a result, fishermen were rewarded daily. On the lower stretch of the Renous river system, the rise in water levels put a few fish into the Cains, also a few Grilse and Salmon were landed on the lower stretches of the Cains river.

    The forecast is not looking too bad for the next couple of weeks as it is raining today and there is a chance of 20-30 Millimeters (1"+/-) of rain arriving on Thursday. With the water temperatures hovering in the mid 70's over the last couple of days, starting today, the DFO decided to close down 25 cold water brooks to fishing until water temperatures cool. The closures of these brooks effect only 2 of our 22 Private fishing pools that we use throughout the season, giving us access to 20 Private pools instead of the normal 22. If forecast predictions are correct, the closure might not be too long. Flies of choice this week were Peach Bomber dry flies and #10 and #12 Undertaker wet flies.

    On October 1st there will be a ceremony at the Atlantic Salmon Museum www.atlanticsalmonmuseum.com to induct long-time river guides Marty Stewart, Wesley Curtis and our very own Country Haven Guide Gary Colford, into the Guides Hall of Fame. I do not know Marty personally but being friends and neighbors with Wesley for over 30 years and having had the pleasure of Gary being on our guiding staff for the past 9 seasons, I cannot think of anyone more deserving to be in the Guides Hall of Fame, than these fellows.
    - Good Luck and Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    July 14th

    Bill Mather, Elgin Ont
    - ready for fishing

    Glen Delisle, California
    Landing his 1st ever Atlantic Salmon

    Glen Delisle, Auburn CA,
    Guide Daryl Tucker
    Bob Peredi, Savanna GA

    Glens' Salmon

    This has been a great week for fish numbers throughout the river system with daily numbers at the Millerton counter on the Main river system ranging from approximately 500 to over 1,200 each day this week, using a standard calculation formula of between 7-10 percent of fish moving through the counters. Although the numbers were good, the actual catches should have been much higher with overall good conditions. The lower stretches of the Main river and the Renous have seen amazing numbers of fish travelling through the system. The long-range weather forecast is looking great and with these high numbers, it appears like some great July fishing should be had by all throughout the entire Main river system.

    Every week is different in catches - some good, some not so good - but one thing that has not changed over the years is our quality of guests, both returning or new. Words cannot describe the wonderful guests and now friends who have visited us over the years. This week we had the pleasure of hosting two new first-time 85 year old fishing guests, and what a treat it was having them at our Lodge. We miss everyone who visits each year but these guys will be remembered for some time! Flies of choice this week were #8 Undertakers, #8 Blue Charms and #8 and #10 Same thing Murry.
    Good Luck and Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    Photos of Two nice salmon landed at Campbell's pool above Blackville - by Brad Burns

    Guide Jason Curtis

    Guide Daryl Warren
    For anyone with interest in the Miramichi River, a
    must read
    book written by Brad Burns " Closing the Season"
    can be purchased by visiting www.bradburnsfishing.com/product/closing-the-season/

    July 7th

    Rick Maser, Bar Harbour Maine
    1st Atlantic on the Cains, Summer 2016
    Salmon landed by Mike Panio
    Orleans MA

    Wildlife Tours

    Fishing the Miramichi

    The Run is On! What a difference a week makes! With 4 days of 90F weather to start last week, fishing was spotty at best as anglers only landed a few fish during the week and during a couple of days mid-week we saw more moose on our Wildlife Tours than Salmon in the river. Everyone was thinking "not another heatwave" for the start of the July run this year. But what a change in conditions and fishing a couple of days can make when land temperatures reduced from 90F to 40F and water from 76F last Wednesday to 60F this week. Since Tuesday evening we have seen a river full of Salmon as there has been a nonstop run of fresh wild Atlantics moving through the lower stretches of the Main River System and some fishermen limited out last evening. The majority of the June run Salmon are destined for the upper stretches of the Main River System but the July runs are also heading for the Upper stretches plus the smaller tributaries of the Cains and the Bartholemew and tend to start holding up more than the early runs. We landed our first Cains river Salmon of the summer season this week and know it's just the beginning of great days to come on the Cains. With a rise in water, the Renous should also produce as the first few weeks of July can be prime time on the river when conditions are good. Flies of choice this week were the #8 Undertaker and the #8 Blue Charm. There were also some fish landed on Dry Flies during the slower fishing days last week. With the cooler temperatures followed by a week's forecast for rain, the outlook is very promising for July fishing this season.
    Good Luck and Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    June 25th

    Patrick De Belder, Ottawa ONT
    Upper Sou'west

    Tim Moore, Mechanicville NY
    ( Bomber ) Lower Sou'west

    Productive Nor'west river pool

    After a couple of weeks of summer fishing there has been a good number of fish landed on both the Main Southwest, the Nor'west and the Renous river systems. June can be unpredictable as to when the fish arrive some years - early some years or later in June - but for those who take the gamble, they can sometimes be rewarded with big silver fish of a lifetime. Early June has seen a number of happy anglers throughout the system. Most of the fish landed have been Salmon with a few Grilse that have entered the system over the past couple of days. The water is now at an ideal height for the June runs as long as it remains cool. Good fishing should continue however the next couple days forecast could see some hot weather that we do not need but then there will be cooling again mid-week with a good long range forecast predicted. Flies of choice have been the White Tail Green machine, Green Machine Crystal Flash and the Blue Charm.
    Good Luck and Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    Spring 2016

    The 2016 Atlantic salmon season opened on the Miramichi on April 15th. We are looking forward to another great Spring season on the river. Even with good and sometimes not so good conditions and reports received of both good and poor numbers of fish returns over the years, we have still managed to land over 1,000 Spring Salmon and Grilse for 16 consecutive years on the lower stretches of the Main Southwest Miramichi River System. With Canada now having an exchange rate that makes many foreign currencies worth much more, 2016 should be a great time to make plans for a fishing trip to the Miramichi.

    May 17th

    Teghan GodKin, Ottawa ON
    1st Atlantic, May 13th

    Larissa Bryenton
    Making it look easy

    Jeremy Vickers

    Claude Dagenais, Montreal QC

    The 2016 spring Atlantic Salmon season is now officially over for another season. Effective May 16th, hook & release numbers will drop to 4 a day from the normal 10 a day limit that runs from April 15th through May 15th - the "Spring Salmon Season" and overall, what a great season it was! With good conditions and an abundance of Salmon, it turned out to be our most successful spring season in 17 years.

    Our angling guests landed Salmon and Grilse every single day from opening on April 15th to May 15th. What a success rate this was as all of our fishermen hooked into Salmon and throughout the entire Month of spring fishing, only three one-day anglers did not land any.

    With balanced weather conditions, no water level rises to speak of, cool nights and with many warm days, we wish every spring could be such a success. Even though spring Salmon fishing officially ended on May 15th, with these great conditions, fishermen are still landing a few Salmon - especially throughout the lower stretches of the system - and will probably continue to do so for some time yet. Even though our guides all know it has been one of our best seasons, it is always refreshing to receive so much positive feedback from returning fishermen - some who have been returning for spring fishing for over 50 years! Peter Mychajliw from NY returned after staying away for 6 springs - due in part to some negative reports of low returns on the River - but he was very surprised as he enjoyed his best fishing ever - including his many years prior to the 6 year absence. Dave Geetter from Bloomfield, Ct. - who has fished the Miramichi almost every year since 1967 - said that even though he has had higher count days for fish over the years, he cannot remember seeing so many nice looking Salmon and also knows for sure that he has never caught so many big Trout in all his years of spring fishing on the Miramichi river. On a slightly negative note however, Dave Price from Weston Mass. who started fishing the Miramichi in 1963, said that in all his years, he never landed any Striped Bass. While salmon fishing on the Miramichi, he landed 10 Stripers in an afternoon. He now says that over his 50 years of fishing the Miramichi he has seen it all!! Don Dimambo from Barrington N.H. - after years of spring fishing for salmon on the Miramichi - decided to spend a day fishing for Striped Bass on the Lower Stretch of the River. In his 60 years of Bass fishing in New England, he has never witnessed such Striped Bass fishing! We are so happy to say we have enjoyed some of the best spring Atlantic Salmon, Trout and Striped Bass fishing in years and it is great fun while it lasts. Many of these seasoned Striped Bass fishermen suggest that it might not last as long as we would like because they are worried about the effects of such an abundance of Stripers on one of the greatest wild Atlantic Salmon rivers in the World! The bass fishing is fun but it is the wild Atlantic Salmon that brings these anglers from around the world, to the Miramichi each year. So, with the retention period continuing until May 29th, anglers should get out do some Striper fishing and take one home as there is definitely no shortage of them on the Miramichi. Fly rod Floating lines or light sinking tips, Bombers or Chris Edmonds Striper flies are working best.

    Spring fishing will continue for a while yet - especially for the Striped Bass and the fresh runs of Sea Run Trout that should be arriving soon - but with expectations so high for another good year of Salmon and Grilse runs, an early summer with good fishing conditions might see some entering the system early this year. Country Haven has access to 22 private pools throughout the System in 2016, giving guests the best chance possible to catch the wild Atlantic Salmon .
    - Good Luck and Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    May 12th

    Mike Durant, Pensacola FL

    Andy Lipsky ,Cumberland RI

    John Torgan, Providence RI

    Cody Dey, Thunder Bay ONT
    (Cody's 1st Atlantic Salmon)

    Another great week to be on the Miramichi! With the exception of a couple of colder days on the water after so many nice warm days, anglers have continued to catch spring Salmon every day since the season opened. Even though we are fishing from Upper Blackville to Quarryville for Salmon and Grilse, fishermen are still having the best results upriver above Blackville. If this trend continues, this season fishermen might continue to land some Salmon until the end of May. Although the number of daily catches has slowed since April, this spring has been as consistent as any spring we have seen, with fish landed daily. The Salmon landed now are fighters after feeding so long on smelts. The trout fishing has also slowed up a bit but what nice trout fishermen have landed since late April. Fishermen have now switched over to floating lines or light sinking tips. Flies of choice remain the Smelt Patterns for Salmon, Gray Ghost for trout along with some results in the Quarryville area using big Brown Bombers.

    As the Salmon, Grilse and Trout catches have slowed, the Striped Bass fishing has improved daily. Even though fishermen are catching Stripers as far upriver as the White Rapids, the Miramichi City area numbers are increasing daily. Although there are many ways to fish for Stripers, fishermen are having best results and the most fun landing them using fly rods with Chris Edmonds Striper bass flies. With good water conditions expected for a while yet for boating on the lower stretch of the Main River system, there should still be some good spring fishing remaining with a good chance to catch Atlantic Salmon, Trout and Striped Bass.
    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    May 5th

    Jeremy Vickers

    Jake McGill, Kitchener ONT

    Nathan Mesher, Kitchener ONT

    J.P. Wiggins, Clinton, Ohio

    Peter Mychajliw, Port Washington, NY

    Raymond Hill, Roanoke VA

    The 2016 Spring Atlantic Salmon season has been great so far as the conditions have remained almost perfect for an extended long spring season. Even though some days were in the 70's F, nights stayed cool, keeping the water colder than some years. Spring Salmon don't go anywhere until water temperatures are just right, no matter how early the ice goes out or how low the water levels may get. With these conditions, many anglers have switched over to sinking tips or floating lines only when using smaller flies. With the Atlantic Salmon fishing being more consistent than we have seen in years, Trout fishing has also been terrific as fishermen have been landing fish daily - some up to 7 Lbs. The Miramichi has always been known as one of the best Atlantic Salmon producing rivers in the world, but now, with the population explosion of Striped Bass in the system, at this time of the season, anglers can limit out by landing 10 Atlantics, big Bookies and a boatload of Stripers - all in one day! Not good for the river but good action for the fishermen! Flies of choice this week for Atlantic Salmon were the Magog Smelt, Christmas Tree and Black Ghost. For Trout, the Gray Ghost was best and for catching Striped Bass, the Chris Edmonds Special worked best!
    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    April 29th

    Bevin Baker, Tasmania Australia

    Gino DeBurra, Poland Maine

    Dr. Mohammad Hossain, Saint John NB

    Reggie Pratt, Minot Maine

    It has been another great week of Salmon fishing on the Miramichi as all anglers landed fish every single day! Although numbers were not quite as good as our first week, the fishing is staying very consistent and the quality of fish is the best we have seen in years, especially the ones that have been feeding on smelt.

    With perfect water conditions most of the week, fishing has been good overall with many big salmon landed - including 15 over 40 inches out of over 600 Grilse and Salmon landed since opening day. The best news is that colder nights have been keeping the water cold and the fish have not been going anywhere since opening day. If these conditions continue, anglers could have some great spring fishing long into May. The water is now on the low side but some rain in the forecast early next week should help in extending the spring season for boat fishing. The conditions are now perfect for casting and some fishermen have changed over to using sinking tips only. When the water does warm up and the fish start moving, presuming these clear water conditions continue, fishermen should have some good success this spring using floating lines as well.

    Even though the Salmon fishing is good and will improve even more with the number of fish in the system as the water warms, trout fishing over the past days has been awesome in the lower stretches of the Main river. Fishermen have been landing too many to count on some days - including some up in the 6-7 lb. range. The traditional spring flies are working well but smaller flies have started and will continue to produce, especially for the casters.

    The Miramichi traditionally sees anglers travel from around the world for summer and fall fishing, with the majority of spring anglers arriving from the eastern US. It is very early in the season however fishermen have already arrived from Australia, England, Scotland, Norway and the western US States of Washington and Arizona with great success had by all! Spring, summer or fall, each season may be different but the thrill of landing a Wild Atlantic Salmon is special at any time.
    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    April 22nd

    Steve Cullen, Princeton MA
    1st Atlantic Salmon 2016 season

    Fish landed by Art Mesher, Kitchener, ONT

    Bernie Pelech, Portsmouth NH

    Jason Tham, Toronto ONT

    What a great start to the 2016 fishing season as almost every angler on the river limited out at 10 fish each on opening day. Fishing has continued to remain good throughout the week and with summer-like weather conditions, this week would have to be described as a perfect start to the spring season. Flies of choice this week have been the Christmas Tree, Black Ghost , Renous River Special and Magog Smelt.

    As we head into the second week of the season, there are lots of fish throughout the entire river system. Anglers having the best results now are casting toward shore from boats as the majority of fish are still holding. With some nice weather in the forecast, it's looking like another great week ahead to be on the River.
    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi.

    April 1st


    Upper Blackville

    Gray Rapids


    With only two weeks remaining until the start of the Atlantic Salmon fishing season on the Miramichi, the conditions are beginning to look good for this years opening day. There is still more ice to clear but the DFO Salmon & Grilse returns are now out for last year on the Miramichi River System and they are looking good for this spring's fishing season.

    2015 count returns for Salmon & Grilse for the Main Southwest Miramichi river.

    NW Miramichi 4,171 Salmon 11,981 Grilse 16,152 Total Salmon and Grilse
    SW Miramichi 11,490 Salmon 13,980 Grilse 25,470 Total Salmon and Grilse
    Total Miramichi System 15,661 Salmon 26,961 Grilse 41,622 Total Salmon and Grilse

    YEAR 2015 River Reports

    Summer 2015

    October 17th

    Stephen Tonning, Fredericton NB

    Roger Lailey, Newburg England

    Stephen Tonning, Fredericton NB

    Lower Cains

    Fish on Middle Cains

    Fish on Upper Cains

    With the 2015 fishing now behind us, we would like to thank all our guests who experienced a season of some great fishing, some poor fishing, high & low water conditions and a season of new conservation measures that has placed the Miramichi and Atlantic Canada in the forefront in the conservation of Atlantic Salmon. Let's hope there will be more areas that will "get on board" like Quebec, Saint Pierre & Miquelon and yes, Greenland, in protecting the Wild Atlantic Salmon.

    Overall, here at Country Haven, it was another good year with over 80% of returning guests from around the world who joined us in enjoying the Miramichi, including all the Canadian provinces, 37 US States, and 14 Countries. The returns were up over last season - especially summer returns - but the fall numbers will probably be a little disappointing, not because of lack of fish, but mainly being due to the removal of counters again because of the flood in late September which is normally a prime time for the fall returns. However, in this season, compared to some past seasons when conditions were good, anglers felt like every time they headed to the river, they had a good chance of catching fish. The guides tend to agree that the most positive thing about the 2015 season was the large returns of Grilse throughout the season compared to the last couple of years and with the large number of fish that have entered the system, fishing should be good for the coming spring season.

    The Atlantic Salmon is a traveler and so are the fishermen who fish for them as guests travel from around the world every year to fish the Miramichi. It always amazes me just how far people will travel to fish for Atlantics, even with some having great fishing for other species in their back yards. It always reminds us just how important the wild Atlantic Salmon truly is. What amazes me even more is that over the years, how these fishermen's paths have taken them to meet up at lodges from Russia, Norway, Scotland and the Miramichi without even knowing each other would be there. Every year is similar but always has something that sets it apart from other seasons, whether it's the variations from year to year as to the best locations, changing conditions or the fly selections that work best from season to season or where the majority of guests will be from by season's end . One thing that was a bit different this season was where guests arrived from at the same time without knowing each other or without any connection to be here without a group booking or other arrangement. It just happens - like in July, when three traveled from Salt Lake, Utah in the same week, or in early September when five from North Carolina arrived the same week, and in late September, three from Victoria BC in the same week. Some of these guests were almost neighbours but had not known each other before their arrival. After traveling thousands of miles to fish the Miramichi they were all brought together by the allure of the wild Atlantic Salmon - the king of the game fish - a species worth fighting for!

    We would again like to say "thanks" to all our guests - we could not do it without you and look forward to seeing you all again in 2016! Tight lines.

    October 10th

    Colin Townsend, Voorhees N.J.

    Pete doing what he Likes best

    Landing Salmon on the Cains river

    Ron Halick with Andrew & Nancy Moy
    on the Miramichi

    Andrew Moy Casting Clinics

    Lobster time on the Miramichi

    As the water is now falling daily, fishing is also improving throughout the week - especially on the Cains and Renous rivers. We love these fall weeks with the colourful fall foliage, normally good fishing and the back-to-back casting clinics which were held last week and this week. It's always a pleasure to watch these fellows casting. With the water falling, we landed fish in a number of different pools from five different rivers throughout the system. The water was at an ideal height for canoeing and fishing day trips on the Cains river which are always a treat - usually with good results. Although the Cains river is probably one of the best little fall rivers in North America for Atlantic Salmon when the conditions are right, this year has been no exception as almost all the pools are now producing good results but with the higher water, the best results have come from the Middle Cains. Sometimes it's the lower stretches and other times the upper stretches so the more access, the better it gets as each year, best results can come from different locations. One thing for sure is that there is nothing much better than finishing out the fishing season on the Cains River. Only five days remain in this year's fishing season so get out and enjoy it if you can!

    For best flies - fall patterns, especially anything with orange, is working best.

    For Information on 2016 U.S. Spey Clinics visit www.tightlinesflyfishing.com

    - Tight Lines

    October 4th

    Gary Berenson, Wayland MA

    Gary Berenson, Wayland MA

    Bryan Martin, Devon England
    fighting a salmon

    UK Spey Week on the Miramichi

    Andrew Duncan, York, England

    Curious visitor

    This week could be called "the Good, the Bad and the Ugly"!

    The "Good" would be that this week is always one of our most enjoyably weeks of the season as it is our UK Spey week on the Miramichi with a number of fishermen returning each year from the UK for a week-long adventure of fly fishing for Atlantics and Spey Casting clinics hosted by Bryan Martin & Brian Warrington from the UK. The beginning of the week was promising with ideal conditions and good numbers of fresh fall run Salmon entering the system with many 30+ Salmon seen and landed on the river.

    The "Bad" was the 150ml (6") of rain we received mid-week, bringing the water up by approximately 21 feet in 36 hrs.

    The "Ugly" was the flood-like conditions where fishing was impossible for two days since there was too much floating debris and and it took until Saturday before conditions improved enough to again have any success. What started out looking like probably one of the better fall seasons on the Main river, will not happen this year. But on the positive side, the instructors did an excellent job at the casting Clinics and our staff provided a number of tours - including bear watching - that all our guests enjoyed very much. Another positive aspect in this rise in water levels is that even though it might not be good for the lower stretches of river, it should make for some great fall fishing on the tributaries of the Cains and Renous where we have access to some great fall pools! I Can't think of any place better than the Cains to finish off the fishing season! For anyone interested in fishing the Main river only this fall, with this rise in water, probably it will be the upper stretches of the Main river that will be fishing best for a while. It might be a good time to try places upriver as the conditions are now in their favour for Main river fishing.

    Flies of choice this week were all fall patterns; GP, Ally's Shrimp, Red Frances and LT Special.

    For information on the 2016 UK Spey week, visit www.devonflyfishing.co.uk/miramichi.html

    - Tight Lines

    September 27th

    Canoeing & Fishing the Main River

    Cains River Salmon

    Canoeing & Fishing the Cains River

    Tyler & Gary on the Cains River

    This week, our stretch of the river was not quite as productive as it was last year at this time due to the rise in water from last week taking most of the holding fish upriver and only a few of the fall run fish moving into the system. Even though we fished a number of pools throughout the system all week, most of our fish came from four pools - two on the lower Main river, one on the Cains and one on the Nor'west. Again this week, luckily, we had access to pools that could bail us out when conditions were not as good as usual for this section of the river at this time of year. As the water levels fall and more of the fall runs enter the system we can expect better results throughout the entire river system as conditions are now almost perfect for the fall runs. Although we are still using a mix of summer and fall fly patterns, the fall patterns worked the best this week.
    - Tight Lines

    September 20th

    Joe Herzog, Virginia

    Joe Herzog, Virginia

    Chris Lloys, England

    Jamie Long, Moncton NB
    ( 1st Atlantic Salmon )

    More water was what we needed for the river system to improve conditions for the fall and we received a nice 3+ foot rise on the Main River and even more on the tributaries early in the week. With the water rising, anglers enjoyed some decent fishing before too much debris started moving. The rain was needed for the long run but as it sometimes happens, it slows fishing for a while as for a couple of days the water is normally too dirty and it also moves fish from holding pools, so it can be a waiting game as it takes a few days, following the rain, for conditions to improve and for fresh fish to enter the system to take the place of the holding fish that have moved on. That was the case for most fishermen this week. Even though we did land some nice salmon, it ended up being our slowest week of the summer fishing season on our stretch of the river. With the bump in water levels and cooler weather in the forecast for the remainder of the fall season, we expect numbers for the fall runs to now increase daily for a while .Even though there has been some fresh fish entering the system since with the rise in water levels, higher numbers traditionally start arriving between September 21st to 25th and should continue past the closing of the season. As it now looks, conditions should be excellent for the fall run arrivals. Traditionally, these fall runs have fish arriving in all the rivers in the system around the same time whereas the summer runs tend to vary from river to river. The Main River and the Cains have always been known for their good fall runs so let’s hope the tradition continues for this season. Flies of choice this past week have been the Ally’s Shrimp, GP and the LT Special.

    For more information on Miramichi river fishing and river conditions, visit www.bradburnsfishing.com/miramichi-update-sep-20-2015/
    - Tight Lines

    September 12th

    Todd Steinmetz, Bozeman Montana

    Taken on a Bomber

    Jens Adamson, Federicia, Denmark

    Serenity and great fishing!

    With our having such good fishing in the first week of September, this past week we had to settle for much slower fishing as the third heat wave of the season arrived over the weekend and brought water temperatures up again by Monday, resulting in our anglers being shut out for the first time in a while! On Monday, however disconcerting, we still managed to have a successful week as almost all our fishermen landed fish - including first time Atlantic Salmon fishermen Jens Adamson of Denmark who landed 7 and lost another two fish during the tough fishing days. Fishing improved by the end of the week and we did manage to land another 20. With our having access to 21 private pools on the Miramichi River system, sometimes almost all of the pools are producing well but this week we were down to only three that were producing on the entire river system, but three is better than none! Every year we often worry if it is worth the investment for access to so much private water, as over the years some pools are seldom used. Occasionally, times like these make it all worthwhile as an otherwise poor week would turn into a good week and all anglers went home happy. Each year days on the water can be so different as conditions change and so do the pools - sometimes even rivers - as to where the best fishing will be. There is an old saying which goes "never put all your eggs in one basket" or in other words, "a varity of pools is the spice of life when it comes to Atlantic Salmon fishing".

    Now the good news is that we expect no more low and warm water for the rest of this season! With the good amount of rain we received all day yesterday, we are expecting the Main river to rise approximately 3 feet and the tributaries rising even more. Yesterday, With the water rising, anglers had good success, especially in the Doaktown area Main river and lower Cains. With so many fish in the lower river system now, good fishing should continue for some time on the upper stretches as these fish move up the rivers. With the rise in fresh water levels we can soon expect the start of our fall run as conditions this week should be perfect for bringing in more fresh fish. With our having access to 5 private pools on the Cains and this rise in water levels, we have many happy guides this morning as they know just how good fishing can be on the Cains in the fall when conditions are right!

    Over the last few weeks anglers almost all used dry flies - and what a treat it is landing Salmon on a dry fly - but with the higher and cooler water, the wet fly patterns will probably work best from now on. The fly of choice this past week was the Peach Carter Bug. Recommended flies to use this coming week are the traditional summer wet fly patterns such as the Green Machine, Bear Hair and Undertakers as well as fall patterns like the GP, Allie Shrimp, Red Franchis and the Copper Killer.

    - Tight Lines

    September 5th

    15 yr old Daniel Macdonald
    releasing his 1st Atlantic Salmon

    Dr. Michael Kelleher, Duxbury, MA
    First ever Atlantic Salmon

    Chantal Collin

    Jack Thorpe, Lock Haven, PA

    With warm water conditions over the past week, some thought those conditions might continue longer than they did however with the rain late last week and water temperatures dropping into the low 60's over the weekend, the DFO reopened the cold water places on Monday. When temperatures dropped into the 50's early in the week, what more could Atlantic Salmon fishermen ask for? With the cooler water, many pools on the lower stretches of the Main river and a couple of pools on the Cains enjoyed great fishing. We are not sure if there were many new fish entering the system or just the high abundance of holding fish on the move, but from Monday morning on, our anglers enjoyed one of the best weeks on the water this year and we have had some great weeks to really remember this year! The only thing that might have made this week even better would have been more fishermen on the river. With less than optimum previous conditions and some negative reports involving pool closings there were less fishermen on the water than normal for this time of year but those who were fishing were in for a real treat as our anglers hooked close to 100 fish over the last 5 days. With a good variety of both Salmon and Grilse in the system the majority landed at our Lodge were Grilse as this week there were quite a few novice fly fishermen and sometimes it takes practice landing the bigger ones and novices manage to lose Salmon every way possible - from holding rods too tight, breaking leaders, having lines getting tangled around sticks on the river bottom and a Black Bear encounter in the pool while landing Salmon can help in a quick release every time! Overall, however, it was a very enjoyable week on the water with some nice fish landed and fun was had by all! Even though we started hooking salmon as early as Monday morning off the tides in the White Rapids Area, many of the fish landed looked quite fresh but this week only a couple had Sea Lice.

    Based on the long range forecast, it's too early to know what's in store for us next week as sometimes forecasts change daily. The days do look warmer but if nights are cool then that counteracts warmer days in cooling water temperatures which will keep conditions OK. Night temperatures dropped to as low as 5C this past week and we had frost in places, making it seem like fall. If these cool night temperatures would remain for a while then good fishing should continue on the lower stretches of the river, as the water height is low but still ideal for this area - especially between Blackville and Quarryvillle. If conditions are right on this lower stretch of the river and there are fish in the pools then the lower they get the better the fishing! This week we will need to wait and see what weather we receive as with any fishing, it's so much luck, being in the right place at the right time, and good conditions. This past week we were blessed to have access to the best pools on the system for the conditions.

    For the river as a whole, more rain is needed to get the remaining holding fish moving, to bring in more fresh fish and to make many of the upper stretches and tributaries like the Renous and Cains more fishable for the fall runs. With so many fish in the system, the upper stretches should enjoy excellent fall fishing this year if we get rain. Although this week we landed fish on a number of different fly patterns, using dry flies was by far the best choice - Bombers, Whiskers, etc.. On Tuesday, guide Ken issued a warning to our anglers that Peach Carter Bugs should only be tied on while on shore as the Salmon might take them out of your hands! We guess they were working that well!!
    - Tight Lines

    August 31st

    As of this afternoon, the Variation Order has been lifted on all of the 23 cold water holding places throughout the Miramichi River System. The water temperature has decreased into the low 60's over the past few nights.

    Tight Lines - enjoy your fall fishing on the Miramichi.

    August 29th

    Newlywed Dustin Hildebrandt
    Winnipeg Manitoba.

    Dustin's Bride, Michelle Funk
    Winnipeg Manitoba.

    Dustin Hildebrandt, Winnipeg Manitoba.

    Byers family, Brockville Ontario

    "Dog days of August" - and that's what it was for over a week with lots of swimming, canoeing and relaxing - most lodges including ours did not do much fishing. Once again there was no shortage of holding fish - in some places close to 1,000. Downriver places like Engine Town Brook, Welch Springs and Bears Den! Upriver places like the mouth of the Bartholemew, Black Brook, Mills Brook and Big Hole were doing the same as well as many smaller places inbetween. Throughout the week, however, fishing conditions gradually improved as the cooler nights resulted in D.F.O. opening up full day fishing again on Tuesday throughout the system as a few days over the weekend were restricted to morning fishing only. With the rain we received on Wednesday and Thursday, everyone is hoping it might just be enough to reopen the cold water brooks again. The Southeastern part of the Province received the most rain, resulting in water rising over a foot on the Cains river and the lower stretches of the Main River from the Cains on down. This prompted some of the holding fish to start moving on Thursday and yesterday, resulting in better fishing in some locations. With these cooler conditions and water rising, the water cooled down to as low as 19C on Wednesday night and 18C on Thursday night on the lower river and the Cains - good temperatures for fishing and to get fish moving from the cold water holdouts. The decision to open or close cold water fishing spots throughout the Main River system is based on water temperatures in Doaktown so with Doaktown missing much of the water levels rising and water temperatures just borderline at 20C in that area, no decision has been made on those places yet. It will be good when they do open - after all, it does effect approximately 5% of the Miramichi River system fishing and many are good fishing spots. Our Lodge has access to 12 private pools on a yearly basis and another 9 on a daily basis - we decide to use them or not depending on how the fishing is in these pools each day. The closures effect 2 of the pools we use, leaving 19 still open for fishing. We would certainly like more rain but for now we are happy to have received what we did. With the rise in water levels we will be fishing the pools on the Cains - where rain made a difference in the lower stretches of the Main River system - looking for fresh fish that could be arriving after the full moon and higher tides tonight.

    We always enjoy fishing after the full moon. The fish will come in low water if conditions are OK. With the good fishing we enjoyed for so long this summer, it would have been nice if that had continued every week until the end of the season but if there had to be some poor fishing, it was at a good time, so let's hope it is past us now for this year. Along with the full moon and high tides, another positive thought for good fishing this fall might be the lack of big rises in water levels throughout July & August, as in past years when we had big rises of water, it seemed like they flushed the system and brought in too many fish early in August which resulted in less fresh fish numbers later in the season. This year we have just had normal water rises - no floods - just consistent runs until now, so... if past history prevails, it should be a good fall for fish numbers - but again - so much will depend on conditions!

    Every week we receive guests from around the world, including quite a few novice newlyweds who think it's cool to land an Atlantic Salmon on their honeymoon. Dustin and Michelle from Winnipeg managed to land three on their day trip with us. Sometimes the tradition continues resulting in anniversary gift trips to the Miramich such as Andrew and Nikkie Sutherland from London England - Honeymoon 2005, 5th Anniversary in 2010, 10th anniversary in 2015! As the old saying goes "Happy Wife - Happy Life"! It's not diamonds afterall, it's Atlantic Salmon fishing that makes "reel" Ladies happy!

    August 21st

    Sylvie Prefontaine, Quebec

    Sylvie's fine casting form

    Kayaking on the Miramichi

    Visitors checking out the anglers

    For approximately a month, from mid-July to mid-August, we enjoyed some of our most consistent summer fishing in a long time, with good conditions and a great number of fish in the system. But, like they say, all good things must come to an end! As another summer heat wave arrived on Saturday, the fishing came to a halt on Monday. This is Canada and we do like having summer weather, but 30C (86F) is too hot for both me and the Salmon but ideal for canoeing, kayaking and swimming. With the warm water temperature, the D.F.O. again closed some of the cold water sections throughout the river system. In July the closures reopened after just two days but we expect a longer period this time as the forecast does not look as favourable as it did in July, so we could be looking at a week or so this time. Keep in mind that with these closures in place, they still only effect approximately 5% of the river system fishing, but with current warm conditions, it is not worth the effort to be fishing as the fish just won't take a fly in these conditions. On the positive side, although it might not be good for the fish, it is amazing to see just how many are holding up in these cold water areas throughout the system. On another positive note, we are reminded that we are in Canada and these hot temperatures won't last long for anyone to be concerned about warm water conditions! For September and October I think it would be a safer bet to bring along your "Long Johns" instead of your "Speedo's"! So, for now, make the best of the warm weather and get ready for some good fall fishing.

    With the fish counts up to August the 15th in, this leaves two months of counts yet to come. The numbers so far into the season are very good, especially when compared to last year. We all know the counts last year were not as bad as reported because of the counters being removed more times than in previous years, due to high water rises and during the flood in July. Normally, a good time for returns and the good number of spring fish moving back out to sea would be April and May. This spring also proves that the counts could not possibly have been as low as reported, but no matter how accurate the counts are, this season is looking very good compared to past years - especially the Nor'west, a river of concern over the last few years.

    With the A.S.F. comparing the Dungarvon and the Nor'west counting fence barriers in it's latest report, it might be good to compare the numbers from the stretches of the Rivers where the majority of fishing takes place.

    Counts as of August 15th at the Nor'west Cassilis trap:
    Salmon: 2007-2011 average = 258 2012 = 166 2013 = 155 2014 = 41 2015 = 284
    Grilse: 2007-2011 average = 912 2012 = 237 2013 = 364 2014 = 61 2015 = 1,257

    The system used each year to determine the actual numbers, is based on approximately 7 to 10% of the actual number going through the trap nets. If this is correct, even at 10%, then the true number of returning fish as of August 15th is approximately 2,840 Salmon and 12,570 Grilse for a total fish count of 15,410.

    Counts as of August 15th at the Main Southwest Miramichi Millerton trap
    Salmon: 2007-2011 average = 513 2012 = 445 2013 = 298 2014 = 185 2015 = 421
    Grilse: 2007-2011 average = 1,396 2012 = 437 2013 = 407 2014 = 283 2015 = 1,139

    Again, if the System used is approximately 7 to 10% of the actual numbers going through the trap nets, the estimate at 10% the true number of returning fish as of Aug 15th is approximately 4,210 Salmon and 11,390 Grilse for a for a total fish count of 15,600.

    These two counters combined suggest approximately 31,000 of returning Salmon and Grilse to the Miramichi River System as of August 15th!

    August 15th

    Tracey Bryant, Landenberg PA
    August 12 2008

    Tracey Bryant, Landenberg PA
    August 12 2015

    Nicholas Biasotto, Landenberg PA
    August 12 2008

    Nicholas Biasotto, Landenberg PA
    August 12 2015

    Anyone who has not seen many fish on the river this year has simply not been on the river or has been in the wrong location as almost every day since mid June fresh fish have been entering the system. With more fish holding this week, we have seen a mix of both fresh and older fish in the system. The water was getting on the low side for much of the system but the cool nights keep temperatures good for fishing, with hook ups daily however the rain on Tuesday night and Wednesday brought the water up almost two feet so every pool we fished from Wednesday on had turned on fish. Each pool is different with some pools good for moving fish runs while other pools are good for holding fish. Pools with runs have had fish moving through daily and the holding pools are starting to hold fish daily. Some days are great and some days are not as good so much depends on conditions. By mid-August the numbers of returning fish have been as good as anyone could have predicted this year. It is still too early to know what the fall holds but with two months of fishing remaining, if the runs continue then this could be a banner year for returns to the Miramichi.

    The Miramichi has a long history of Salmon fishing and has traditionally attracted many returning guests from around the world. Some return annually and some come back every chance they can get. For over 10 years now, through good and not-so-good fishing, we have enjoyed over a 80% return rate each year. Atlantic Salmon anglers are one-of-a-kind, loyal to their fishing, their guides and favoured rivers. There is no feeling like watching them arrive full of excitement and new flies tied through the winter, and sometimes trinkets and gifts for staff. These returning guest arrivals are often described as a homecoming by many, even though they might have traveled from around the world to fish the Miramichi. This week, two of our returning guests had seven years between visits but say it will be much sooner next time. The funny thing about their visit was the timing - landing fish on August 12, 2008 then exactly seven years later, having the same guide on the same day - August 12th 2015. With the rise in water, fishing should continue for a while throughout the system as the holding fish should continue their move upriver and the fresh water should probably help to bring some more fish into the system. Two months remain until the closing of the season on October 15th so planning a trip to the Miramichi might become the trip of a lifetime! With the good runs so far, many of the lodges on the river are booking up for fall but with so many good ones to choose from, you probably won't be disappointed in any of them.
    - Tight Lines from the Miramichi

    August 9th

    Fish on at the Orr Pool

    Ladies having fun

    Again, this week, there was no shortage of fish in the system but on a couple of days early in the week we did experience more lookers then takers. However, on Thursday, it was "switch on" once again as anglers had good success with close to 40 hook ups over the last 3 days. Any time you have first-time fly fishermen limiting out while salmon fishing, it's a successful day! Sometimes the ladies have all the luck! August can be the same as any other time of the year where right conditions mean so much. As the conditions improve, so does the fishing.

    Although there are 30lb+ Salmon in the river now - we see them almost every day - the number of Grilse has been amazing this year, even though some of them are the smallest we have ever seen. We are not sure why but it is good seeing them in the system and this is the first time in a few seasons where there are more Grilse than Salmon.

    Although anglers were having the best luck using wet flies in the faster water pools on the Main River, the slower pools on the river and it's tributaries were having the best fishing using using wet flies such as a #10 White Tail Green Machine and #10 Blue Smurf in the faster water pools on the main River. On the slower pools on the Main River and its tributaries they were having the best fishing using dry flies such as the Whiskers and Blue Bombers. The pools on the Main River - especially the lower section and lower Cains - are at a great height for holding fish but much of the Renous & Dungarvon are too low except for a few of the holding pools. Although we have been spending most of our time fishing the lower sections of the main river this week there are still good reports being received from upriver Blissfield and above the Doaktown area as well. With the ideal conditions on this section of the river, good dry fly fishing should continue throughout August.

    July 31st

    Bob Lanzara & Malinda Barna
    Altmar NY

    Guide Dan with salmon
    landed at Coughlan Pool

    Anthony Spratt, London England
    salmon landed in Upper Blackville

    Tony playing one of his many fish
    on the Cains this week

    "Wow" is all that can be said about the runs of fish so far this summer! They started out good in June and have not stopped - even in the warm first week of July where they were still entering the system. The numbers at the MSA trap net in Chatham said it all on Tuesday. Although it's the same as all the Miramichi counters - only an estimate based on the actual numbers of fish going through the Counter - but if calculations are right, there could have been between 3,475-13,900 fish moving up the river system on Tuesday alone. Fishermen say they have never seen so many fish moving through the system as they are now seeing, especially during the last two days. We are seeing both Salmon and Grilse but again, this week, more grilse are being landed than Salmon. At our location, overlooking the river, we see the majority of the fish that swim past and it has been nonstop action daily, especially after each high tide. 2011 was a great year and it is still early in the season however the guides are saying this has been a great July - one to remember! Throughout the season and with over 400 guests each year we see a number of great casters but every now and then someone comes along that just blows you away. Throughout the year, with our busy schedule and having so many excellent guides on our staff, I personally do not get out on the water with guests as much as I would like to, but on Sunday I had the pleasure of spending the day with Bob Lanzare & Malinda Barna. Malinda is the owner of Malinda's Fly Shop in Altmar, NY. What a treat it was! Not only is Malinda one of the best casters, she is also one of the best anglers we have ever seen, as she covers the water and pools as well as anyone! Her efforts never went unnoticed as she got into some nice Salmon and Grilse while on her stay with us.

    Although most of the fish are on the move there are a few places where they are holding up. A single angler, Randall Connors, rolled 15, hooked 6, and landed 4 in a 90 minute period yesterday morning, all holding fish in a little pool in Upper Blackville. Some fish are also starting to hold on the Cains and Renous rivers. As August arrives, so do the Bomber fishermen as most years, during August, the lower stretches of the Main River see the best Bomber fishing as the fish hold up more at that time. Flies of choice this week have been #8 Christmas Tree and #8 Undertaker for wet fly. It was a tossup between the Peach Bomber and Blue Bomber for dry fly.

    Over the years there have been many wonderful books written about the Miramichi by writers from around the world, including some I will never get tired of reading over and over - written by local Miramichi'er Wayne Curtis. I have just finished reading another one called "Closing of the Season" by Brad Burns. With our having access to five pools on the Cains, this book is very interesting as much of it is about the Cains and fall fishing on one of the best little Salmon rivers in the world. It is a "must read" for Atlantic Salmon Fishermen. For anyone who has fished or would like to fish the Cains River in the future and would like to know more about this book, visit www.bradburnsfishing.com/product/closing-the-season.

    July 24th

    After so much rain and cool temperatures over the past week it is now hard to believe that only 10 days ago they were shutting down cold water pools because of the heat. Wow! When things improved, they did - big time - from last Thursday on, fishermen have seen as many fish entering the river in one week as they might have seen in any July in their lifetime.

    Due to the earlier warm water conditions and negative reports there were not as many people fishing as usual but those who did were enjoying it as there were good numbers landed each day throughout the week, including approximately 100 fish in the stretch from the mouth of the Cains to Quarryville on Sunday alone! With the barbless hook being used this year, some anglers are losing half of their hookups, along with the fact there were not as many fishermen last week. One angler said these "100 fish days" could probably have been "300 fish days" in past years before barbless hooks and he is probably correct. With the perfect conditions and lower water in the lower stretches of the main River over the weekend, this is where the best fishing was. With the water levels rising every day this week, anglers are now enjoying good fishing throughout the entire main river system, the Renous and the lower stretches of the Cains. Overall, the most positive thing we have taken from summer fishing so far - even though we are catching and seeing many big Salmon (including some 30+ lb'ers) - is the great number of Grilse in the system - something we have not seen for a couple of years.

    With the water still rising, fishing will probably slow down for a couple of days but with the large number of fish in the system, fishing should improve daily as the water falls, especially on the smaller tributaries. Most productive flies this week have been the #8 and #10 Undertaker during the low water, and #4, and #6 White Tail Green Machine after the rise.

    Every year is different! With the numbers of returning fish in the system, some years are great and some not so great due to lower returns and sometimes more to do with the not-so-accurate counting systems on the rivers that can increase or decrease the numbers. The overall number counts vary by conditions more than the actual fish numbers. In good conditions the counters might be kept in place for an entire season, making for a good yearly count. In other years, the counts might not be as accurate due to high water or net removals due to floating debris - sometimes during the best times for returning fish like during the flood of July 2014. But overall, the counters give as good an indication as possible for the returning numbers from year to year. It is believed that approximately 7-10 percent of the fish moving though the system go through the counters each day depending on conditions.

    Here is a photo of a 34 Lb+ salmon landed in Upper Blackville Wednesday by Tim Vickers and this fish has a story! This fish had a tag. It was tagged at the Millerton Counter in August 2013 and probably returned to the Sea in the spring of 2014 to return again in July 2015.

    ( With the short time it spends at sea, this Salmon is called a Consecutive Repeat Spawner. These Salmon are good for the River System. )

    There is so much yet to learn about the wild Atlantic Salmon, including their life at sea. Why they return in greater numbers in some years but not others and often in years and times not predicted by the DFO and other Scientific Predictions, remains a mystery. For anyone interested in helping the cause of the wild Atlantic Salmon, the Miramichi Salmon Association and the Atlantic Salmon Federation are both great organizations to support.

    Even though there is so much yet to learn about the wild Atlantic Salmon and only so much information available from studies, books and biologists, it seems to me that every year is different and I will never figure them out. But a good place to start learning is by spending time with some of the older and more experienced guides on the river as some of them have forgotten more about the river and the Salmon than what you might ever learn from all the studies that have been made. Every Atlantic Salmon angler who fishes the Miramichi should spend at least one day on the river with one of the true and genuine generations of guides, such as Wesley Curtis, Ernest Long, Vince Swazey, Pete Randall or Gary Colford. As an outfitter who has been studying the river and Salmon every day for over 15 years, I have discovered that every day provides a new experience as I am always learning! Some of my nicest memories from before my time on the river have been told to me by older locals and guides and even guests who have been returning to the River for generations.

    Gary Colford has been guiding for us here at Country Haven since 2007, with 50 years of guiding experience, Gary started at Wades Fishing Lodge at only 15 years of age. There is not much Gary has not seen or knows when it comes to Atlantic Salmon Fishing on the Miramichi, especially concerning past conditions, high or low water, years of good or years of poor fishing or banner years of returns in the 60's with the following year full of rumours about closing the river due to low returns. Low water river reports are now a concern but Gary remembers water levels close to 2 ft lower than levels fell during the past few seasons. Overall, what amazes me the most about Gary's knowledge of the river is with his fish predictions from year to year. With the lower numbers of returns reported last year, Gary kept suggesting we should get ready for this year - even though it's still early in the season - but as of now it's looking like Gary is correct once again. Of all the concerns for the future of the Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi, there are many that Gary shares concerns over! Even though the Striped Bass has been in the system for years, the high numbers we are now experiencing are the biggest threat to the Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi. I am starting to think that the DFO should spend some time on the river talking to locals and these older guides! They just possibly could learn more about the River and the Salmon.

    For those of you who have not met Gary, here is a link to the video of Gary & the River.

    July 18th

    As of today, all the cold water locations the DFO closed on Tuesday have now reopened as the water is again at a good temperature. Congratulations to the DFO for reopening them in a timely manner when conditions improved. Let's hope the DFO and the Media do as good a job reporting the reopening as they did with the closures. Today was another good day on the Lower Main River System with lots of fish and some nice fish landed.

    July 17th

    20 years of fishing the Miramichi for these NY Boys
    Ken doing what he does best

    The news on the river this week has been more about the cold water pools D.F.O. has closed until conditions improve, as the hot weather this week brought water temperatures up into the high 70's by Tuesday. With cooler temperatures - as low as 46 F last night - and a bit of rain on Wednesday, water temperatures have again dropped to 64 F this morning - great conditions for fishing the Miramich. Even though water temperatures should remain low into the weekend, next week's forecast is looking good with over an inch of rain expected early in the week. With cooler water temperatures, the D.F.O. will probably open up the cold water areas once the water temperatures remain constantly cool for 72 hrs. The decision to close some spots is based on water temperatures in Doaktown remaining at 68F or above for 48 Hrs. The closure of these cold water locations does not affect much of the fishing on the river system as only approximately 5 percent of fishing throughout the river is impacted leaving approximately 95 percent of the river still open to fishing. The Miramichi River System is the warmest Atlantic Salmon river in the world, after all, so we should expect these closures from time to time. With the cooler water we had a good run of both Salmon and Grilse moving into the system yesterday with some nice fish landed throughout the lower stretches of the system. The Millerton Counter has been reporting high numbers throughout all of July and results have been consistent with the number of fish we are seeing. Even with the warm water over the past weekend, the counter had the highest consistent four days (Friday through Wednesday) of fish moving up the system this year. If these numbers of fish keep coming and the water keeps cooling, it looks like some of our best summer fishing could occur over the next couple of weeks! Flies of choice this week have been the #8 Undertaker, #8 Highlander and #8 Blue Charm.

    July 9th

    Andrew with a fresh grilse

    Nancy Moy getting it done

    The best young double handed Caster
    on the Miramichi, Zac Colford

    Taking a private lesson
    from one of the best.

    Fish, fish & more fish are all we have seen since the later part of June - a very positive outlook for fish numbers so far this summer season. Having good numbers of fish in the system is always the key ingredient for good fishing however, conditions also play a big part and with the warmer weather we have experienced since Monday, fishing has been slowing down. With high numbers of big Salmon in June, it is also encouraging to see high numbers of Grilse in the system. This is the first time in a couple of seasons that we are seeing more Grilse than Salmon.

    As for water levels, some of the upriver pools on the main river are getting low. The Cains and Renous rivers are dropping too low for good fishing. So far, the Cains has not seen any great numbers of fish to speak of, as it's a "later" river, but with a rise in water levels, many of the fish presently holding at Black Brook are now Cains River bound. Some of the pools on the lower stretches of the river are only now becoming fishable, as they need low water and some of them never get too low for good fishing. The Coughlan, Orr, Mountain Channel and Ted Williams pools can drop a bit more to have improved fishing. So far, in these pools, fish have not been holding but merely traveling through, even with the warmer water. Our anglers have been getting the best results fishing pools closest to the tidal waters as every tide has been bringing in fish. We do need rain or cooler weather to improve fishing and it looks like we may get these improved conditions next week. Flies of Choice this week have been the #10 Undertaker and #8-#10 Blue Charm. As always, Andrew Moy and crew from Tight Lines Fly Shop from New Jersey hosted some great clinics in double handed fishing - one of the best instruction teams for sure.

    June 28th

    Ernst & Young annual corporate event

    Salmon landed by Ivan Toner, Bedford NS

    Andrew Munn, Halifax NS
    1st of 4 for the day

    Ian Cavanagh releasing
    his 1st summer Salmon

    The Summer fishing season on the Miramichi "came in like a Lion" so let's hope it "goes out like a Lion" as well in October - a good start and a good finish! Reports from all the rivers have been quite positive, with good numbers of fish around and some nice catches as well with 16 hook ups and 10 landed on Thursday. We also had the first summer fishermen limiting out this week. Andrew Munn from Halifax landed four on a #8 White Tail Shady Lady. With the majority of the fish landed so far on the River being Salmon - which is normal in June - we also started landing some Grilse by Thursday and over the weekend. Since early last week, we have seen some good numbers of fish moving up the system daily. It sure looks good seeing so many fresh fish entering the system in June, but again, with June fish, it has a lot to do with timing - being in the right place at the right time is everything! The most productive flies this week have been the #6 Blue Charm, #6 Undertaker and #8 Shady Lady.

    Events on the Miramichi in July

    July 5th - 8th, East Coast Spey from NJ USA will be offering a spey casting School on the Miramichi.

    July 5 - 8th, The Miramichi Salmon Association’s 10th Annual Miramichi Salmon Classic

    June 22nd

    Nice 18 Lb'er landed by Bob Bowser

    Chris Losier's 20 lb. Salmon

    Rodney Colford's beauty

    On the Miramichi there are a couple of weeks between the spring Salmon season and the summer runs where the time is spent mainly on Trout fishing or, in the last couple of years, Striped Bass fishing. Every year can be different as there are no set dates for the summer runs to arrive from the sea. In past years we have had excellent success as early as June 7th but in other years, not until the last week of June before having any success. One good day does not guarantee success the following days as these early run Salmon are travelers - some traveling up to 20 kilometers a day. These Salmon are the most challenging as it's hard to know where they will be at any given time. The guides fish the pools by the tides - sometimes moving from downriver pools to upriver pools - depending on the tides. Sometime it's more a case of being in the right place at the right time and more luck than skill. But one thing is for sure - every time an angler lands one of these June beauties, the fight and the fish is always worth the effort.

    With our summer season now getting under way, reports from the Gaspreau fishermen downriver so far have been very positive as they have been releasing more salmon from their nets than they have done in quite a while. Canoers on the Dungarvon have been seeing fish now for a couple of weeks. Fishermen who have been doing canoeing and fishing Day Trips on the Nor'west are picking up some nice salmon. Also, there have been reports of Salmon landed on the Sevogal, Renous and some beauties on the Main Southwest Miramichi River system. So... we are starting our Summer season full of optimism for a good season to come.

    Above are photos of a few Salmon landed on the System over the past week by Chris Losier, Bob Bowser and Rodney Colford. Chris & Bob's fish were landed on Wet flies. Rodney landed his yesterday using a Blue Bomber. Flies of choice for these early run Salmon were #4, #6 under normal June water conditions. With a bit of rain throughout the week along with cool water tempetures, more fish have been entering the system daily so find a good location on the river and brace your feet.


    Spring 2015

    May 26th

    Larissa Bryenton, 1st Atlantic Salmon, May 18th

    Girls in the kitchen

    Robert & Eric Hollenberg, Dundas Ont.

    Jeremy with a real beauty!

    Our Spring fishing season came to an end on Sunday - approximately a month since starting day this year due to a late ice out. But overall, it was a much better spring than anyone had expected after the late start and low DFO number count reports.

    After a month on the water, guests had 4 days where over 100 Salmon & Grilse were landed, 5 days where over 50 fish were landed and 7 days where over 30 were landed! All other days of the month there were some fish landed every day from start through Friday with approximately 1000+ total landings for the month. After speaking with our guides and many long-time returning guests, this spring was as good as most and probably as consistent a producing spring as we have had in quite a while - and can only be described as another successful spring. The reason for the good fishing may have been due to no great water rises to speak of, or the fish moving down daily, or just more fish arriving than was expected. Another positive aspect of the good season was the high number of big female spawners in the system and the large numbers of big salmon overall. On the negative side, once again this spring had low numbers of Grilse in the system. Over the past five years we have seen a complete reversal of the Salmon to Grilse ratio on the river. This is good for the fishermen but who knows what it really means for the river in the long run! After the Salmon & Trout fishing slowed toward the end of the week, anglers enjoyed some great Striped Bass fishing to finish out the spring as our boats - with 2 to 3 fishermen per guide - landed approximately 100 Stripers per boat each day over the weekend. But even though it's fun, some fishermen tell us they would sooner fish all day for one Salmon than land over 100 Striped Bass.

    Every year people ask us what the best times of the year are for the best fishing and the longer time goes by, it seems like the less we know about it as every year and season are so different. After another spring season, however, the only thing we do know for sure is that there were many more Salmon entering the Main River system than were counted, probably during the flood in July when the counter was damaged, or other times when it was removed due to high water and debris, and definitely after its final removal last year on October 16th. We hope the conditions will be better this year for both returning fish and fishermen over the remainder of the season as we will now be turning our attention to summer fishing as we wait for the fresh runs of June Salmon that could arrive any day. If history and statistics mean anything, then 2015 is the "cycle year" for good returns 2011 to 2015. We will also spend some time on the Cains River fly fishing for Sea Trout, which is great fun using light weight tackle. For anyone interested in Striped Bass fishing, there are miles of fishable water with a number of boat ramps and from May 29-31st there is Atlantic Canada’s premier Striped Bass fishing tournament taking place nearby in Miramichi. For more information, see miramichistripercup.ca .

    Some Atlantic Salmon fishermen find it sad hosting the Striper cup on one of the most famous Atlantic Salmon rivers but there are lots of Bass, lots of prizes, and lots of fun to be had. Do remember, as the popular vehicle bumper sticker reads "Keep a Striper-Save a Smolt"!

    Every season we look back and remember the good times and stories and with over 100 guests from around the world visiting us this spring, it was another great one for memories as 90% were returning guests and over the years, so many are now like family - having watched our youngsters grow up from kids to having them now guiding on the river, and from once teaching the boys to tie flies and knots to now needing it done for them - as they had taught them many years ago - as their eyesights are now not like they used to be.

    Every day is a story and there are so many good ones, but each spring we have a chuckle with a group that has been coming to the Miramichi annually since 1967 as they fished with a number of other - now closed - lodges in the past before coming with us. 13 years ago we had a lodge owner call, telling us he was closing and that he had a group of older gentlemen who had fished with him for years and who were now looking for a good place to fish. They were nice fellows and were getting up there in years but we might get them for a couple of years. They are still laughing about this now, 13 years later, as some of them are now in their 80'S & 90's and still catching Salmon.

    Another memory started this spring is of 14 year old Quinn Cavanagh who arrived from Halifax in search of his first Atlantic Salmon. History and stories had created a family tradition of catching an Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi as his great grandfather Lewis Brown was camp manager at Rocky Brook Camp from 1960-1969. His Grandfather and his father, Ian, landed Salmon on the Miramichi in the Doaktown area and this trip was his turn as he had lost some beauties over the last couple of years - but this day, with guide Gary Colford, he would have made his ancestors proud as he landed his first Atlantic on the Miramichi. We're not sure who was happier, Quinn , his Dad Ian, or guide Gary. We take such pride in having some of the best guides on the river and they all have unique differences, but one of Gary's many qualities, after guiding for 50 years and after landing thousands of salmon, is that he still gets as excited as the guests when they land their first Salmon.

    Almost everyone knows of the great baseball player Ted Williams. Ted spent so many summers here, fishing Salmon on the Miramichi. How he loved the fight of the Atlantic and the solitude many locals gave him as we were hockey fans and did not care much about baseball. The nice stories of the great duo - Ted and his longtime guide Roy Curtis - made over the years, including one of the best traditions on the Miramichi - all of Roy's six sons are still actively guiding on the Miramichi River after so many years. Every so often a Ted Williams fan will show up to go fishing, with stories of Ted and baseball, but here is a different story - one of a side some may or may not have known about Ted as a person and an angler. Guide Ken Vickers tells us the story many times, of him being 12 and down at the river fishing with his brother's rod when Ted saw him, thought he was doing ok casting and then gave him a brand new Shakespeare autographed rod and reel which Ken still has today! Ted was right, as Ken is one of the best single-handed casters on the Miramichi River today.

    Throughout the winter months we are sometimes lucky enough to spend time in the Florida Keys fishing and vacationing. We have seen Ted's place in Islamorada, where he enjoyed his winter fishing, a number of times. We enjoy listening to stories at places like Buds & Mary's, from guides who knew him. In January this year, at a local shop, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow full of fishing stories about Ted and his dad. Ted's family and his family all enjoyed the memories and if you did not know better, you would think you were listening to one of the Curtis family members talking about Ted and fishing, and like Ken, Ted had given him his first fly rod that he still cherishes today.

    After an airport pickup this spring we met Lodge owner Shawn Leadon from the Bahamas Andros Island. Shawn was coming to fish Atlantics for the very first time, accompanied by a friend who has visited with us many times. During the drive to the lodge we heard about his many interesting stories, his love for fly fishing and a guy by the name of Ted Williams who had fished for years with his Dad on the Island. Once again, same stories of a great fishermen with a big heart but different families with similar memories, and yes, Ted gave Shawn his first fly rod because he thought he had potential! Once again, Ted was right about his casting as today Shawn is one of the best there is! After visiting Ted's Camp on the Miramichi and after going through the guest book 20 years later it was nice for Shawn to see his dad's name written there. When Shawn came to the Miramichi he never knew Ted or that his Dad was here and thought he might have been the only kid Ted Williams had given a fly rod to! In the world of fly fishing we all come together and on the Miramichi, every day is a story with many stories having happy endings. If anyone is interested in visiting Andros Island and fishing with Shawn for Bonefish, Tarpon or getting permits then visit androsoutdooradventures.com.

    Shawn Leadon and Art Mesher

    Shawn Leadon & Ken Vickers

    May 18th

    Adam Curtis - nice Trout

    Olivia Donahue and her Striped Bass

    Keffer Pitfield, Toronto Ont

    Colin Fisher, Toronto Ont

    This has been a week where spring fishing was as it should be. Even though numbers of fish landed were not as high as in previous weeks, the nicer weather and ideal water conditions for casting made up for it and anglers had good success landing Salmon and Grilse throughout 50 Miles of the River, with the better fishing occurring in the stretch between Blackville and Quarryville, also we had some of the best trout fishing in years occurring between White Rapids and Quarryville. This past week was also the first time this spring that the fish started moving out and on Monday and Tuesday, what a sight it was to see hundreds of jumping Salmon and Grilse between Upper Blackville and Quarryville - one of the best couple of days in a while for watching jumping spring Salmon. It was a nice sight to see after not seeing many during last summer as most Salmon arrived later in the season or during high water conditions.

    After three weeks of spring fishing we now know the fish did arrive in much greater numbers than DFO figures indicated. With water levels remaining at a good height for boating, fishermen should continue to land some spring Salmon into this coming week, along with some nice trout in the lower stretch of the Main River System as well as Striped Bass in the tidal waters. Only Fly fishing is permitted for Salmon and Trout but other methods can be used for catching Striped Bass however stripping Bomber flies across the surface is still the most rewarding method for hooking Stripers.

    Most fishermen now adhere to a hook-and-release-only policy for most species but on the Miramichi - famous for its Atlantic Salmon - many believe in "hook and cook" when it comes to Stripers, as a new bumper sticker available in the Area reads, "Keep a Striper - Save a Smolt". So... anglers should get out on the water as there is still lots of good spring fishing remaining on the Miramichi for a while yet. This week floating lines or floating lines with sinking tips are working best when casting for Salmon and Trout but some anglers are still using full sink lines when trolling in the tidal waters. Best fly this week has been the 2/0 Gray Ghost for Trout and Salmon.

    May 11th

    Aaron Kroeker, St. Davids Ontario

    Father & son Ian & Quinn Cavanaugh, Halifax NS

    Gino DeBurra, Poland ME

    Lobster Season now open. Mmmm...

    Overall this has been quite a good week on the water but with such warm weather early in the week, the water levels rose and made for a couple of slow fishing days mid week. Even with the less-than-perfect water conditions, the large number of fish in the system made for some good fishing as almost all of our guests landed fish daily, with one guest limiting out on 4 of his 5 days with 10 landed per day. With the water levels falling by the weekend, some anglers started using lighter lines and smaller flies. On a positive note, the entire Main Southwest Miramichi River system is producing well overall, as fishermen are still landing fish in Boistown, Doaktown, Blackville and Millerton - approximately 50 kilometers/30 miles of Salmon fishing river. We had another week of large fish being caught as the ratio of Salmon to Grilse has been 75% large Salmon compared to 25% Grilse - good for the anglers but possibly not so good for the longterm future of the River - however fishermen are really enjoying it for now.

    Our Trout fishermen have been landing some nice 20in+ fish in the faster water of White Rapids and in the Tidal waters. Flies of choice this week have been theBlack Ghost, Magog Smelt for Salmon and Gray Ghost for Trout. The real Smelts have now moved up into our stretch of the river making competition for the fishermen but great feeding for the Salmon, Trout and guests at the lodges. Lobster season has also opened so life is good on the Miramichi.

    May 4th

    Andy Lispky, Cumberland RI

    Roger Lailey, Newbury England

    Larry Brown, Haymarket PA

    Bill Moor, PA

    With the late start to our season we were hoping for nice weather and good fishing for much of the spring season since we had great fishing in the first couple of days in the season - it really looked promising! Although the fishing remained quite consistent, the weather for much of last week was something to be desired, with rain almost every day and below normal temperatures up until Friday, making it tough for anglers to really enjoy themselves - even on days when the fishing was good. All of our guests did land nice salmon this week - some 40+ inches - including a 47 inch'er by guide Gary Colford and his guest Bill Moor from Pennsylvania - despite the weather. Warm weather moved in on Friday and fishermen enjoyed temperatures in the 70's over the weekend, making it a great time to be on the water.

    Trout season opened on May 1st and fishermen are catching some nice trout this year. With the water levels staying high and cold, it's too soon to know for sure how many fish are in the system as most are being caught close to shore and so far in the season it is looking like there is no shortage of big salmon. With warmer weather and falling water the fish should start moving more, making for increased hook ups while casting. Anglers were still using full sinking lines and 5/0 streamer's over weekend.

    April 27th

    Early season anglers

    Bill Mather, Elgin Ontario

    Nathan Mesher's beauty

    Country Haven Cardinal

    Finally, after one of the longest winters in years and slow ice-out conditions, anglers managed to get out on the water on Sunday. "All good things come to those who wait" and for fishermen who were lucky enough to have yesterday as their starting date, they enjoyed some great success as almost everyone limited out - once again, another season opening day with over 100 Grilse & Salmon being landed. After talking to other lodges and anglers who fished on the river from Boiestown to Quarryville yesterday, reports were very positive, with close to 1,000 Salmon & Grilse being landed on the main Southwest Miramichi System for a good start to the 2015 fishing season. It seems like each year it's a different fly that's most productive to start the season and this year it was our very own Country Haven Cardinal that was producing the best. However, with rain in the forecast, fishing might slow down for a bit over the next few days - depending, of course, on how high the water rises. The first Salmon of the season for us this year was a tie as Bill Mather from Elgin Ontario and Art Mesher from Waterloo both landed Salmon at 8.10 AM. Nathan Mesher landed the largest Salmon on opening day. With the delayed start to the season this spring, fishermen are expecting to have good spring fishing late into May for Salmon and Trout as well as Striped Bass later in May to early June.

    While staying at Country Haven we also offer salt water and deep sea fishing on the Bays of Fundy and Chaleur, and smallmouth bass fishing in Southern New Brunswick. You can "do it all"!

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